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Recommended VPS that works well

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Hi Guys,

Can you please recommend a VPS that works great with GSA?


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  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
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    I've had great results with :-)


  • SvenSven
    Try this one:
  • Can you wrote something more about it (trustvm)? I cant see information about CPU
  • i use since yesterday, so first ...

    their customer reviews they have on their site are most likely fakies, cause i dont see the insane super super speed one guy mentioned

    Nevertheless, support seems to be very fast, and so far (i have the smallest plan) running only CS / SER the Ressource Monitor seem to be fine, i run it with 60 Threads on public proxies, and its running very decent, however not much to say within 24h

    the CPU seems to be a i7 950 @ 3 GHz, however cant say how many shared account are running on the box, and the plan i have is the 1 GB RAM / 100 GB Disk Space one


  • ... and the second after i wrote it i connected to Remote Server again, someone restarted it, so nothing was running, dont know whats going on but CS dont run now cause it reports something is listening on port 80 all that wasnt like this before ...


  • oiloil
    edited October 2012

    .. add up notice on trustVM in case anyone considers taking it, if you plan to do Europe only, its excellet for small price, however if you wanna use it for anything outside of EU (servers are in portugal) its a huge pain, speedtest, to Miami, FL, USA

    white, within EU its lightning fast

  • edited October 2012
    I have not used any vps other than trustvm so my experience is very limited. Here is my speedtest from Iowa, USA

    and again from the EU to confirm Oil's findings

    I have a lot of respect for the admin over at trustvm. He is one of the main devs for sic and has always provided fantastic support.

    edit: updated screenshot of speedtest after finding out how to do it. Thanks colly
  • @theorbital, I agree about Cafi and I have a trustvm vps too. I think what oil is saying is that the speeds to the US are slower than to the EU, which I confirmed myself earlier today. Unless you choose the "nearest server" manually, will choose a local (Portugal?) one and show higher speeds like your test.
  • edited October 2012
    @collywobbles, Ok. I get it now. Thanks for the explanation.

    so that probably explains the drag and 'slowness' when i'm using the vps?
    Like i said, this is my fist vps i have ever used so my experience is limited. I just thought that was the way it was. perhaps i'll try a local vps in the us and see if it differs.
  • well its natural that the speed must be faster within area which are closer, its just that the speed to US is terribly bad, the ping is acceptable imho to the US, its quite some kilometers anyways, however the spped for up and down, is way to low for a EU server
  • @oil, are you still using thrustvm? i'm using bermanhosting right now and i have a problem of crashing almost every day with bermanhosting. I only running GSA and CSX with private proxy and 25 threads. That's why i was looking for a good vps provider right now.

  • @ darman82 sorry sorry for delay, i am in the process of quit smoking, so i like to stay away from anything work related those days, LOL

    yep still with trustVM on a 2 core plan, which is awesome for SER, can easily run SER and 200 threads, and still having SB running in the background, server location is portugal therefore speed to US quite some better then berman, however poweruphosting being in the US there is no doubt that they are by far superior, although for my noobish needs a bit too expensive

  • yeah, the great thing about trustvm is the price. It is super affordable to get a vps and not have it rake you over the coals each month.
  • @oil, thanks for your recommendation. I will try subscribe with trustvm pro package in the end of this month. If they have a affiliate program, please pm me your affiliate link i will buy from your affiliate link.
  • @oil, i think i better go to @Sven recommend, poweruphosting. I don't want any trouble with the vps anymore. The poweruphosting speed test was also incredible fast...


    just like Sevn mention at the first post, it was unfair to compare 100MBps VPS to 1000MBps VPS.

  • Wow that is fast! trustvm is around 80Mb/s in europe and around 15Mb/s to US. You can choose the data centre on to verify this.
  • edited October 2012
    @collywobbles, can you share you speedtest here. since from @oil and @theorbital speedtest was only around 5MB.

    Here is @oil speedtest

    and here is @theorbital speedtest

  • Finally i purchase poweruphosting, and still waiting for my vsp to be setup. I will run a speedtest on the vps and let you all know the result
  • hey guys,

    speedtest says clearly nothing cause its depending on from where you login via remote desktop, so the only way to find the true speed of the server is doing a command line ping or tracert

    speedtest results are highly depending on from where you login to the server, i was mislead by that as well,

    however as poweruphosting being in the US i ll bet my left nut that you wont find any better to US locations, thats just natural

    besides that all speedtest results say pretty much nothing and are unfor. useless crap

    look those are my results from my ISP to my servers in miami, so they say 19 ms to miami, from Thailand this is clearly technically not possible, however if i go to command line and ping my servers in miami, i ll get more of a honest results which is 300 ms


  • Here you go
  • edited October 2012
    @Oil, i'm personally need 3 vps.I'm done with bermanhoting, i will definitely move from there. Today i have a problem can't access to my 3 of my VPS at bermanhosting. Today i basically didn't works at all. And i think my GSA didn't run as well at the vps. Also the bermanhosting support team was only available at US or Europe time only, since i'm from asia i need to wait 12 -24 hours to get the respond for my ticket.

    I decided to buy the poweruphosting and i just want to let you all know about the speedtest, cause is not that fast either. Here is my speedtest result, it was so slow compare to trustvm. I have submit a support ticket and see what they can help to increase the internet speed. Will post the update here.


    I will buy trustvm at this two days and compare the service.

    @collywobbles, what vps service that you using? Are you using trustvm?

    Anyone using this one?

  • Yes I have a trust vm. I used to have a thrust reseller's vps but it wasn't that great so I moved to trust vm.
  • @Collywobbles, how is the support system? Are they like bermanhosting? only available on US and Europe time?
  • Cafi, the owner, is based in Portugal, so yes, European time I would say.
  • ok, my ticket just got respond by the poweruphosting support team. and here is new speedtest of the poweruphosting :


    At their site, poweruphosting mention that their server base at Chicago that's why i test the speedtest with Chicago server but it turn out, their server was at Phoenix. Above the speedtest i test with Phoenix server.
  • The speedtest I posted was form Portugal -> Miami
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Really not sure why you're having an issue with Berman. They're much cheaper and I've only had good service. 

    Here is my speedtest: (I guess it's based in Europe, but still pretty quick)
  • @globalgoogler , what operating system are you using with Berman?  I am on Windows 7 and it crashes at least once a day!  He has suggested reinstalling to windows server but I am having to wait so I can get CS and scrapebox re-licensed after 30 days.

    My billing period is coming up and I am wondering whether to jump ship completely or get the os changed.
  • OzzOzz
    edited October 2012
    Recommended by Sven is Win2008. I choosed the standard edition.

    In general I would say that the most light weighted OS is the best. We don't need all that extra stuff like nice aero desktop or additional services that are running in the background processes but don't needed to run our software. The more extras, the more RAM and CPU it will use. Clean and simple for the win.
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