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    GSA SER VPS Hosting by Asia Virtual Solutions Overview


    Exactly What Do You Get

    • 10 CPU Cores (Dynamic)
    • 12 GB RAM
    • 75 GB Intel SSD Storage
    • Windows Server 2012 R2 Installed and Licensed
    • 1Gbps Port
    • Un-metered bandwidth
    • Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection Installed
    • CC Cleaner
    • Firefox Browser
    • PR Jacker Linked
    • Unlimited Captcha Solving (Normal + Recaptchas + Text Captchas )
    • Premium Public Proxies (+/- 500 – 5000) ( Updated every 15 min via Dropbox )
    • Asia Virtual Solutions – Verified Link List ( Auto Updated via Dropbox)

    Exactly What Will We Do

    • We will fully set up Windows Server 2012 R2, install Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection, CC Cleaner, Firefox
    • We will install all and configure all GSA  software you need ( You Will Need To Provide Your Own Licenses )
    • We will set up GSA Search Engine Ranker and do all the configuration settings. You would have to add your license details.
    • We will set up the Asia Virtual Solutions Captcha solving and make necessary host file entry. ( it will show as X Cpatcha)
    • We will add api for Text Captcha Solver
    • We will install Dropbox to use for auto update the proxies and the link list.
    • We will set up your Global Link list  – which will auto update
    • We will set up and configure the proxies – which will auto update each 15 min.
    • We will configure PR Jacker in the host file

    All for $75 /PM

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    Marry Christmas from Asia Virtual Solutions
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    Happy New Year to all

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    edited February 2016
    23 Premium GSA Search engine ranker custom engines to boost your link building efforts with powerful .edu and .gov links, you will receive  18 .gov \ .edu and 5 other custom GSA Search Engine Ranker Custom engines. Additionally we will provide you with 55 .edu and .gov footprints which you can use to scrape your own .edu  and .gov list to use with the engines.

    Engines Included

    You will received 18 .gov\.edu  and 5 other custom engines as below.

    • BoINC gov – edu
    • Discuz gov – edu
    • BuddyPress gov – edu
    • Burning Board  gov – edu
    • Burning Book gov – edu
    • phpDolphin gov – edu
    • PHPFox edu – gov
    • PHPInfo Exploit gov – edu
    • PHP-Nuke gov – edu
    • Pligg gov – edu
    • Drupal – Blog – gov,edu
    • Drupal – Comment – gov,edu
    • ExpressionEngine – gov,edu
    • General Blogs – edu,gov
    • IPBoard – gov,edu
    • MediaWiki – gov,edu
    • phpBB – gov,edu
    • SMF – gov,edu
    • vBulletin – gov,edu
    • Elgg – Custom
    • PHPDug – Custom
    • Pligg – Custom

    Bonus Included

    To help you get the most out of your new Engines will will include 55 .edu \.gov footprints which you can use to scrape target sites to use with the engines. Footprints will be in txt format so u can easily import it into your favorite scraper.


  • Is the service still available? Still good performance against google updates?
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    solstudioim yes still available
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    We have added a new option on the GSA SER Data Pack order page --- we can now embed your YouTube videos on web 2.0, article sites and wiki, where ever allowed,  with GSA SER.   

    You will see the option on the order page :
  • Yesterday I bought the list from them..useless obsolete list, full of dead urls and crap..I asked for a refund, he said that can't refund me because is a digital product. Can you imagine this? Clickbank offers refunds for digital downloads, him, he, doesn't.

    I explained him that the numbers he provided for each and every engine are FALSE and that he knows it but he is a jerk.

    I had a 1 - yes ONE - VPM with this list of blog comments and guestbooks -  I get much better VPM if I scrap myself..definitely a SCAMMER and he knows he is selling crap.

    He claims the lists were verified a few days ago, the comments and GB engines are full of dead and no match errors..and the worse thing is that he doesn't admit it.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    You purchased my list at : 2016-06-02   @ 22H26:02
    You cancelled the subscription at :  2016-06-03 @ 02H40:17

    The identified link list you got is 3GB in size
    The Verified Link List you got is 807 MB

    So you want to tell me that in just over 4 hours you downloaded everything and tested the entire list

    When you contacted me this afternoon you told me that you only use GSA Captcha Breaker and you have no tool to solve recapchas and no tool to solve text captcha breaker.
    I have clearly told you today and previously that for the best results you need to follow the directions in this post : to achieve the best results, and those include having a text and a recaptcha solver as most sites now either use recapcha or text captchas, neither of which GSA Captcha breaker can solve.

    The identified link list are run thru GSA Platform identifier each month to make sure all are working. The verified list are extracted from 12 VPS all running the identified list and each month i stop them around the 27th and then re-verify every single link in the verified list and those that are working are exported as verified link list, I also include a separate list showing ONLY the ones that were newly identified in the last month. In May we added and re verified 3,313,963 new verified URLs.

    There are no duplicate URLs --- I run the remove dup urls at least ones a week and just before exporting all the list, so i am not sure where you see duplicate urls.

    I run this same list and can get over 270 LPM with it --- Why because i made sure my GSA SER is set up properly and i am using private proxies with recaptcha and text captcha solvers...
    There is nothing fake i will do a live teamviewer session showing the list with any senior moderator here. Or just ask any of the 60 users of our VPS's which also have the list in their VPS, they would be able to verify the numbers are correct.

    The only fake and scammer here are you blaming the problem on the list when it is you that does not know how to properly use the tools you bought and now try to open multiple threads here trying to find someone to feel sorry for you.

    I have better things to do than get involved in a back and forth discussion here in the forum. If you or anyone here want to discuss with me about my list then you are welcome to contact me via my site..
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  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    edited January 2017
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  • Interested in buying a list of custom engines, but $65 is pretty steep.  Does anyone offer something similar for less?
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    I believe i already sorted you out via the Live help on my site
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    GSA Search Engine Ranker (GSA SER ) is one of the best automated web marketing tools available on the internet today. Unfortunately it takes some time to set up a full project as you need to get articles, spin them add in your links and anchors, add your videos, and their descriptions etc, and a bunch of other fields…. This is where GSA Search Engine Ranker Data Packcome to the rescue. We  create each data pack from scratch and scrape the web for content such as articles, videos and images relevant to your main keywords. We spin everything together add random videos or images to articles, prepare the “about us” section, the video section and much more. We fully set up a tiered  GSA SER project, provide emails do all the settings and filters, and then provide you with a single file to import to have a full ready to go GSA Ser tiered campaign. We currently produce 4 different kinds of data packs, as follow ( Click on the item to open page with details on each):

    What Will We Do

    We scrape content ( articles, videos, images ) relevant to your keywords and then fuse it into spinnable articles.
    We randomly generate between 5 – 11 paragraphs per article.
    We randomly insert either a relevant YouTube video or Image into your article, in random positions.
    We use the GSA placeholder %url% which allow GSA SER to automatically inject random URLs as specified in your GSA SER project
    We use the GSA placeholder %anchor_text% which allow GSA SER to automatically inject.
    We randomly insert between 1 -3 contextual links in the articles.(using the place holder : %url% )
    We randomly insert 1 content body link. (using the place holder : %url% )
    We randomly inset 1 Resource box link.(using the place holder : %url% )
    We randomly link all images with your URL (using the place holder : %url% )
    We create the “about me” details and include a random link (using the place holder : %url% )
    We generate PDF's to use for Doc sharing sites in GSA –  with your random contextual links
    We provide 50 emails for all data packs. You further have the option to upgrade to 100, 500 or a 1,000 emails per data pack.
    Email accounts spam filters junk email folders correctly set up for you
    We research and generate for you long tail keywords – We take your 3  keywords and generate a list of long-tail keywords by scraping from: Google Suggest, Yahoo Search Assist Suggestions, Amazon Suggestions, YouTube Suggestions, Google Product Search, Search Suggestions, Yahoo Shopping Suggestions, Search Suggestions and Android Market Suggestions
    Lightning fast, super friendly service

    What I Require From You

    All I need is your 3 main keywords. If you only have 1 keyword then that's fine, just fill in the same keyword in the form for submitting the order. These should be the main keywords of your site which i can use to scrape relevant keywords. I also need some URLs to be used for contextual linking in the PDF's we create

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    All duplicate URLs and duplicate domains have been removed:

    • Identified – Unique URLs = 116,855,005
    • Identified – Unique Domains = 59,560,262
    • Verified – Unique URLs = 4,264,081
    • Verified – Unique Domains = 2,479,369
    • Newly Verified URLs during January 2019 = 1,786,823
    • Newly Verified Domains during January 2019 = 1,736,895

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    What's The GSA SER Data Pack - 3 Tier Data Pack

    The 3 Tier GSA Search Engine Ranker data pack is a custom created project based on your requirements delivered in a  single file you restore on your GSA SER to give you a fully set up 3 tier project. Below are the components that make up the package.

    • 3 Tiers
    • 50 GSA Search Engine Ranker email accounts per tier. 150 email accounts in total per project  ( with the option to upgrade to 100 root domain  GSA Search Engine Ranker email accounts per tier )
    • 3 x PDF documents. Each SEO optimised with image links, contextual links as well as body links
    • All GSA Fields are filled – platform selection, Data, Options, Filters, Search engine selections
    • 40 Different keyword related article files in syntax per tier
    • Keyword File – scraped  long-tails for keyword
    • 1 single file to FULLY set up  your 3 tier project

  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions

    Identified – Unique URLs = 76,605,185
    Identified – Unique Domains = 23,550,724
    New URLs Identified during April 19 = 19,380,983
    New Domains Identified during April 19 =6,662,333
    Verified – Unique URLs = 2,571,760
    Verified – Unique Domains = 1,027,051
    Verified – Newly Verified URLs during April= 797,517
    Verified – Newly Verified Domains during April = 476,466

    UNIQUE IDENTIFIED URL's = 76,605,185

    = AltoCMS 144012
    = Article 3897318
    = Blog Comment 2040221
    = Coder 117
    = Coppermine Photo Gallery 1749
    = Directory 195088
    = Document Sharing 10
    = Drupal 1881309
    = Drupal 4593
    = E 2921
    = Elgg 4828
    = Exploit 339915
    = Forum 25
    = General Blogs 0
    = Guestbook 125269
    = Image Comment 24137
    = Indexer 8
    = Joomla 31524
    = JV 1518
    = Microblog 323376
    = Open 678
    = php Link Article 8436
    = php Link Directory 22722
    = PHP 166821
    = PHPDug 3071
    = Pingback 771213
    = Pligg 38351
    = Question2Answer 83978
    = Referrer 2115
    = RSS 229
    = SEO 281148
    = Social Bookmark 51447
    = Social Network 1578565
    = Trackback 42346
    = Unknown 838865
    = URL Shortener 252048
    = vBulletin 125928
    = Video 107715
    = Web 2.0 2255
    = Wiki 153048
    = [SERE] Social Bookmark 307
    = [SERE] Social Profile 8622
    = [SERE] Web 2.0 154931

  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
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