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Rankwyz reviews?



  • Anyway, they are working really hard and it seems it is going to be a rude battle between each other.

    After my tool released, they will know what hard means. :-)
  • @awint: let me know if you need beta tester for your independent tool.
  • @awint We are waiting for it and we really hope so. I have PMed you for beta testing, if you are interested.
  • Hey guys is FCS Network a software you install on your local machine or is it a web based application you use on their servers? I got of BHW and they are saying its all Ubot based. On their website is says it is both web based and software.

    So Peisithanatos you are running this on your computer or VPS and have to be concerned about captcha as well as IP's?
  • @ranknow it's both.  You have ubot bot that creates the accounts and changes the profile data.

    You then u/l your created accounts into a web based back office which allows you to group your sites and then post to them
  • @ranknow davbel is right. They are currently working on a web based application to create the accounts.

    Also, now RW also has an account creator software (desktop based) for their users (both for web 2.0 and social bookmarking sites). I have not tested it yet but it looks promising. It supports currently 51 web 2.0 and 28 social sites; not bad.
  • audioguy Peisithanatos
    My web2.0 tool is on alpha test now.  will be beta test very soon. :-)
  • edited June 2013
    @ranknow FCS Networker has two parts: Account creator and Submitter. The account creator is a desktop software (as @Peisithanatos said they are working on a web based app). 

    I'm not continously creating accounts so I use the software on my local PC (I let VPS to GSA ;) ). As you said, you need a captcha solver service and proxies.

    @awint it is a Web 2.0 network manager like FCS and RW? I would like to test it!  :)>-
  • edited June 2013
    @javib ;it is desktop tool, but can do register and submitter both. it is better than RW. :-)
  • molchomolcho Germany
    @awint you speak too much about your great, wonderfull, incredible tool, be humble and let the user decide, how great your tool is.
    And when you present your tool we will see what the best one is.
  • Right. Speaking positively about yourself and negatively about others doesn't make you and your tool any better. The fact that your tool is desktop-based vs others who are server-based already give you the wrong start. Show me how you can manage 10,000s of accounts with desktop-based tool, then we'll talk.

    Chances are you have your own niche and theirs too. You're not even direct competitors, so why speak down on others?

    And oh, add to that the fact that you rarely reply to forum posts or email. Hopefully that's because you're busy developing software, not how your treat prospective buyers and customers later after they buy.

  • I've tested the Rank Wyz tool over the last couple of days and the most web2.0 I got created in one run was 36 out of 51, which isn't bad.

  • doubtful any desktop based tool for web 2.0's will be a competition for FCS or RW, considering the ROI just as a starting point.
  • Hi guys!  i dont know why i dont get resutls with blogs.

    i have over 6k blogs, posts from blogs gets t2 and t3 links, but i dont have serp movements. 

    t2 and t3 slowly but massively build.

    Cant understand why i dont have serp movements. Can somebody share experience? 

  • complicated question.... every niche and keyword are different.... start looking at your link velocity and indexing rate... are your backlinks getting indexed? how many links are you building per day?
  • indexing is 100%

    links to this blog posts? i builded 60k t2 60k kitchen sink and 60k t3 to this blogs

  • so you builded 60k links for 6k blogs... you just builded 10 t2 links to each post and 10 kitchen sink... is this for 1 month? 
  • Trying to create a RankWyz account to give it a try, but there's an error with their sign-up page. Anybody knows something about this?
  • edited July 2013
    Hi, everybody. Sorry, I have not login here for month maybe.
    audioguy  you make sense, i should only said feature my tool have, let you decide. thanks.  any detail i not reply the post or email? yes, I focus on development.
    davbel  do you mean rw can register account? 
    yougotmymoney do you mean you can save host cost?

    my coders have no ROI in mind they just try to make a perfect tool so it delay beyond my expect.
    I think I already prove my team somehow, we make gsa engine very soon.   but my tool are really complex. my tool can be beta test in this week hopefully. I do not know if I should post here my tool, it have compete with gsa somehow.

  • I just found WZ have a account creator desktop based.
    I very curious why they put create and post separated?  all desktop or all server based isn't better optional?
    Anyone can help explain it, thanks.
  • Well, if I can beta test for free, I may spare some time to do it.

    Otherwise, you have lost a customer because of lack of communication. I already signed up for another service.

  • MrXMrX Germany
    Anyone getting good results with their accounts creator ? I just got 2 success from the whole list
  • with private proxys i have a sucess rate between 60-70 percent for blogging sites, i need no bookmarking sites.
  • MrXMrX Germany
    Just did  a second run, had something wrong in my email settings, now its working pretty ok ;)
  • MrXMrX Germany
    Are you guys really using rankwyz ? It seems like compared to Sven their support is like no support at all ... kinda really sucks. Got some issues with catchall in account creator and I am still confused on some systemwide options settings because they have no help section at all.
    If there is someone here who uses their service for some time and is really familiar with it, please PM me :)
  • By the way, Rankwyz dropped prices. Now they have 3 options:

    Wyzard - $1,99 per month
    Wyzard Pro - $44.99 p/m
    Agency Wyzard - $239.99 p/m

    Also they opened all their content search features to all plans.
  • I use Rankwyz account creator, works ok. And I use Rankwyz for all of my Web 2.0s, it seems more controllable than SER Engines which wasn't brilliant in the early days. Then export the web 2.0s into SER and do all linking to them in that. 
  • Rankiz works terrible recently all projects are going canceled or completed automaticly.
    Their support is terrible his name is Ravi . The kind of support they have it is terrible. 
    I hope they will improve their support and service 
  • Here's an honest review from a user of Rankwyz. I've loved the features they have. It would have been great if Rankwyz resolve their bugs. Their problem is getting some of the important features like scheduling and tracking to work properly.

    I used it to schedule articles to our private blog network. Things were working well in the first few months. Lately, they started upgrading their interface and features, and broke some of the old features. Articles don't get posted as planned and/or post multiple times of the same article on a website. My contractor in India have to help me manually clean it up.

    I reported these issues but none had been resolved. It's horrific when I found all my articles scheduled for the next 2-3 months deleted from their server, when they upgraded the interface recently. Their customer service just told me to "Sorry. Please upload again".

    Sorry for the rant here....I wished I could share this in a more positive light but I though someone here could be saved from the frustration and trouble I have gone through by sharing this. I am planning to shut down my account with Rankwyz.

  • After what happened to me recently with Rankwyz I must say that these guys don't know shit about about how to manage a honest business !!
    They had a bug preventing me from posting anything and I reported it
    and this guy Pavel ( the owner..pk69 here ) was careless enough to leave
    me without a fix for 22 days !!!!! until my subscription was expired
    and he didn't even accept to give me an amendment for the money and time
    I lost!.

    I paid $200 worth accounts and $60 ( and $225 last month)  for submission credits and I lost all this because of this guy Pavel

    Also I discovered that I had 40 k posts with the wrong Anchor text because the anchors bound to urls feature is I got mixed urls with the wrong anchors!!!! I used the correct format|{anchor1|anchor2}|{anchor3|anchor4}
    the damn rankwyz system tied post1 with anchor 3 & 4 or post2 with
    anchor 1 or 2 sometimes for an odd reason!!! What a mess! I lost most of my clients because of this!!

    I filed a dispute on paypal but unfortunately they didn't get me my money back because the
    item is ineligible for PayPal Buyer Protection because it is intangible
    ( digital goods or digital services ) but the good news for guys having
    the same problem with the damn rankwyz fraud (and i'm sure there are
    lots of them out there!) they can file a dispute on paypal and claim
    their money back because PayPal Purchase Protection is now being extended to intangible or virtual items
    and services only for transaction made on July 01, 2015 onwards. From now on,
    payments for intangible items, services, licenses, or other digital content are
    eligible for dispute resolution.

    So if you read this and
    you suffered from Rankwyz bugs and lost your money like me! and your
    transaction was made on July 01. 2015 onwards go file a dispute and get your money back!.

    This is my honest review and I'm not a new member here in this forums ( go check out my old posts )



    is a picture of the full ticket conversation between me and rankwyz
    support  they left the ticket opened for 22
    days before they fix the system to make it actually POST anything!!

    Sorry Sven for the repeated post but I found this page ranked on Google for "Rankwyz Review" and I want them to find the truth!
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