(BETA) SocialSER - send social signals directly from SER (FB/Twitter/G+ shares, likes, comments)

GintasGintas Lithuania
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I'm building a plugin for SER that allows you to send social signals directly from SER into your money site or auto-generated tier 1/2 links.
This is exceptionally perfect in combination with SEREngines - build high authority premium tier 1/tier 2 web 2.0s and automatically pump them full of social signals.
Think about it: do you really think webpage can be high quality, authoritative & useful but never shared on any of the world's biggest social network sites? Facebook + Twitter + Google Plus together have 2.4 BILLION of monthly active users and you are saying your tier 1/2 web 2.0 blog post is high quality even though no one ever shared it? I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but if I figured this footprint out, Google 100% did too.

Solution is to get some social signals flowing to them!
"- but bro ur crazy how do i send social activity from hundreds/thousands of accounts to my links without spending all day & night logging in & out, switching proxies and posting, i want to have a life"

This is where SocialSER comes in:

SocialSER features

  • Google Plus engines - custom shares, post likes, custom post comments, webpage likes
  • Twitter engines - custom tweets, retweets, likes, custom replies
  • Facebook engines - custom shares, post likes, custom post comments, webpage likes
  • Super easy setup - launch SocialSER, input your accounts & proxies into it's dialog one time (saves/loads everything automatically), use it
  • Headless browser emulator, which means SocialSER 100% acts like a normal human person
  • Session storing! If you log into your account 100 times per minute - it's obvious that it's a bot doing the work, so SocialSER will login once and store the session.
  • Same proxy for account - if you log into your account from 100 proxies - it's another footprint, so SocialSER will use the same proxy you specify for all of it's work with that account.

  • Circuit-breaker limits - afraid SER will accidentally post 500 tweets in a minute on your account and it will get suspended for suspicious activity if you miss some option? This will not happen, because of custom hard limits that it can't get through (useful when having many projects):


  • Obvious thing - this requires having accounts on all these sites. You can create them manually or buy here. I'm already working to find a great supplier and get the price down as much as possible.
  • Will launch in a few days (2-3 maybe).

  • LOOKING FOR TESTERS - hit me up an email at gintas@socialser.net - I will give a discount.


  • Mike_RossMike_Ross Arizona, USA
    I am going to email you. Very interested. I believe prices are affordable as ser engines. :) 
  • LinksPlugLinksPlug - Build Your Unique Gsa Ser Verified Lists In No Time

    I am ready for beta testing :).
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> http://asiavirtualsolutions.com | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Sounds like a nice idea, will drop you an email
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> http://asiavirtualsolutions.com | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Never got a response from you
  • GintasGintas Lithuania
    Hey folks, sorry for delaying, having some small bugs with SER, trying to fix them. Will reply to your emails soon hopefully.
  • GintasGintas Lithuania
    Sorry for such a delay, replied to your emails, trying is available now. 
  • GintasGintas Lithuania
    P. S. it auto creates Google Plus accounts for gmails that don't have it.
  • AllanAllan Brazil
    Send email for you!

  • Hello Gintas, give me a test, please.. I send email for you! thanks
  • Gintas

    can i try this. Really love this and usefull

  • GintasGintas Lithuania
    @Allan replied to your email
    @TimDawsone send me an email at gintas@socialser.net

    Anyway, this will be publicly available soon, everything seems to work fine.
  • @Gintas, is this ready or still in beta? If it's still in beta I would love to test it. If it's working 100% I would probably just go ahead and subscribe. Please let me know what I should do. Thanks!

  • SilvioSilvio Sevilla
    Hi @Gintas! How is this project going? I have a lot of unused quality social profiles and private proxies that would love to test this addonn. It would be nice if we could integrate social media accounts in some of our GSA projects. Are you planning on adding further social networks? I guess so, and in that case it would be great if you could let us know which would be your next additions (Linkedin, Pinterest....) I still consider myself as a GSA rookie, but I´ve been into Online Marketing and BHW for quite some time, and I can´t recall If there has been any previous attempt on integrating GSA and SM, any guru or experienced user could let me know if I´m wrong? Well, keep the good work, seems promising. Any chance to test the beta? Greetings,
  • GintasGintas Lithuania
    @Silvio @arc323 it's available to subscribe now :) I will make a new thread soon.
    Visit https://socialser.net and sign up.

    If you are planning on doing SEO for more than few months, I recommend you a yearly subscription. It saves you money anyway, because you won't need to buy social packages from anywhere - pump as many social signals as you want into whatever link you want (share your money & tier 1 sites on G+/Twitter/FB every 15 minutes? I used to spend $20/week for social signals and then waited another week to get them delivered for me). And it will help fund my university cost :)

  • GintasGintas Lithuania
    P. S. lowered prices by a lot now. May increase in future.
  • GintasGintas Lithuania
    I will add Linkedin & Pinterest if I see it getting enough traction
  • I'm really enjoying this. I keep getting an error when trying to post to FB though. Twitter works like a champ and I haven't tried G+ yet. FB was not working for me though.

    Also, which Google account should we get form buyaccs.com? There are many options and the 10 test accounts I bought did not have G+ active. 
  • VMartVMart Viral Marketing
    What is the cost?
    Is it one time payment?
  • @VMart  You can got to socialser.com and see the pricing. Worth every penny IMO. It's new so there's going to be kinks but I'm very happy with all the social signals (Tweets) I'm getting.
  • @arc323 how many twitter accounts you using and did you buy them from buyaccs?
  • VMartVMart Viral Marketing
    Please tell the details in this form it self. The web link which you send was not working...
  • SilvioSilvio Sevilla
    I´m afraid I have to consider the addon as pricey. There are no reviews yet. You should consider some launch options, otherwise I guess your sales will pitch once some more reviews are added to this thread. If you plan to release some kind of trial, or at least some discount for us early birds, I would love to give it a try.
  • VMartVMart Viral Marketing
    I don't know whether social signals pass the SEO values, If SEO experts recommend strongly I'll purchase. @shaun ;royalmice 
  • shaunshaun http://shaunmarrs.com/ - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    @VMart I have never seen any evidence that social signals do anything for SEO, I have seen a few articles that show there is a correlation but they even say that's all there is, correlation and not causation. Many of the articles use massive branded authority sites as their example sites in their case studies that will rank pretty easily anyway and get social shares from their own readers naturally.

    I used social signals on a bunch of sites a few years back but dropped them quickly as I found the sites without them climbed/ranked just as well so I chose to save my cash. I can't find an example right now but the threads I have seen over on BHW with people saying social signals are essential usually have a banner in their signature to a thread selling social signals.

    This was $50 at launch, I pointed out that was an insane price for what it does so he knocked it down to $30 and I still think that's massively over priced.
  • @dab - I have 347 Twitter accounts. 

    I was using these to justify link velocity and build relevance. I made a video about the software and I'm going to put it on my YT channel in couple days. 

    I did notice a bug where it makes 10-15 tweets and stops regardless of the settings. I have to keep restarting the project in SER. 

    There's also a bug when uploading accounts. The software crashes and you have to restart it but after restart the accounts are there and it's all good. 

    Overall I'm happy that someone is innovating and making a cool product. I'll hang in there for a little bit longer and give him some time to iron out the bugs. 
  • @VMart - socialser.net is the right URL. Sorry about that.
  • just piggy-backing on @shaun comment. IMO there is absolutely no SEO value to social media accounts. I haven't seen a single case where an IG breakout creates a rise in seo rankings. Where social media does matter though is engagement. But that requires real followers not fake ones. Engagement leads to conversions. I suppose an argument can be made for vanity purposes to buying or creating a bunch of fake accounts, but I started a few months back on IG for my business and have 15,000+ real followers already, so I am not sure why anyone would spend money for fake ones when it is pretty easy to build a real base. And finally, no way would I try anything with fake/automated on a G platform. Google+?? You are asking for trouble.
  • VMartVMart Viral Marketing
    edited July 28
    Yes this link is working :)
    Does your system drive traffic to my YT Videos?
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