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    Yea I use them I just turn profiles off so I only get articles. 

    If you use those that can create both articles and profiles, you should get both, not only articles. 
  • @Antonearn thank you for your reply, though I saw no function to turn profiles off.
    Could you maybe guide me to that function? :-)   

    (or do you mean just deselect everything regarding web 2.0 , including web 2.0 profile). 

  • Right click at the platform window > Uncheck engines that use no contectual links. Choose Articles only. 
  • shaunshaun
    He's talking to me mate, he just quoted me without quotation marks making it confusing.

    "If you use those that can create both articles and profiles, you should get both, not only articles."

    Is that so? I wonder how I'm just getting articles and no profiles must be magic.

    A better way to phrase your question would be like 12348766754 did saying you did not see a way to do that and ask how I do it and TBH if 12348766754 hadn't asked too I wouldent have posted how you do it.

    I'm on my phone right now so the phrases might be a little off but open a project - go to the options tab - scroll down there is a box with a bunch of tick boxes in it on the left hand screen of the options tab - untick everything other than Articles Contextual and Articles Wiki.

    It's Profiles Contextual further down that makes Profiles and I'm pretty sure the microblog tick box makes a no follow buddypress profile.
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    @shaun I'd see that on GSA SER indeed, thank you :-)
    Though as for now I try to build the tier 1 with RankerX.

    Tier 1 RankerX contains: Web 2.0 profiles and Social Network. 
    Two samples of a random article regarding google (just a trial); 

    web 2.0 profile; (account, no URL, keywords etc + it uses the article as bio.)
    Social network; (the article apperas to be an item on the 'wall'. No keywords, no links (both bo- and no follow)

    Sure as hell I am doing something wrong. Though until now I am unable to find what's going wrong. 
    It seems:

    - RankerX uses content bucket (articles) as bio for web 2.0 profiles (?)
    - RankerX places the article from the content bucket on the wall of the Social Network account. 
    - RankerX did not place any backlink in both (do-follow, no-follow). 

    I suppose;
    - I should add "Article Directory" to my tier 1 with RankerX (premium sites), so articles will be posted as well. As for now I am using Social Network & Web 2.0 profiles with a tier 2 of bookmarking - RankerX (- Tier 2 will be covered with GSA SER once I am accepted into a linklist service & when I am able to get a good Tier 1 from RankerX).  

    - I should add the bio for Web 2.0 profiles at content bucket, even though it's called "add article".

    Working on;
    Finding a way RankerX will build actual backlinks, so I can start building t 2 and t 3 (GSA SER).
  • shaunshaun
    TBH mate I dropped Web 2 profile is exactly what it says, a profile. I'm my opinion a waste of time and captcha credits so I dropped them.

    There are some options in the Wizard of where to put the links, I think it's set to the wrong one for you and that's the cause but TBH I don't know the RX interface well enough.

    Try Premium article directories but when I did there was only like 5 build and ink retention was terrible so I dropped them too.
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    if I may ask, what's left on your T1 RankerX @Shaun

    When I drop Web 2.0 profile, I only have Social Network left (and those 5 premium article directory).
  • shaunshaun
    I only use the premium social network module. Not going into the domains though.
  • 1234876675412348766754 Utrecht
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    @Shaun thank you for your reply. 
    I'd understand you will not go into the domains, my idea is to post to ALL premium sites and check the results. I\ll make a list with  all succesfull tries. 

    For example, the first link I checked:

    That seems to be a hell better!! Going to check the others out... 49 more to go.. haha!
    After that i'll do a test run with the premium article direcotry

    Gonna do a REAL run later on today, with a 1500 words article writen by someone I know.
    (will put spun in it of course). - Still fighting a bit with secondary keywords. Since the keywords will be dutch & the article will be English.

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    @Shaun I will do a next step today. If you do not mind, i'd prefer a little bit of your advise though.
    I'd think i know the basics about RankerX & I know how to build those Social Networks, I even have a 1500 word article and i'll put it in a spinner.

    After that GSA SER tier 1 starts:
    GSA SER: Tier 1 -> Article, Social Networks, Web 2.0 and Wiki. 

    I saw somewhere you said the ratio is high, like 1 > 100 > 1000. So i'll follow that lead for the first real time, though I have a burning campaign with 1linklist' list running so that's going well :-) .

    Just a question.. do you select the PR for article websites etc?
    I will search for a way to deselect korean/asia websites for articles.
    Those seem to be spammy (going to select only English / Dutch (Netherlands) websites to solve this issue :-). 

    Thanks a lot. 

    --> oh, and do you advise SERengines?
    Because I can not build web 2.0's with RankerX (and you stated you only use it for Social Networks).
  • shaunshaun
    That's just a ratio I see bounced around I use a one for their down the thread with a heavier T1 to counter link loss.

    Don't tick the default web 2 as it lowers your LPM and gives very little verifiers.

    Web 2 and social networks are different names for the same thing. It usually means articles on a large blogging site. RX have web 2 profiles that is just a user profile on these sites.

    Most of what SERE 2 support is called social networks Premium in RX.

    Sorry if this isn't very clear, I have man flu and haven't slept much so struggling to get things clear in my head lol.
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    No problem at all @Shaun it's clear.
    I'll  start building Premium Social Networks with RankerX with the same 1500 words article today, it's subject related + I'll put a spinner of the in it :-) (in other words --> FIRST REAL RUN, hope i dont fuck it up). 

    After that I'll start with Tier 2. Though, I'll combine RANKERX and GSA SER this time. Because those web 2.0's / Social Networks from RankerX works like a charm. I'll use a Wicked Artcile Creator article for tier 2.

    Running a second burning campaign right now, for blog comments.
    After that also for guestbooks, just to make sure I've a lot of links for tier 3, since that's the HUGE submitting part. Already have 1765 succesfull articles in the campaign, i'll filter those on language and try to find some more valuable factors regarding trustworthy/value of the website (and i'll try to find some details regarding settings voor Tier 3 -> does it word filter matter, or external links etc. I'll dive deeper into this). 

    Thanks for the answer and hope you're soon better @Shaun
  • This is a very good post for learning
  • @echanney that's what I'd hope :-) 
  • shaunshaun
    Cheers mate, literally just drinking tea non stop to try sweat it out. I really dont want to be ill over christmas!
  • @shaun that's days away! I bet you're better by then :-)
    And else... well.. you can always send the food to me, just joking  ;)
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    on 22.00 the first Tier 1 building will start (REAL campaign). 

    @Shaun I've send the tier 1 in a private message. 
    What do you think of it? :-) 
  • 1234876675412348766754 Utrecht
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    This post is mostly an advice for new users;

    TIER 2 info: 

    I believe I should be happy with the results from Tier 1 (the output regarding articles and websites). 
    Today I just started with a part of my tier 2 plan. 

    As for now I am running wiki's, those are fairly hard to get though. I am using 1linklist and still the feed to wiki's has been limited. To prevent some spammy websites, i've put a country filter on it (mostly to block asian websites). 

    MAKE SURE YOU DESELECTED THE PROFILE CONTEXTUAL or something like that at GSA, else your WIKI's wont post articles!! That's a lesson I learned with a burning campaign, and taught by @Shaun, thank you for that.

    After the wiki part, I'll go for Social Networking + Web 2.0's. 
    Before starting a tier 3, I wait a few days.. so the wiki's (and other links) can be re-verified. I do not want to waste resources on death or no-follow links.


    Tier 2 will be a "teamwork" of RankerX with GSA SER. 
  • shaunshaun
    Sorry mate only just woke back up my head is pounding. Yea I just checked them they aint bad. The main thing I hate about RX is the way it injects media thats one thing in my oppinion SERE kicks its ass at as SER does it so well. I use KM to auto inject image and video for me for all tiers of RX.

    Here is some screenshots to better explain the way you make sure you are only getting articles....

    To have ONLY articles this is all you want ticked. There are some engines with script issues like OSClass and a video one but I cant remember its name that will make a profile even with these settings so I dont have them enabled. This will let Articles, Social Networks and Wikis post articles for you.


    As you can see in this next screenshot the option for Profile-Contextual is unticked. This is the option that lets you build the bio profiles on the contextual engines, if you have it ticked then the engines that can post both profiles and articles will post both. If you match your settings to what I have then they will only post articles for you.


    Interested as to how your joint T2 RX/SER thing turns out.
  • 1234876675412348766754 Utrecht
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    Thank you @Shaun.
    To prevent posting wrong content, I Have Split up the Tier 2 in 3 seperate projects. One for wiki, one for sociale network and so on. Your advise is helpful and very useful, thank you.

    The combination of RankerX and GSA was mostly because my WIKI targets are limited. I'll inbox you some of them later on (not home atm).

    Glad you defined my T1 as "aint bad" :-).
    Lets Hope next week they are decent or maybe even good :-D

    Its true. RankerX has some awful image implementation, though.. the article looks better with an image, so couldnt change that part :p
  • shaunshaun
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    I have been going over some of the analytics for some of my newer test sites and I think Penguin 4 might have killed my SER method for new sites, the ones I have already ranked stayed in their positions and haven't budged but I cant think of anything else that could cause this. Basically this is whats happening to my SER only sites since Penguin 4 was released....



    My RX and RX/SER sites are still behaving as I would expect but something has defo changed. I thought it might have had something to do with my indexer tests but I have checked sites that are carbon copies of the link building method I used to rank before the update and its the same. It looks like you made the right call going with RX and SER :p.

    I suggested this earlier in the hope it will let SER post on a higher quality domain so I will do some tests on that to see how it goes else I will just relegate SER use to T3, maybe T2. Just wanted to let you guys know as it looks like this thread is going to be a bit of a knowledge dump for a few members and I dont want people potentially wasting their time.

    Edit - Pretty sure some people will ask but this is what my RX/SER hybrid tests are looking like.


    Only a small keyword but enough to make $300 last month and is on track for $400 this month with it at number 3 and I am pretty sure I can get it to number 1.
  • @shaun - thanks for the share!

    Are those RX/SER tests using RX on T1 and T2?
  • shaunshaun
    Yea mate.
  • Hmm RX does not seem so bad..
    I'm quite happy with SERE except the UTF-8 issues, but will def look more into RX.
  • @shaun thanks for the reply. Tomorrow i'll be home and I'll reply on this & show the RankerX combined with GSA SER Tier 2 building (Will eens thuis through PM)
  • @shaun - sounds good. I had decent results with RX when I tested it months ago but just found the learning curve annoying. Seeing results like yours are motivation to stick it out this time :)
  • "GSA SER: Tier 2 -> Article, Social Networks, Web 2.0, Wiki 
    Link ratio with tier above: 3"

    I changed it slightly;

    As for now I only started with wiki's for Tier 2. 
    These will be build with GSA SER and RankerX. 
    I considered doing this due the low amount of wiki links I was able to get with GSA SER. When using RankerX and GSA SER I am able to get at least 100 wiki links (of different domains) for every tier 1 link.

    The sentence above also showed, I'd took a different ratio (instead of 6). 
    Once all Tier 1 links has the wiki-links I'll move on to web 2.0's & the normal articles. 
    I'll keep you posted.

    Though, any advise, especially @Shaun, is more then welcome :-) 
  • @Shaun do you maybe have a good article regarding SER / linkbuilding and the anchors? :-) 
    Like... is this still up to date? 
  • shaunshaun
    TBH I don't put much weight into anchor text ratios. I just make sure exact match is not more than 5%. No idea about up to date articles most the IM blog stuff I see is just a waste of your time.

    I have a bunch of free time the next month or so as I am just waiting for pyramids to build out so I was toying with the idea of typing more content up and starting my own blog. I'm not really into the guru blog thing though.

    I was thinking more along the lines of books, TED talks, Reddit AMAs and apps I think are good for business/IMer/SEOs/entrepreneurs and then explain why I think they are worth your time. Productivity hacks, business philosophy, business/selling psychology with some IM/SEO based stuff and a SER knowledge dump thrown in. I already have like 30,000 words typed up of SER guides from the last time I had this idea but its more how to SER up for efficiency, what platforms aint worth your time and why and answering some common questions I see on the forum a lot rather than the typical build three tiers and buy from this affiliate link you usually get lol.

    The main problem is making it worth my time as I think most people who would buy SER already have it but I have been toying with a few ideas on ways to make money from the blog but on the flip side I have also been meaning to get some time in on learning basic coding and how to build custom SER engines and im leaning more towards that.
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    Thank you again for your reply @Shaun. It's totally off-topic but I'd hope you're already better. If you're not, I'd hope you're better anytime soon, especially before X-mas. 

      - My current anchor txt ratio is way, and way above the 5%. I'll look into this and adjust whenever needed. Do you have a difference in % anchor ratio between the tiers (i'd bet you do)?

    You stated: "most the IM blog stuff I see is just a waste of your time." that's why i asked you regarding the blog. I've read so many blogs, and most of them were shitty or outdated.

    Some where very helpfull though (like your comments).

    The idea regarding a TED talk is nice, mostly because the video's aint that long and still very very informative. Though, what you're going to do with your free-time is totally up to you. Glad to hear you'd still have some spare time :-P

      - "Platforms not worth the time and other builds then typical 3-tier is good." I'd be interested in this. If you already have some information regarding these two, please let me know / direct me to the good spot. As for now I am using the 3-tier link-building tactic, i'd hope that one still works. Else... I am fucked, haha.

    "The main problem is making it worth my time" --> I am afraid that will be hard... not because it aint worth it, but because (even these forums) are not that active. Of course there are enough members here, though it's a limited amount to get it profitable (by ads for example). --> To make it a slightly bit more profitable, I am able to pay you for it. 
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