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CB vs CS - Test results running both softwares on 500 sample Captchas

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Test Results :

Captcha Sniper….:  Accuracy Rate : 16.60%  [correct: 83, wrong: 269, empty: 148] – Avg time: 0.976 sec.

Captcha Breaker...:  Accuracy Rate : 48.60% [correct: 243, wrong: 158, empty: 99] -- Avg time: 0.370 sec.

Congratulations Mr, Sven!



  • SvenSven
    Thanks :) 
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  • @CaptchaSniper

    I don't have a clue , I'm not the one who coded the tool though. I found the test and I shared it.
  • SvenSven

    Ohh see who joins the discussion...

    Don't you think it's more easy to stay on your forum and spread your li...ehm your "facts" there instead? You might say I do it here but these test are not done by me.

    And yes for a proper test I would also select all captcha types in CS. Ignoring the size conflict warning as I think it is also important for a captcha tool to identify the correct captcha type first and not rely on size only. Though the program is still crashing for me on almost any captcha I send to it.

    Anyway I don't join your forum and fight the lies you tell people there so stop harshing around here. 

  • i cant see what @CaptchaSniper said..?
  • SvenSven

    Seems as he deleted his own text. Maybe he talks about it now on his forum :P

    Basically he said that the settings for his CS might not be correct. But all settings someone can do here is turning on the solve of unknown captchas + clean image algo (not important) + selection of captcha types. In my opinion however CS should be tested with all captcha types checked to let it find the correct type to use.

  • Sven  sir, dont you think your too mean on the other products admin XD

    mamadou good results :D  but it`s a little unfair to other captcha solver :(

    I cant buy CB so im telling this , ahaha XD
  • He has time to lurk but not roll out the update that's been in the works since last year (Febuary) on forum bot...... lol.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @Irichard2112 - You should should see how the "other" products admin is acting on other forums towards CB. Sven is being nice in comparison.
  • SvenSven

    @lrichard2112 actually I don't think I'm unfair. Unfair would it be to delete him or ban him and reject any comments from him and his guys. Yes, there are even groupies send from him posting on this forum and I didn't ban them as I think other people realize what CB is in comparison with CS while testing. So I let customers speak for themselves instead of going to other forums telling other people how bad the competitor is and how good our product is.

    And if I would do that, I would tell the truth and not some bloody lies. If thats the only way for them to keep sales up instead of being innovative than OK. From the
    upcoming CS
    screenshots I saw it is all again a rip off of our GUI. And I heard he's about to "steals" other features as well. I'm waiting for a new feature that he comes up himself now.

  • Whatever this guy's doing I'm actually getting pretty decent results from CS. When I tested Sven's CB though it was much more accurate and faster. I just can't afford it for a little bit so CS will have to do in the mean time.
    @Sven anyone who tests CB knows it's the best. Keep your honour and reputation don't get sucked into this.
    We all needed CS at one time & it does still work indeed a lot of us still rely on it every day. I believe 16% is unfair. So if you're going to test it be reasonable.
    Quite what the CS creator is playing at I don't know!!!
  • SvenSven

    For the 16%, well I don't know what captchas have been used. Would have been nice to see the images instead of the results only. I coded it the way that you could also export the results with images.

    All I can say is that the tool is not lying ;)

  • @Sven

    Can you share this testing tool so we can play with it ourselves ?
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    I think my favorite I saw on another forum was someone saying that the developers of GSA and CB roll out frequent updates and it's impressive. His response was telling them that he does it right the first time and that the GSA guys do little updates constantly on purpose rather than large ones to make it seem like there is alot.

    It's funny because most of the time it's a USER based requested feature. While if I remember correctly, it was his users that had to implement a way to share platforms on CS and who have been waiting for over a year for the update "Coming up next week" (since last Feb) on forumbot.

    The GUI does look the same, surprise surprise. He probably will also have the "update" feature on CS now too, instead of the "Delete all your files except X and then blah blah" and only knowing about the update from him emailing you about it or seeing threads on his post with people who are having issues with it.

    I had issues on it when windows 8 rolled out and I wrote him and that Andreyg13 user name and got called "annoying" because I didn't know they were both the same person and "bugged him and took time from him and his daughter". I even paid him a tip to say thanks for the support help, then my HD crashed and he made me pay him again for a new license. While Sven and the crew make up a forum and respond to each and every post on here and don't criticize anyone.

    I've talked to others who have the same stories, karma has finally set in... and just lack of loyal customers.
  • ronron

    My analysis is pretty simple. He had a really nice market all to himself. But he got lazy.

    Instead of being aggressive and striving to make the product better - he slacked off and got lazy - and he created an opportunity for smart competitors to step in.

    If he would have had half the drive that Sven demonstrates each day, he would have made the product a lot better, and he would have buried any opportunity for future competitors to cut into his pie.

    So now he is on the defensive. It is a shame because I honor the fact that he saved me a lot of money over the past couple of years.

    But the facts are what they are. Now he is annoyed and taking cheap shots. People aren't stupid. He may get a few noobs to see it his way, but not the people who play in the same sandbox every day.

  • edited February 2013
    LOL....Here everyone. Just try not to pay ANY attention to his eyes.

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Haha I wish there was a "like" button so I could like all of you guys posts. ^^
  • @ron

    Honestly , I don't think the CS developer is lazy. He is ok. Not perfect but he is good. But the problem is with most of us comparing between him and Sven!. When you do that you will definitely think that he is lazy like hell! lol

    Sven is a very active programmer though. He is like a 10 professional programmers combined in one person!
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    RobotDestruct haha . what is this sir? XD

    Sven  ok sir :D

  • Wow,  I must say as a captcha sniper user with both gsa and senuke that basing test results on incorrect settings is just unfair to the people reading this forum.

    I myself tested using a free trial of Captcha Breaker, and the results I experienced were nothing like these.  I am not going to go into specifics of results, as to be quite honest on the quick check, but the price difference meant that it just wasn't worth trialling further (as I already owned the other)

    Furthermore, and I admit I haven't had cause to get to know the GSA owner, but Bot Man (captcha sniper) has spent time on several occasions on skype helping me out with things and stuff, and is a pretty cool guy.  I don't think it matters who you are, but trying to vilify \ actively destroy someones hard work by these underhand methods really puts you in a bad light. 

    With senuke I can quantify my results with Captcha sniper, and I currently get around 950 account creations out of a set of 1400 sites I have inputed.  I cannot quantify GSA, as it works differently, and I use it in a different way, but what I am saying is that Captcha Sniper is a pretty great tool.  I can't speak for Captcha Breaker, but I will stand up for someone that has taken the time and trouble to save me alot of money and who has produced a very good product.

    Personally, I think you should be ashamed to justify a test under false pretenses like this. Put a proper test up, and may I will give Sven the respect he very obviously garners in this forum.

  • ronron
    edited February 2013

    @jonathon79 - What I said was not a personal indictment of Mikey. He has always been helpful to his customers.

    What I am referring to is his {laziness|slowness to develop|failure to think out of the box} as a developer of software. In this business if you snooze, you lose.

    He has every opportunity to crank it into gear and start developing things on his own, and quit copying Captcha Breaker. That's not a great business strategy. And neither is gutter sniping on the forums.

    What he needs to do is what any businessperson seeks to do when confonted by serious competition. He needs to really rethink how he can make the product better everyday, and how he can make it uniquely better than the competition. Sniping doesn't solve those fundamental issues he faces.

  • i really agree with @ron, i have buy csx and use it for almost a year. When i buy CSX, i already send multiple massage to mikeyboy and andrey to improve the captcha solving rate and add more captcha that GSA SER support. But they simply respond : "Hey, we have build a captcha destruction kit... you can do it your self cause we are so busy with upgrade and making the csx better..."

    That's whay i really agree with @ron, csx was a great tool and a market leader for captcha solving for years. But the developer become arrogant and lazy because of so many sales that they got each day. I think this is the lesson that they have to learn.

    "Adapt or prepare to be wipe out...."

    But seriously, if you read BHW... some internet marketer is still saying CSX is better then GSA CB... i wonder how they come with those conclusion??? Well they can stick with CSX, but i will kiss good bye to CSX...

    For me, GSA CB is 100x better then CSX... and i agree that many EX-CSX user agree with me. :)>-
  • SvenSven
    edited February 2013

    This thread is turning into a bashing thread against CS and Mikey. That was never my intention.

    In fact I liked Mikey and had nice conversations by email with him. I helped him with the protection and other things. But than after CB was released he turned into a monster. He started to tell lies on other forums (see his statements on BHW e.g.). He even got banned there if Im right.

    Anyway I couldn't care less about it and never replied. But there is one thing that annoyes me a lot. His so called innovations which are nothing more than copying the features of CB one after the other. Why!? Can't he think of something on his own? And why copy the same and exact thing? At least he could have used another GUI/Skin. The next version looks almost the same as CB. I hate this copy/paste in code.

    Someone might say I copied CS in first place. Thats not true. GSA had a captcha solver build into GSA Auto Website Submitter long before CS existed. The only thing I copied was the filter names from CS to not confuse people even more. I coded every filter myself to not use external programs.

    Anyway I just find it sad that someone must sink that low. :(

    //just me 2 cents to this and now I better shut up as this is keeping me away from coding ;)

  • It took Sven less than 48 hours to include my "click to count" feature request!! THATS for a great product!

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @sven - don't stress about the copying features! :-) I know it's frustrating. From a customers point of view...if you want to buy a porsche for performance buy a real porsche not a fake porsche. If you want only the looks, then sure, buy a fake porsche and save yourself some money but don't expect the same performance. Same with software...if you buy a fake/copy you'll get lots of breakdowns... 
  • maybe..... but I run both CS3x (bought before CB) and CB . CB is faster, can do more than cs3x. but both cs and CB run flawelessly, no crashes or hang ups.. still I use CS3x only as 2nd opiton.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @thisisalex - using CS as a secondary option is like a racing driver deciding to use a citi golf instead of a porsche for his race if the porsche won't start. Rather try and start the porsche than use the citi golf...
  • OzzOzz
    edited February 2013
    @thisisalex: maybe you want to add 1 more retry to each project or your global setting in SER and compare the results over a "longish" test period of 72h or so.

    to add CS as backup means nothing more than 1 more retry. some/few solving rates for particular captchas might be (a little) better with CS by now, but the solving time is much higher. this means that you have less time to spent on posting to target URLs which results in lower submission rates overall.
  • O yes. you conviced me........

    Just threw out 70€ for CS3x in January.......
  • apart from all the technical stuff, I was so happy when CB came out.. cause CS is really buggy for me. I had loooads of problems with it crashing, now its solved but I can imagine better support for CS3...
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