I need help with 2 strategy without results



  • Tim89Tim89 www.expressindexer.solutions
    @Anonymous yeah it is, I do my own ranking checks.
  • @tim89 what do you consider good links? do you consider web 2s good links, where you would expect to see some improvement in 2 weeks?
  • Tim89Tim89 www.expressindexer.solutions
    @kijix84 I consider PBN links good links, web 2s will not have the power from the day you've built them to have an impact in a short space of time.
  • thanks all for help here, since 3 days ago my website from the project 1, disappear from serps

  • @Tim89 Yeah, I use that thing too. @kijix84 Scrape for Expired Web 2.0 that got good links already and there you go cheap yet powerful.
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