Send Hard Captchas To 2nd Captcha Service.

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Evening @Sven,

In SER we have the option to skip hard to solve captchas so SER can already detect and skip them but could you add something so when SER detects them we can tell it to send them directly to another captcha service?

This would enable us to do this on a project level rather than having a bunch of projects running doing a bunch of different taskings sending captchas to CB and then having to send for example all ReCaptchas received from all captchas to the human solved captcha service wasting a bunch of credits on ReCaptcha targets that are from projects we dont need them solving for.

I have ran a few tests by essentially turning everything off in CB, enabling ReCaptcha, Solve and KCaptcha with auto send to human captcha solver and those targets do seem to have a better retention rate than the stuff CB can solve but I need my CB to work on other projects doing stuff where I dont need ReCaptcha solved.

A small thing on the end of this also, if you do add this could you add a new column in the verfied data display to let us know if a link was made in this way so we can compaire link data side by side stuff solved through CB?




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