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  • Tim89Tim89
    edited January 2014
    24/01/2014:: Added new feature!

    Date selection tool in 'My URL' section // Search by date or campaign name.

  • What is the process for checking your links for index rate in Scrapebox?
  • Tim89Tim89
    @coneh34d you would want to submit your links then wait 10 mins then download your batch, import the urls into scrapebox, index check.

    Although the indexing process lasts for 14 days, so I would suggest index checking after 14 days.
  • How is Express Indexer working for you guys? It looks like it's effectiveness is starting to decline? When I started with the service it was around 50-70% after a couple of weeks. These days it doesn't look as good.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited January 2014
    @claus10 there was a slight issue with indexing rate for the past week which was due to an added feature, this was resolved this morning, so hopefully everything should be back on track.

    edit: Just checked to see if it is ok, seems to be OK now. Submitted around 1,000 urls, waited 20 minutes and checked index status.


    @claus10 can you let me know if you're still experiencing low rates after today?
  • Tim89Tim89
    Another batch, this was submitted a few hours ago.

  • Hi Tim

    Just checked. It submitted 182 links. KM3 spun content. After 20 minutes 23 indexed. 159 unindexed.
    Perhaps Google just don't like the crap content as much anymore.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Thanks @claus10.

    Hmm I'm not sure why you're experiencing that, as you quite rightly stated it could be content issues, also platforms perhaps?

    Try resubmitting the links that didn't get indexed and check results if you can..
  • Just tried resubmitting the unindexed links. 20 minutes - not indexed.

    I'm just running contextuals through GSA SER. But Google is just more picky now than in the "old" days apparently.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @claus try adding videos/pictures to the content, might help indexing.

    I will see what I can do..
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited February 2014
    Applied a few backend fixes and cleaned up code.

    maximum submissions on web-interface increased from 9,000~ to around 20,000~.

    Remember me checkbox added, keeps you logged in.

    Indexing at 69% instantly, on average.


    Tips for submitting links:

    - Avoid submitting multiple links from the same sources at once.
    - Make sure links are fresh as can be (preferably send them to the API directly using GSA SER), this is important!
    - Check your links to see which sources are not being indexed, these will be hard links to get indexed
    - If you are using sitelists, try keeping lists as fresh and unique as possible
    - Try drip feeding your links, rather than mass submitting.
    - Remember, links can not be forced into googles index, if a link is not of relevance or importance, nothing will help (you will need to build powerful tiers for these links to get included into googles index most of the times)
    - Do not resubmit your non-indexed links until 14 days after you first submitted them. Express Indexers' indexing process completes in around 14 days.

    My suggestions:

    If you are using sitelists, that you continuously use repeatedly and find the majority of your links are not becoming indexed, try and scrape more/new targets as these source sites may be damaged or penalised in some way shape or form, (not stating that they will never appear indexed) find a source that indexes well and simply accumilate a list.

    Indexing rates:

    I am constantly monitoring indexing rates and see instant indexing rates of up to 84% which is insane to say the least, this is down to many key factors mentioned above.

    More average rates tend to sit at around 40% to 60%, please remember that indexing completes 14 days after submitting, so this means more links will appear as indexed during this time frame.

    Exisiting customers, you know how to contact me if you require any help.

    For new customers, simply visit and register to sign up, then simply select a package and start submitting!

  • Hi I was billed via paypal for but it did not update on your site.....can you help update my account? thanks
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited February 2014
    @debtdue hey mate, can you please PM me the transaction ID and date of billing so I can look into this for you. Edit: I have quickly looked at your allowance and it seems to look normal, you now have around 1.8million credits available which means your account for awarded with 1 million credits when you were billed, if you have any questions or need any help please email me at
  • Tim89Tim89
    Hi guys, Over the next few hours the server is being upgraded, increasing its RAM and HDD and CPU.

    Like any growing business, this needs to be done, with many more customers jumping on board last month and this month, resulted in many many more links be sent in for processing, these links require space to be stored for drip feeding and also direct processing.

    Just wanted to give members a heads up, this should not effect your service.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited April 2014
    Hey guys, I'm just putting this out here just incase anyone has the login bug.

    I have set up a secondary login page which is standard html and should resolve any login issues

    the secondary login url is:

    only use this link if you have troubles logging in using the normal login.
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    Just bought .. Hope this is fastest than Instant indexer ( which has very low index rate ) indexfication as well as incredible indexer ( so far i have tried 3 of them and no luck) honestly GSA indexer is far better than those .. only disadvantage its not enough when making over 50K links per day .. Trying yours now. I believe this is nice service :) wonder why isn't this popular gonna try :) ( i mean i can see lately no one reply here that's why i said this is not popular
  • Tim89Tim89
    Thanks @nawshale for trying my service out, I can't vouch for those indexing services but you're free to test services out!

    This thread obviously has some sort of bug and does not get pushed to the top when updated, therefore it doesn't get that much exposure on this particular forum, but I can say I have a nice list of happy customers at this stage that can personally contact me via email if they need help.

    Hope my service works out for you and feel free to contact me for any help in setting up.
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    Accepted Answer
    @Tim89 Bought :) Waiting for activation . It saying pending thanks
  • Tim89Tim89

    @nawshale you should have received a activation email when you registered but don't worry, I activated your account for you.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Hey guys, I am going to think about closing registration soon as I'm going to keep this service as low key as possible, many people are indicating that other services are losing their indexing power, this could be down to exposure, I don't want this to happen to my customers.

    Thanks for everyone that has stuck by me and my service, if you'd like to contact me about Express Indexer then feel free to do so, you can get yourself an account here:

    All inactive accounts will be deleted when registration is closed, meaning... If you register for the sake of registering but do not hold a subscription, your account will be deleted purely for simplicity.

    Many thanks guys and girls, have a great bank holiday.
  • Accepted Answer
    Tim89 is it still possible to signup? 
    And do you have some kind of small test package or discount code for the bigger packages?
    Please PM me. Thanks.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Hey @Sammy262โ€Œ yes registration is up package prices are set in stone unfortunately but there are some less expensive package you can purchase just to test things out, for example there's a $16 package.

    Will PM you.
  • Accepted Answer
    Thanks @Tim89. I will test one of these packages.
    But do you maybe offer packages for a longer period - let's say for 6 months (with a discount)?
  • Tim89Tim89
    @Smmy262 please check your PM.
  • Accepted Answer
    Do you have any smaller packages available? Not just for testing but on a monthly basis. I don't need much yet and while I can see myself growing to need more points, I do not need them just now. Thanks.
  • Accepted Answer
    I have a question. Let's say i buy Express Platinum (1000000 links). I just want to pay for 1 month as you already offer the credit roll over.... so is it possible that i just buy it one time and then only buy when my current number of credits ends? without getting into a monthly subscription.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited June 2014
    Hey guys, thanks for your interest!

    @ParisBurningโ€Œ I understand your needs but the lowest package I supply is the $16.99 per month unfortunately.

    @umerjutt00โ€Œ the package system is set to expire after 1 month if no active subscription is in place but sure, you could in theory purchase a package, then unsubscribe a few days later and just use your credits, the only issue is when your renewal date comes, if there is no subscription in place, your account will become deactivated, there must be a live subscription in place to keep your account active so you can use the service, if you allow your account to become deactivated, do not worry about your credits, they will remain on your balance until you purchase another package.
  • thanks for the clarification.
  • 10 days in to using EI and I have to say it's flipping brilliant. Might have to up my subscription from the 300k one, as it's nearly used up. Only submitting certain tiers, but after checking the results are awesome. My Scrapebox check index crashed but it looked like around 70%.

    Very happy.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Wow my man @JudderMan I didn't even know you had subscribed!

    Thanks for the review, email me if you need a custom package ;)
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