CB vs CS - Test results running both softwares on 500 sample Captchas



  • I used both with many 100k captchas solved. Both ran smooth.. but CB has better solving and quicker done.
  • Back to original subject.  I just switched from Captcha Sniper X4 to Captcha Breaker yesterday.  The stats are looking consistent with OP's results.  Happy with CB.  Great work @Sven.
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    The latest version of CS was promising. It's fast & smooth. But it's buggy in some Articles Services & 64 bit windows. The developer is careless to really solve it for all 64 bit users!! he asked me to talk to him on the skype to fix it for me. I tried to talk to him on skype but no luck from 3 months !!!.

    With GSA you simply report the problem and Sven will get you covered the next update ( 2 , 3 days at the most and sometimes the same day!). So you just click the update button and the problem is gone!.

    The update button in latest CS is not even working though!!!. I reported this problem as well but the problem is not fixed as usual. Probably because CS don't have regular updates ( only 1 time every 3/4 months!)   :  (
  • I used both but Captcha Sniper had bugs and I don't use it anymore, only Captcha Breaker
  • I bought CB, and the results are astonishing. I was using CS previously, now CB uses less resources, less CPU and solves at a faster rate. Easy :)
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