Im building a project creator-manager that optimize GSA SER to its BEST performance, interested?


Im a developer, and im crating a tool that create and manage project for GSA SER to make it runs at high performances (even with PR ond OBL filters, per example).
It creates all the spintax articles and spintax descriptions automatically. You dont need to worry about tweak GSA SERtto have good performance or to fill manually all the data and options, the software does it for you.

Are people here interested on a tool like this?

It will not be free, but not expensive.

Feedback are welcome.


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    I'm sure if its priced well, and the GUI is easy and intuitive, it would probably be pretty useful to a lot of people. That's my opinion :)
  • What is the source of Articles / descriptions you will use ?
  • I build a tool named Insane Article Generator that its in BETA testing in other forum, if you like to test it PM me.
    The sources are NOT articles from directories, since it has being used to hell.
    We do a massive research of pieces of information (not whole articles), even images and videos if you want to add them, and we build articles for Tiers (not for Money Sites) that forces Google to rank you well, since we carefully add mosty of termns and paragra`hs that contains the keywords on the "semantic net" that Google uses to determinate what is RELEVANT.

    Watch this 2 videos and you will get an idea (todays build have new features like autoharvesting proxies, etc)

    This is just the part of the article generation of the software we will adapt for this GSA project builder. Our GSA tool will build the complete project, tweaked to have high Lpm and VpM, its not just doing the article generation.

    At the end you will get the complete GSA project ready to get a lot of Lpm/VpM with good content in your articles AND in your project DATA..

  • I would like to test - I PM'd you!
  • @S4antos thanks for you opinion :)

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @yenerich - No problem. I saw your thread on BHW about the insane content generator and web bot builder, etc. Didn't realize you were the same people lol.

    Your second video says its private though. 
  • Oops, sorry about the second video, im just fixed that.

    @S4antos glad to hear that you read about my software in BHW!! :)

    I use GSA 24 hrs in a VPS to promote my moneysites :) But i feel i need some tool for building my projects exactly has i need it and to make this awesome GSA to give its best! So im starting coding something, and will adapt some of my already coded apps to use them with GSA :P

  • Interesting , What about the readability and uniqueness ? can this work with unicode characters/languages ? Russian , Hebrew , chineese ?

    A good suggestion for your new tool is to make an option so I can control the used options and tweak it to my needs. This will be very important for advanced users who want to use the tool to save time but still they want to use their own tweaks and tricks.

  • I signed up for your Beta as well from BHW earlier.

    Would this tool be able to make Teirs Automatically?  I create around 40-50 Projects per day manually So, I'd love a automated tool.
  • Yes, i will try to add Tiers.
    For now its only working in english, lets see in a future if we can add another languages.
    However, in my experience, i have ranked site in italian and spanish having most of my links in international english sites.

    Thanks for your comments, are very usefull for me :)

  • This is a very interesting project. I would very much like to included to Beta test your product. Hopefully it can also edit multiple projects at once.
  • Im working hard to have the BETA ready next week, i guess you will like it.
    I start doinmg it because i feel i need it in my personal use and then the project grows and i decide to ask if other people may be interested.
    I will keep you informed.
    I receive your PMs, i will answer as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance, this is a kind community :)

  • Let me know when it gets to the point it can create teirs.   I have around 39 Servers So, Could deff beta test the heck outta it for ya. :)

  • Hello.

    It seems to be a very interesting and promising software.

    I am only curious the uniqueness of the articles generated.

    I am not a heavy gas user, but would like to test the tool.


  • seoimobseoimob Netherlands
    I would like to test this out and give you a great review :-)
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    The uniqueness is high, from 80% to 100%, according to settings. I test it using Copyscape.

    And like it is in Spintax format the variations are a lot, so if you build 20 articles you will have for a middle term campaign without problems.

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    Can't wait for the tier option. :)
  • Im working on the tier :)
  • Hi,

    Just a preview video to show that i am working.
    In a few days the first BETA will be ready for testing :)

  • Some feedback about this video?
  • edited September 2014
    As far as I can understand, your tool works directly with SER projects text files (modifies them, etc.), right?

    Here's some things I can add:

    1. I can see that your tool can parse Google Suggests. Could it also parse Google Related searches as well? Can you add an ability to parse with depth levels 1 or even 2 or more (you put word "depression", it then parses "depression symptoms", "depression tests" etc. but then goes and takes those words and uses them "depression test free", etc.)

    2. It fills out all possible content fields in porject's Data, or some would be needed to fill manually?

    3. Option to "refresh" any given existing project for selected content would be welcome addition.

    4. Option to "spare" some data (like keywords macro for example) while generating content such as comments would be neat.

    5. Option to copy parsed keywords (suggests, related searches) into anchors field. 

    6. Option to put generated content not only in SER directly, but in folders and files and then filling SER fields with spinfile macro. (thus having an ability to choose Speed [directly in fields] vs Memory [in files])

    All in all - Looks promising. Keep up the good work. It can be handy with the right price and functional.
  • No need to fill manually, the software will do it.
    Yes it will search related searches in deeper levels.
    It will be able to add content to exiting projects.
    It will be able to use related searches, suggests, into anchors.

    Best Regards

  • seoimobseoimob Netherlands
    Hi Yenerich,

    Still using your project creator and love the layout and its features. Articles are very usefull to use for GSA projects :-)

    Still in the progress to find out what works best for me.. 

  • Can i have the beta version for a test?
  • I would like to test it.

  • hi , please pm me for the detail .. thanks
  • Hi yenerich
    I would like to test this out and buy when are for sale regards please send  details
  • Hi

    Would love to test this out. In fact, I NEED to have something like this right now please :)

  • I am finishing the first BETA, it will be ready this week. :)
  • KaineKaine
    Want test too if possible.

    That work for all langage ?
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