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Finally, some nice results.

I was always sort of sad and jealous seeing users with so high LPMs. I did almost all, worked out many options alone or all at once but it was all in vain. My all efforts to increase LPM mostly resulted in vain. There were times in between when I got LPM of like 45 or so, but that too stalled after some SER updates, reason being unknown.

I got desperate to the point, that 6-7 days back, I started working like a mad scientist. Day and night, I spent my time in tweaking SER (with only around 13 projects active, 7 ran each for 20 minutes with the help of scheduler), trying various options, some with one or the other and so on. By hook or crook, I wanted now really to achieve good LPM.

So as a result of these past days, I finally am now able to push to 55-60 LPM at constant rate (as of today's observation).

So work hard to the point until you achieve your desired rate. Its tricky, I agree, but you gotta figure out. What my advise would be, might not work for you. For example, my friend just followed simple options out of scratch SER with no global site lists too and he keeps 90 - 100 LPM. So that all depends really on...really not sure what, but its different from version-to-version and system-to-system. So just work and tweak out until you achieve the desired output.

The new versions might change my performance too, not sure, but I'd now never give up. I'll keep this thread updated if needed.

edit: Also just in case anyone wonders, I now also keep the JUNK tiers (i.e. T1A, T2A, T3A, etc) to never verify, but would just verify all of them at once in the weekend so I can increase the number of submissions.



  • goonergooner
    Congrats, glad to hear it's working well for you
  • So this post is only to show off and nothing on what settings helped you achieve it?
  • @PeterParker I did said above, what worked for me, may not work for you. It's just messing with usual already present settings and having good large set of KWs (which I already had, standard 109K dictionary list). Things like time between search engine queries, threads, HTML tmeout and some of the project settings.
  • On 64 now (constant). :)

    @PeterParker Don't get me wrong. I'm here to help if you need help on any option or just. It's not like I'm hiding anything. So feel free to ask if you've any questions.


  • Cool. :) well i the same objective myself at the moment so i will prob have some queries for you.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Interesting.. Now let's see how LpM increase affects your rankings.... and wallet ;)
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    Hi Mr.Pratik 

    Could you kindly tell me about the General setting that you are using to get this 55-60 LPM

    1- what is your setting for = > Submission Page?

    2- What is your setting for = > Where to Submit as you know there are 20 Fields. 
          Starting from ( Article) till ( Wiki ) which one of those we should focus on?

    3- What is your setting for = > Options Page?

    I am a disabled dad with a big family to support and I am looking to make some money online.

    So please help me by sharing your experience.

    Thanks & God Bless

  • An update: I guess this maybe a result of checking many posting engines recently, but to me it seems like it is resulting in more submissions, but less verified links. So I'll test along the coming days and post my findings and that if I'm still able to maintain good rate of both verified links and submissions (and therefore LPM).

    1. I scrape at 5 seconds (custom time between search engine queries) with 120 seconds set as HTML timeout, at 320 threads and all private proxies fields checked/

    2. That is what you need to test out, I'm doing that again at the moment too. Initially when you're new to SER, you need to check all. Once a good month or so has passed, just go to options > Advance > Tools > Stats and select list 1 vs list 2 and then on two popups, first select successful and second as verified and then watch the ration/percentage of each engine on how many submissions it does and how many verification it obtains for each particular engine. I'd say ditch the low quality engines which does not give you much verified link. Anything below 8-10% in my eyes is useless.

    I'm really sorry for what has happened to you. My story is similar too, but just that I'm not disabled but I can't work full time at outside job too (I'm just a teen btw). I hope and wish you much success. Also have you joined SEO forums like BHW, etc? They will too help and will be of lot of help to you as well.

  • i was told recently about show stats in advanced but now success vs verified. thanks for that one.
  • Back to 10 haha. Maybe it was because of checking all sub-engines (in respective engines) for testing. Anyway, I'll try again.
  • Bit surprised (was taken long ago, now its around 130):


    Not sure how it works lol, but I really need to now focus on obtaining verified links because its dead, if not very slow.
  • LpM if of NO particular value if verified is low %
    the lowest % verified I have usually in a batch of submission is around 20%
    an ideal verified run is around 80%

    the only criteria is a common sense criteria
    submit to sites that CAN BE verified
    sites with moving pages show up as submitted but never as verified for obvious reasons

    other criteria for HIGH % of verified is to avoid being deleted soonest after submissions:
    to achieve more or less permanent links:

    make sure you have human readable valuable content that a site owner finds valuable enough to keep

    if ever you used SB to extract external links
    then you know how many sites delete ALL = profile pages as well as submitted content
    often nearly half of all Google found poteential target URLs no longer exist


    to improve your efficiency and thus your LpM
    avoid abusing SER for attempts to submit to dead pages
    if another webmaster submitted days or weeks ago and HIS submissions were all deleted
    chances are near 100% that YOUR submission may succeed but deleted within hours or days as well

    to increase SER efficiency further
    make use of the newly created clean up process to remove all death URLs as well as re-test for correct matching engines
    may be up to half and some engines even more of all global site list targets may be death even on a young project of only a few months old

    when importing NEW target URLs from SB
    FIRST make a LIVE test with the proper SB addon
    this assures only active URLs are imported into your global list

    when comparing LpM with others HERE
    one key factor usually always is MISSING in your comparisons =
    YOUR bandwidth

    I work from home
    had LpM the first 2 months of around 1 and rarely up to 1.5 but almost never 2 or higher

    I was running a quarter Mb/s until before yesterday
    atom 1.86 GHz
    2GB RAM

    now my NEW ISP bandwidth data before starting SER and SB as of yesterday:

    :::.. Internet Speed Test Result Details ..:::
    Download Connection Speed:: 1197 Kbps or 1.2 Mbps
    Upload Connection Speed:: 456 Kbps or 0.5 Mbps
    Tested At:: Version 13
    Test Time:: 2013-11-03 23:10:15 Local Time

    however MOST of the time 33 threads use up to 99% CPU almost permanently,
    hence even if I would have 10Mbps, there would be NO way to further improve performance

    if you run too many threads
    chances are your LpM may be lower than if you go slowly and steady flow of data with the least possible loss of packets or time outs

    HTML time out is another crucial factor
    the longer the less submissions you may fail / loose
    but the LpM may get much lower
    GOOD  quality sites are on quality hosts

    make a choice]quality over quantity

    my time out is 75 seconds - mostly 33 threads, rarely 44

    without any verification / re-verification going on
    that results in an LpM of 40+ (highest peak once yesterday was 100+ for a few hundred submissions)
    and a verification of some 80% in good times

    when extensive verification AND re-verification starts, then LpM may go down to around 12-15


    NO re-verification only is safe if NO links are built to those sites
    if you have a T2 linking to T1
    that T1 needs to have at least the UN-LINKED pages re-verified to avoid building 404s
    a SELECTIVE re-verification AS requested as feature
    could substantially improve overall performance by reducing re-verification resources to really NEEDED next few link-targets

    hence NO re-verification is safe on your highest (last) T
    because NO links are built yet to that T
    all others need re-verification as near to the link-building moment as possible to avoid building links to deleted pages

    one of the main factors to improve my own overall performance was to have
    - NO junk engines, NO trackbacks and almost NO forum / comment stuff
    - switch OFF any features that suck CPU or time from SER
    - do as much as possible OUTSIDE SER to free SER for actual submission

    just quality targets on all levels supplied with quality content on all levels

    a highest LpM with highest verified still seems to result from article / content submission to

    social networks

    these a.m. are YOUR self created "backlink-networks" you create using SER by supplying quality human readable, useful / helpful content WELL spun and human edited

    many or all of a.m. are instant approval since most require first a creation of an account
    once done your LpM may go UP

    better to have an LpM of 20-30 with 80% verified
    than to have a LpM of 100 with 10% verified

    make the math =

    A. 80% of 20-30 is 16-24 verified links
    B. 10% of 100 is 10 verified links

    check YOUR CPU even if / specially if on a VPS
    on a VPS you have a fraction of ONE CPU and a fraction of a typical machine RAM

    at home you have one full CPU plus all RAM

    yet as you may see from my own a.m. data,
    my ONE machine (small laptop) is fully loaded with 33-44 threads at CPU of almost permanently 99%

    SER is VERY resource hungry and I seriously doubt that a VPS can give 100-several hundred LpM with equally high verified links that survive the next few weeks or months

    even a VPS with a quad 64 bit CPU = divided by the humber of VPS per machine may MAY result in less actual CPU power than a middle class machine at home on a 2-10Mb/s ISP connection

    final recommendation

    find YOUR ideal values
    test different settings from excessively LOW values to clearly TOO HIGH
    YOU can know YOUR limits by EXCEEDING your limits !!

    run each test for may be a similar number of hours or may be 1000 submissions
    compare results
    make sure you have a comparable mix of all types of engines in each test run

    working at home,
    start with
    a HTML time out of 60 seconds
    up to max 120 seconds

    test with 22 threads up to 55 threads during submissions (for verification/re-verification I switch to 66 threads since verifications have less data transfers in BOTH directions

    monitor CPU and reduce threads until your CPU goes at least every now and then clearly below 99%
    (now for example I run 33 threads at 99% permanent CPU BUT every several seconds the CPU load drops to the lower 90-ies or even 80ies
    meaning the CPU is NOT overloaded and thus NOT near a freeze up or crash

    then if still ample power, you may slowly increase
    however always watch the relationship of submitted vs verified
    too fast = your LpM may increase but percentage wise your verified decrease = reduced overall efficiency !

    with above testing
    you find YOUR ideal values
    at home as well as on VPS

    slower is sometimes faster
    just as in real life

    and finally
    if you simply scrape for new URLs, by any means/methods/tools (SER or SB or any other)
    keep in mind that a blog found or wiki found in NO way means you can post articles

    if however you find new targets using creative SB methods (mentioned in other threads) then you get targets with have already approved posts = your chance of new auto-approve targets is near 100% = saving time and resources and improving verified vs submitted

    when comparing / publishing data = always put it into a relationship with your technology available to allow a comparison by others

  • @hans51 Thanks for detailed response. I know and have checked most of those things since long ago as I'm not a new user.

    Just curious what experts like you, @ron, @gooner @2Take2 etc sets the verify time for each project to (junk and normal tiers) because I personally keep 1440 minutes but it never verifies full stuff. I use 4-5 emails per project and run all projects in scheduler at 7 projects each for 20 minutes.

    I also have analyzed quality engines and so to obtain good verified rate but it seems as if it doesn't want to verify much links? Why its not going much on verification? What's the catch here? Does number of emails per project affects too? (are 4-5 are high by any means?) Anyone can explain?

    Thank you.
  • goonergooner
    @pratik, i use "verify automatically" with 10 emails per project on all tiers. Scheduler on 20 projects for 20 minutes.

    My tier 1's (contextual) tend to have up to 1000 submitted but not verified yet at any one time, for tier 2's (contextual) about 5000 and for tier 3's (junk) up to 10,000 submitted but not verified.

    I don't really worry too much about those numbers because my daily totals are always around 60+ % verified - that's ok for me.

    I've never tested any other setup so i don't know how it changes the results. Sorry mate.
  • edited November 2013

    "I don't really worry too much about those numbers because my daily totals are always around 60+ % verified - that's ok for me."

    You say this yet you said "but not verified yet at any one time", is that for today? Then I'm confused how at the end of the day, you obtain around 60% verified rate?

    How many submissions you do daily and at what LPM if you don't mind me asking? And I assume you've tweaked for the "quality" engines? Btw, what are the number of threads you run on and HTML timeout?, and time between search engine queries? I guess that might matter a bit.

    Also at approx how much days of interval do you replace with new emails? I assume you must be verified all remaining submissions and then be replacing the emails once the submission counters turn 0 for the given project, right?

  • goonergooner
    Ok, let me try to answer... i have 3 vps' each has the following settings:

    300 threads, 100 private proxies (shared between 3 vps), 120 html timeout, 120 custom wait time. LPM varies from around 30 on the vps with least projects to 100+ on the vps with most projects.

    Submissions total per is around 100,000 to 250,000.

    I haven't tweaked any engines or removed any. I really i don't have the time or motivation to get into that.

    I replaced all emails once after 2 months of running SER. They were still working ok as far as i know but i was trying to solve another problem at the time so i tested new emails.

    What i meant before was that on any day i can look at SER and see those numbers of submitted but not verified. After some days they will go away but are always replaced by new links of course, so those numbers are pretty much constant.

    Submitted stats never go to 0 for me, because every day SER submits new links.

    I don't do anything special with SER i think i have big number because i have 100s of projects, only that.
  • @gooner, how many projects do you have per VPS/SER license? What would you consider being the maximum that SER can handle, from your experience.
  • goonergooner
    @judderman - I'm still trying to figure that out myself. All tiers included i have a max of about 150 per VPS now.
    I would need about 110,000 links per day to get the full amount for each of the projects at that level.
  • Looking at this thread, it seems that I'm not the only one pushing the limits of SER. I'm up to 74k links for today, which I will be looking at Instant Indexer I think, as I've had to pause the GSA Indexer to free up some of VPS's power. I will pause SER and run the Indexer and work them that way, I think..

    I have a good set up with a solidseovps, proxyhub private proxies and a set up of SER that was recommended, and it all seems to work pretty sweet. So, as I can see it working it totally makes sense to set up another VPS with another SER license, but wanted to know what the limits were. I guess 100k per day is a nice round figure to work off.
  • @JudderMan are those submissions or verification? If submissions, around what rate (%) of verified links you obtain around daily?
  • Err, hang on not sure if I've got that right. Is 'Last verified URLs' from today or all time? It can't be all time....surely as I've been getting thousands every day...or is that figure since the last update?

    Along the bottom of GSA, I have 15k submitted, 4k verified. I've been tweaking things over the past couple of days and am due to completely revamp everything  (after reading lots and lots from this forum) in the next few days.

    TBH, I'm not that bothered on LPM, as long as the quality of the links are good and they stick for a long time. I have been a bit crazy with my test sites and although I saw some great results, they have started to slide as links have been deleted...which platforms or engines are good but deleted quickly I am still figuring out.
  • Hi Mr.Pratik,

    Could you kindly post the link for = > SEO forums like BHW, etc.....?
  • @vet333

    Also FYI my LPM is now down too (around 10-20) but some good verified results. So focus on obtaining good posting engines rather than LPM. :)
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