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  • cefege  toy will be glad that you choosen us ;) i m very sure about it 
    all orders are processed ready for more !!!
  • @Spamvilla ;
    Login unsuccesfull. 
    Please fix this.
  • cefege its already fixed sorry for delay !

  • Have 2 questions:
    1. Right now Im using deathbycapcha, but it seems to be very costly, so what is the difference between your service and deathbycapcha ?
    2. If i buy package for 50$, and use it like on 150 treads, what happen?
  • Destroyerror we dont have per k plan its unlimited you can buy our plan and send captcha to us its going to cost you 50$ monthly only what images you solve using them ? recaptcha ?
  • All orders are processed and activated ;) 

  • Im going to use your like second service, if captcha breaker cannot solve, its sent to your, mainly its recaptha, what about second question?
  • Destroyerror sure , yes up to 50 or so software thread it can handle lmk in case of any more questions

  • Any small package plan available soon??
  • Molex after day after tomorrow it will be available i am preparing our free text captcha solving service api and other captcha's update after it will publish i add smaller package

  • Great! Will wait for it to be released.
  • edited September 2014
    Thanks Kelvin Spamvilla is amazing!  
    I'm getting 62% successfully solved so far which is awesome.
    I'm using $50 plan could you explain in detail what does it mean "20 Captcha Threads ~ 100 Software Threads" cuz i don't know the difference.

    Thanks a lot.
  • SPECIALIST  thanks for your honest feedback , 100 software threads means you can run up to 100 software threads and its back up with 20 dedicated captcha threads , many software run with multiple threads but not all threads send captcha at once eg GSA SER lets say one thread is busy at scrapping other solving captcha some others doing submissions etc i hope its clear to you now you will be more glad when we launch our new upcoming free text based captcha solving services soon..... its trained to solve more then 1 million text based captcha and we will adding more and more there

  • I Paid earlier. please Activate my subscription! thanks
  • Order Number: 4879268569

    Waited for 5 hours. Chatted in skype but havent heard back! 

  • Could you please drop me the discount code? 
    Me too waited 24 hours also got a ticket open!
    Kelvin where's my IP & login mate?

    Invoice #3621
  • @GSAHKing

    its been 27 hours now since i ordered! Got very disappointed with the quality service.
  • Relax guys its been some technical problems we were sorting to make ocr more stable and faster thats why pending orders from last day still not processed processing them now wait for next 30-40 min or so every one gets there details

  • Hey guys all orders are processed and activated please make sure to check client area http://billing.spamvilla.com for details or your email which you used for signup with us

  • How i get refund ?

    I'm waiting emulator already 1 week and you not respond me more on skype...
  • when will the small package be released?
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    Waited to hear back from you on Skype since last weekend, not sure why Skype support is so slow.

    I purchased a OCR plan from you last night, hope it does not take a week to get setup.
  • I would not say its 90% accurate, more like this on my end:

    but its good and looks like Kelvin after getting his ass whipped about bad customer support finally got his shit together. 

    Service is decent for a fixed price, worth picking up.
  • getting this now: Error Login
  • @spamvilla: same here Error Login --> Captcha Service is unavailable right now
  • Yep, Getting the same Error. :/
  • Login error too
  • stopped work for me too
  • Stopped Working from End to.. around 2hrs Passed.. :(
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