• Thanks for your quick and clear response-))
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    simvui You are welcome glad it was understandable.

    Dont bother sending me the French words, i just tried to create a project using the word:
    "les aliments pour chiens" and it found no content at all, also the scraping for long tails produced only a few useless ones.

    So sorry but at this time, i can only do English data packs using English keywords

    PS - why u need 4 words in French to say dog food ? 
    :o3 :o3 :o3
  • For example:
    - aliments pour chiens
    - nourriture pour chiens
    - alimentation canine
    - nourriture canine
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    image50% image








    More info on the data packs available over here
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    Hey @royalmice

    Happy Birthday!

    I've been looking to order a data pack for a while so I've just taken advantage of your birthday offer!

    I am a GSA newbie, so I have ordered a data pack for a project I am already running now which I can't get to the first page or a good LPM. 

    I will am ordering from you to see what differences you make to the settings etc. 

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    as its your birthday, and I hope you have a happy one!! :)
    I just decided to try you out...Its for a relatively new site, no backlinks ever done on it or anything else.  So to test things, I've bought your full datapack (without serengine).

    I will detail my reviews and serps results, etc.. over coming weeks and use your datapack ONLY on this site.

    ordered @ Weds 11:08 am.
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    Already placed 2 orders which were delivered very quickly, just placed 2 more as it's your birthday :-p
    saves me a ton of time, thanks
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    Wow superfast delivery, think it was around 3 hours!

    unpacking now :) 
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    Krusha Thank you very much for the birthday wished and glad to see you were impressed with the delivery time. I also thank you for posting the feedback on my site.

    Zeusy  Thank you very much for the order and for the well wished, it is much appreciated. If yours was the German site, then i have completed your project, and i hope you are happy with what u have received.

    Please note that there are many factors that play a role in serp placement, so make sure you have good proxies and you have followd and implemented all the advise by other Guru's in this forum. Good luck with your site.

    deancow Thank you very much for the continued support it is really very much appreciated.


    Thank you for those whom send me birthday wishes, I realy appreciate it.
    I am taking taking a little time out to enjoy my birthday dinner with my family.

    If you have ordered and not yet received your data pack -- then fear not, you will get it within the next 72 hours at most.


    There is about 10 hours left before the 50% birthday discount will expire, so if you have not yet place your order, then you better do so within the next 10 Hours to enjoy the 50% discount
  • Ok so I've ran the project again with @royalmice's data pack. (which is really simple to install)

    I can now see how far off I was in my settings for my money site. After struggling along for over a month with 1-2Lpm my site is on page 2 moving up and down slowly.

    After 1-2 hours with the data pack I am running at 20lpm, with 2500 submitted and 700 verified already!!

    Now I can really see the power of this tool. I will report back to what happens to the serps, low comp keyword tho should hopefully hit page 1 soon now I am set up.

    So to anyone not reaching their goals with ser I would suggest trying a data pack, even just to learn from the settings, this is also good for other newbies like me.

    If I had more money sites I would order more for sure and will do so in the future!

    Good luck to OP, this service is insane, especially with 50% off!

    Hope this service is always available :)
  • royalmice - mine was not the german site it . Im still waiting on delivery just so you know:)
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    @royalmice - Happy Birthday! Will make an order right now. Thanks.
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    A very good day to all
    Thank you for the birthday wishes yesterday, i had a great birthday with the family and ordered some pizza.

    I was a little overwhelmed by the number of orders i have received using the 50% birthday discount coupon i gave out yesterday -- Great stuff thank you all very much.
    I have been processing data packs since very early this morning and very please to say i have cleared all orders i have received yesterday ( GMT +7). I still have a handful of orders which i received early this morning, but i am working my way thru them on a first in first out basis, so if you are waiting for your data pack, rest assures you will be receiving it in the next 24 hours (touch wood ).

    Krusha Glad to hear the data packs is helping you  in a positive way and that you are seeing positive results. I highly recommend that you not only rely on the settings in my data packs, but suggest you look at things like proxies, timeouts, and capcha solving options. There are some great GSA Guru's such as @LeeG , @Ozz ; and @s4nt0s ( in BHW ) and  a few others, These guys are expert GSA Ser users and  have posted some great guides and tips on how to get the most out of GSA SER - My Data packs is a solid base to go even higher.

    Zeusy Thank you for the patience - you should now have received your order. Maybe i should ask for GSA Forum username on my sales page so i know who is who.

    HI Chris many thanks for the HBD wishes and thanks for the continued support.


    Thanks all and have a great day, if you need to get in touch with me, use the live help on my site ( Bottom right bottom ) or Skype : asiavirtualsolutions -- or PM here.
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    I am running a bit low on accounts with 10 variations, so please note that should i not have enought of the Alias email accounts i will substitute with and give you 40 accounts per tier

    so instead of 4 outlook account with 10 alias's I will provide 40 outlook email accounts per tier.
  • Is there a contact email, I had a problem with one of my data pack, I replied to the order email but wasn't sure if it's a working address.
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    Good morning from Thailand where it is 06H21
    Your email was received at 00H24, and obviously i was sleeping at that time.

    The problem you indicate is not a data pack problem, that is a problem with your GSA Ser itself. Please give me a hour or two to fully wake up and look into the matter and get back to you.

    With regards to contact details - it is : or use the LIVE Chat on the site

    EDIT: 1 Hour later
    I checked you data file and even ran it for awhile -- all is ok.
    I have responded to your email with sample live links and a backup of your project showing the verified links

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    Wow, super fast. Checking the result now. Considering to order more projects.
  • royalmice
    Everything seems to be perfect. But I have one question about the number of verified links on tier1 per day. In your tier1 project there is no limits on links to be posted. In my projects I try to limit verified links to 30 per day in case of avoiding Panda and other Google anti spam stuff.

    Should I update this limits in tier1? Or what do you think about this case? 
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    Thank you very much for the feedback and i am glad you are happy with the data pack.

    The data packs does not have any scheduling set as different people have different preference. The data packs is just a solid platform which you can further adjust to suit your individual needs. There are several threads here in the forum on the topic of scheduling, some against and some for it.
    I would say if you want to be super cautious then use the schedule and set it to pause after  "submissions reached per day" = 100

    This setting will also affect your lower tiers as it reduces the number of verified links that the lower tiers can promote.

    Once again many thanks and have a great day.
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    @Chris -- Thank you very much for the mention in BHW - really appreciate the help.

    Have a great day

  • @royalmice
    The project is working for two days and I see very cool results. Thanks to OP. I am going to order more projects. Is it possible for me to send you all my longtail kws and you can insert them to the proj?
  • @royalmice when you say 'data fields' do you mean things like About box, Forum Comments, Blog Comments?  I want to spin stuff myself for the actual Articles but the other content, do you provide this? Is it 100% unique or do you give out the same About Box data to every one?
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    puzanov Thank you for the feedback and very glad to hear you are getting positive results. I would normally scrape the Longtail keywords based on the 3 keywords you give me, but if you really want to you could reply to the email you receive after ordering and attach the long-tails you want me to use. Alternatively you can just import the additional keywords and long tails directly into your projects, as i do not actually insert any anchors text into the data packs, instead i use place holders like %anchor_text% and %url% and this will then pull randomly from the anchor text which is specified near the top of the data field.

    Look forward to receiving your new orders.

    spunko2010 For the standard data packs it will cover everything except filters and the plus packs will cover all fields including filters.
    Every project is created from scratch based on the keywords i am given.

    To get a better understanding of what it does, I suggest you download the sample data pack at the bottom of this page ( see the pink box at the end )
    And for a better understanding of the Plus pack, please see this post which has a detailed video overview :

  • Can I order without having the URLs yet? I am working on the properties that I am going to link but I have some already going that I would like to start linking.
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    HI adventurouslover

    When i create the data packs i don't physically add the URLs in the content, instead i use placeholders like %ur% and %anchor_text%, so what happens is GSA will then pull the URLs and anchor text which are specified in the very first field of the data tab,  and inject that into the content -- That is what happens for the 1st tier, for the lower tiers it will use the verified links of the tier above it and those verified links will be injected where the %URL% place holders are.

    I also link all images which i randomly add in the content and lastly i also add links using the URLs in the PDF's which i create.

    So to answer your question: No i cant create a data pack without any URLs, and neither can you create a project in GSA SER without specifying a url.

    My suggestion would be to specify at least one single link. You can later add more links by editing tier 1 1st data field. If you simply don't have any URL, then i suggest you wait until you have your URL and then order the data pack.

    Thank, and have a nice weekend
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    Having problems ordering.
    Going to make a bulk order.
    I have sent you a message on skype.
    Would also like to chime in that royalmice has super fast turn arounds and has saved me hours of my time.
    Going to make a bulk order of 20-30 soon.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    Nice chatting to you and thank you very much for the new bulk order of 30 packs.
    Always a pleasure doing business with you.

    Have a great weekend
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