[RANT] Low LPM, Doom, Gloom and Total Crap…

Great subject line isn’t it? Oh man it’s obviously Friday…

Anyway guys, I am new in GSA and need help with fixing my LPM

Feel free to criticize as much as you can, I will tell you to stop if you make me cry…


Running on VPS



10 semi dedicated proxies from proxy-hub and 10 from buyproxies


Captcha sniper S3



Embarrassing, I know…












Options 1


Options 2


Verified links


Notice how few verified links I have, specially in Tier 1 (Just 3) Yaiks...and they have been sitting there for 3 days, didnt move a bit. Same with the other ones.


Got 50 hotmail account from this forum member: https://forum.gsa-online.de/discussion/comment/45731/#Comment_45731

I need quality over quantity but I just want to see how can I improve as much as I can and get at least some decent submission speed and rate.

Let me know if you need more info

Thank you in advance



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    All the tips and tweaks have already posted here. Sift through everything, sit back and do some reading. There's quite a few threads where generous members have even posted everything neatly in a thread for you to navigate from. In order to find your honey spot you need to test, tweak, test, tweak, test and find what works for you. Learning this program inside and out is gonna require some searching and reading.
  • yeah, I have red a lot thought it might be worthed post mine also. Txs anyway
  • ronron SERLists.com
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    I doubt you have anything wrong. You probably have a low number of projects. As you add projects your LPM keeps going up - and especially as you add junk tiers. What I saw in your pic above was high PR and contextual tiers, and those are always slow as hell.

    p.s. - the more PR and OBL filters you use, the slower things get.
  • Thanks Ron, thats very helpful, what concerns me the most is that I have only 3 verified links on Tier 1, it didnt move since I got the project running 2 days ago. Is this normal? What can I do to correct that? Will it ever move?

    btw what was OBL?
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
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    It doesn't look like you're doing anything inherently wrong regarding submission speed, but here's a few pointers about your other settings.

    Pic 1 'Submissions'

    • Unckeck disable banned proxies
    • Check Restart projects on active proxies

    Pic 5 'Advanced'

    • Check the boxes next to 'sucessful' and 'verified' so that you are building up a site list for future use.

    Pic 6 'Options 1'

    If you want to increase LPM change the time between verifications from 1440 to a higher number (like 5000 or something), or just verify everything manually one a week.

    • Don't check  'use urls linking on the same verified url'  unless it's a  non contextual project that includes things like blogs etc.

    I normally either the above for non contextual projects, or  'analyse and post to competitor's backlinks' for contextual ones, although they both might work if you use them on a non contextual project - I'm not sure.

    Pic 7 'Options 2'

    • Uncheck all the 'Skip sites with.....' filters, especially the PR filter.

    Personally, I think that (Toolbar) PR is pretty much irrelevant now, especially seeing as it hasn't been updated since Feb.

    Also, I don't think that it looks natural to have only PR3+ (or whatever) sites linking to you, but each to their own, I guess.

    The single best way IMO to increase your submission speed is to bring up the 'List vs List' (Successful vs Verified) data, and use it to uncheck any engines in your projects that are under performing percentage wise.

    Hope this helps.
  • mich158mich158 Zamunda
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    Thanks will do that! I also think only high PRs pointed to you its not too wise bur I am following this safe high quality link building structure. I think Ozz knows what he is doing so I will trust him. (Hey I just built him 1 link to his thread) I hope he get rankings within the forum...LOL

    I guess I would have to come with mine structure also some day. What do you think about this one?
  • Hey 2Take2, can you clairify that to me:
    "Don't check  'use urls linking on the same verified url'  unless it's a  non contextual project that includes things like blogs etc."?
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    Maybe add more keywords. Run your main kws in Scrapebox/Keyword Researcher and get 100s from the seed keyword.

  • Hey 2Take2, can you clairify that to me:
    "Don't check  'use urls linking on the same verified url'  unless it's a  non contextual project that includes things like blogs etc."?

    If you are following the guide that you previously linked to, you would use that feature for your projects that contain what ozz calls 'Secondary Links'.

  • @2Take2 @mich158

    I tried that option well since it's initial release. Initially, it gave good results, but not after that. Even I tested it today couple of hours back, but after unchecking my submissions did spiked up. My theory on this is that why let SER waste time for checking for "potential" targets/URLs and instead not let it scrape for sure-shot targets?
  • so unchecked that on ll projects or only in secondary links?
  • Not another thread of this. It appears people would rather be spoonfed then doing some searching and testing
  • https://forum.gsa-online.de/discussion/6778/finally-some-nice-results#latest
    and other threads as well have similar problems with solutions already published
  • Yea, sure, I am going right now to the warrior forum and say this to everyone, in fact they should close all the forums for new discussions because you already can find all you need and make money today…Jesus Christ!!!

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