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Is Penguin Released



  • Well, my one page blogspot site went 50 places down today (140k exact KW, i was using slow tiered backlinking). Another one-page tumblr site that i was monitoring (not mine) went from #9 to #90 for its main KW (90k exact, this one was using hardcore spam, almost sure from GSA SER).

    Maybe one-page web2.0s are handled in a different way then normal domains, but i doubt it - i think it is almost impossible to rank one pagers for nice KWs in long term (and now maybe even in short term).

    Or do you guys have some different experience?
  • ronron

    It may be impossible to keep them there. But who said it was impossible to get them there? 

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    @ron I saw that comment too about inner pages and it explains my drop. I've been pointing only 1-5% of my links at the homepage usually (I have 15 or so different projects for inner pages on 1 site). Changing that to 20% of links I think.... However, natural linking dictates that people link to the actual page not the homepage? If I wanted to link you to an article on Wikipedia it'd be the article itself, not the homepage.
  • blogspot one-pager was #13, then it went slowly down to #21 and today it is #70. So i was not able to even get it there for at least short time :)

    But maybe i did something wrong and even you @ron are ranking just 40% of your sites, so maybe my one was one from this 60% with bad luck...
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    I have a fair few 1 page web 2.0 properties ranking pretty much as before.  I have noticed that the ones that I just spam blasted have dropped whilst the ones I tiered up have held steady.  That's as much analysis as I have been bothered to do.  We all know this isn't the end of this update, not by a long shot, so no point over analyzing too much just yet.

    Fasten your seat belts.... 
  • By comparison @traged my one pager web 2.0 slipped from 3rd to 5th this morning, now it's 6th. My own MS ranks well for this KW and its gone from 2nd.. to 10th... to 4th all in one day.
  • ronron

    I think I got hosed on many inner pages because I tiered every page. It was probably unnatural to have that many links and linkjuice going to interior pages. I probably overdid my diversification of links within a website, and probably needed to be more top-heavy.

    What I find interesting was how on a couple of sites my non-primary keywords tanked for the homepage. So say I had 10 terms, and the main term did ok, but the other 9 got raped. Kind of doesn't make sense.

    From everything I am seeing across many forums, there are no solid rules of the road on what happened. Outright spam worked well on some sites while others tanked. And the list goes on and on from there.

    I was faced with a lot worse when penguin 1.0 hit. I was obliterated. So...

    If you have made money in a niche, so you know it is worthwhile, the best advice I can give you is to build more sites in that niche. That has always worked for me. And that is no-bullshit advice. 



  • @ron , at what level do you decide to ditch? Are you going to stick with your sites that took a slight hit?
  • @spunko2010 I'd say it's far too early to be thinking about ditching yet.  Some of your sites / pages that have taken a dip might pop back up. 

    Although they've probably been testing for weeks, I would doubt that Google will drop in everything in one go in case they completely f**k it up, so expect to see more changes.
  • ronron

    I never scrap a site that has made money. It is a proven winner. I can't begin to tell you that even in the worst case scenario (like penguin 1.0), my sites are still #1 in Bing/Yahoo making me money.

    This was not even near that magnitude, so my strategy always remains the same: Nurture it with linkbuilding, experiment with different linkbuilding methods, but most importantly...

    Build more sites in those niches where you have proven that you can make money.

    Do not waste one day thinking about it. Recuperating your income starts immediately, not a month from now after you 'have more information'. Do not make that mistake.


  • What ^^ @ron says

    You know it makes sense :D
  • @davbel I was just wondering if Google might have added me to some sort of database of sites that do BH seo... :D It would probably be the world's biggest DB though if they did
  • It wouldn't surprise me @Spunko2010

    I've thought for a while that @ron = Larry Page....
  • Well, I'm copying Larry Page's blackhat SEO plans, so what could possibly go wrong?
  • ronron

    While you guys were chewing the fat, I broke into mountain view, and I grabbed the plans:


    Not saying that I have every part of the algorithm...

    @spunko2010, you're not on their list. Pheeeew!


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Ron - "It was probably unnatural to have that many links and linkjuice going to interior pages." 

    What sort of ratio are you thinking is unnatural of home/inner? 

    @jigsaw - How many anchors are you normally using for SER (how many primary, and secondary), just curious what you define as diverse? 
  • @alex im always using 8 variations of my mainsite and 2 variations of a random inner-page and didn't get hit yet. so just 20% to inner pages..
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    ...So, what's the suggestion for us who were hit? Keep doing what we're doing for now? My analytics is updated, I am about 33% down yesterday.

    I think I will add 25% of all links to my homepage, and diversify away from web 2.0 only pointing to my M$.
  • I'm just setting up a new project.

    I take 40% Moneykey (only 1 word exact match), 10% generic, 10% domain and 40% LSI Keywords from G KWT. (i hope that makes 100 lol).

    I have not been hit yet, but maybe its good to have the next project coming, whatever the next days bring you should have sth new in your inventory :)

  • Startrip, mind sharing what type of links you have pointing to your MS?
  • All the keywords I've been trying to rank for are staying the same, some of them dropped but just from 2-5 rank, all are still in the first page. Guess penguin 2.0 didn't hit my site? 

    Also I successfully ranked #5 from nothing for a 4-day-old youtube vid on G SERP, it's quite fun doing all this :)
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    @Alex if I understand correctly youtube videos get redirected via their own outlink, do you mean the link was in description?  I will try this.

    If your rankings dropped from 2-5 for a number of keywords in 1 day then I would say Penguin did affect your site.... Maybe through devaluing links to your site... But it's early days
  • @spunko2010 Yes I think so, I check my rank first thing every morning, they have been in #1-#2 for a few weeks, just dropped to #4 or #7 yesterday. But main keywords are still at #1. 

    About youtube videos, no it doesn't point to my main money site, it's just my experiment to check "How to Rank for a Youtube Video", low comp, 10k local monthly searches :P It's a bit easy isn't it?
  • No effect for me, all money making sites still in top 3. SER rocks :)
    P.S. a new project jumped up 15 spots. 
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    Well, I wish I knew what I had done wrong to be affected so much. Can only assume as @ron said, not enough links pointing to homepage and not enough link diversification.  Still, making enough to live on after Penguin 2.0 so not all that bad.
  • @spunko2010 Maybe right now you should try to make some social signals, it should help recover your rank..
  • I honestly don't know what google is thinking... all this devaluation and penalization only promotes negative seo... which is retarded lol
  • @spunko2010. You are not alone, I had a couple of my good sites hit. Still cannot work out what happened exactly. I am also wondering if I had too many links to inner pages.

  • @AlexR I use about 3 primary and 15 secondary anchors.
  • One of my sites got a huge rank increase. It has decent content and only Web 2.0 built to it. Not very fancy but seems to working for this site.
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