I need help with 2 strategy without results

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i have this 2 projects on GSA ser now

1) i build 3600 contextual links and to money site and i build 10k of links as tier 2

2) i have 10 tier 1 links PBN, tier 2 FCS networker 500 post and 3000 gsa ser contextual links and 9000 as tier 4

both have articles with seo content machine (minimum 100 or 120 articles) and i buy 1 list and other i get  targets urls scraped by myself

time of the projects 2 months

and still i dont see movements, i don't win or drop positions

anyone can give me some advice?

im using onehourindexing 

and the anchor text ratio is 177 phrases with the 4 more used are naked url and the following 3 is brand, the rest is a lot of longtail and generic keywords



  • shaunshaun https://www.youtube.com/ShaunMarrs
    Firstly, One Hour Indexing is a scam, stop your subscription and try elitelinkindexer they seem to be the only ones getting anywhere with Google right now.

    Secondly, a few questions.....

    1. Do you have access to scrapebox?
    2. Are the PBN links from your own network or did you buy them?
    3. If you bought them did you get a report?
    4. How many domains are those 3600 spread over?
    5. Inbox me your main keyword, it maybe way too hard for what you have available.
  • ok, i stop one hour indexing

    yes i have scrapebox
    The pbn links are MIX i have 5 sites and the other i buy the links i have all the urls
    2900 unique domains

    thanks for take time to help me
  • Give us an idea of the competiveness of your industry? ie/ similar to business loans or blue sexy toys for midgets with dyed green hair.

    What's your on-page like, give us a run down of what you think is good on-page.

    What are you competitors like, big brands, ebay, Amazon, ecommerce sites vs yours (what set up is yours).

    What did you use for content for all backlinks? Generated or unique, spun or very very spun.

    How are your PBNs created, Wayback or Wordpress or other - what set up for content on there? Images, videos, social accounts, real looking sites or generic blog types?

    Screenshot your Ahrefs link graph for the past 2 months.
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    online games flash is the niche 

    bounce rate is 40% 00:02:36 is the time on site 21% of returning visitors 78% from organic

    the only "big brand" is y8 dot com, the rest of websites are like me

    the content for gsa ser is from seo content machine  + Word AI

    all the PBN are wordpress with manually writed articles real sites

    example of profile in ahrefs, tellme which tab do you mean

    Anchor phrases 

    Anchor phrases Referring domains
     76 19%
     32 8%
     28 7%
     28 7%
     14 4%
     13 3%
     4 1%
    longtail 2
     4 1%
    click here
     3 1%
    longtail 3
     3 1%

    in total 172 phrases

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    AS Shaun said, drop the indexing service. I never bother with them anymore, aside from a few little tricks I use internally - I notice no difference at all with any of the services I've tested.

    As for not moving at all, that is a bit odd - Have you been monitoring other sites in the vertical? If there is little to no movement across the entire vertical, you may just have to wait for a refresh of the index.

    IE: You started your campaign awhile back, but only achieved enough traction to move up in the last 4-5 weeks. If you were on the wrong end of an index refresh, then you wont see movement for awhile.

    This seems unlikely given the time-scale though. That would be supremely bad luck.

    Again, as Shaun pointed out, you may just be duking it out in a niche that is way to competitive. What your doing might work great for long-tails or something more niche-oriented.

    But if your promoting loans, pharma, or something similar, your lucky to be showing up in the index at all :p

    The only advice I can give you besides ramping up your efforts, and maybe going into Ahrefs and copying all the links your competitors have, is to concentrate on less phrases.

    Are you using closely related phrases? If they vary drastically or each contain radically different target-keywords, that might be your problem.
  • the niche is not so competitive like the examples, is a micro niche with 135.000 searchs per month 

    and the phrases are all longtail with some really close and other diferents

  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @brainiac sent me a pm asking for comment, so here's what I think:

    In my opinion, 99% of the people who run into problems like this simply aren't using powerful enough links to get the job done. Convoluted explanations sound better, but that's the reality.

    You say you've built thousands of contextual links, but those are likely to be very low quality (i.e. not a lot of power) links, and like @shaun implies if they're all coming from the same handful of domains they are even less powerful. Here's an image from years ago that hopefully illustrates where I'm coming from: http://www.coconutheadphones.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/whatisalinkworth4.png

    I have a friend who also does online flash games websites. He's been struggling for at least the last 6 months trying to rank with SER alone. SER is a great tool, and it has a lot of uses, but for a lot of niches you're going to need to get good, juicy links from somewhere else or you'll just end up spinning your wheels.
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    redrays i understand you, but here is other example, i do this for a longtail of 5 words in spanish market, it only has 4400 search per month but is for try the method with gsa ser

    i have 18 pbn links as tier 1, (when i buy the links i rise to position 11)
    then i build 1825 as tier 2 only articles from gsa ser and i blast with scrapebox these tier 2

    and dont move nothing since them 
    2016-07-21 is the date of the contextual links with gsa ser

    in this case the site is a niche blog and i try to rank one internal post, the bouce rate is 61% and pageviews per user is 2,5 this particular article has 54% of bouce rate and 3 min on site, is article + video about how to do something 
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @brainiac - it sounds like the exact same problem, your links just aren't passing much value. In this case I would recommend building a lot more T2 links, maybe 5-10x more than what you've done so far. Read through a few threads on this forum and you'll see that contextuals are indexing very poorly, maybe 30% at best. So you probably need 300-400 indexed contextuals per pbn but have really only built 30.
  • shaunshaun https://www.youtube.com/ShaunMarrs

    "the niche is not so competitive like the examples, is a micro niche with 135.000 searchs per month" 

    I doubt there are many keywords with 135,000 searches a month that are not competative......thats why I asked for you to inbox me your keyword so I can check it. How are you working out its competativeness?

    Use scrapebox to index check your T1s to make sure they are actually indexed.

    SER links are the opposite of PBNs, PBN give an initial jump as they already have power, SER links are built and have no power and your T2/T3 increase its power over time.
  • Tim89Tim89 www.expressindexer.solutions
    Build more naked urls and branded anchors using SER and tier these up also using SER.

    Try to use only contextual sources and also uncheck all link types and only select Articles.

    Keep tiering your PBN posts.

    Set up and forget a branded + generic/naked URL campaign in SER, leave this running (multiple tiers, duplicating tiers for strength).

    Run a longtail tier 1 campaign using a decent Web 2.0 service (FCS networker / TurboWeb 2 / RankerX) tier these longtail tier 1s with SER.

    Build my PBN EMA links, build tiers to these links.

    SEO is brutal, you should always overdo things and smash your opponents rather than do things half hearted. There's a lot more you can do.

  • @shaun ;thanks a lot, i found the problem i think, only the 5% of the contextual links are indexed im using elitelinkindexer now i sent you the main keyword in PM

    and @tim89 thanks for the tips
  • shaunshaun https://www.youtube.com/ShaunMarrs
    @brainiac indexing is a nightmare these days :(. I doubt SER alone could rank that term but with the PBN it should be fine.
  • @shaun i don't have expectatives of rank only with ser, i only need a extra push, if this works i can rank a lot of longtails with gsa ser or improve my existing T1 in other projects
  • @ brainiac
    check your PBN, you might have bought duff ones or they might have been penalised.
  • i don't know if anyone else has noticed that these companies who buy all the domains as soon as they drop (you can't compete with them by the way)..., when you check their websites, they have NONE - hardly any bidders at their auctions ;-) but they seem to enjoy spoiling it for everybody...
    becareful buying PBNs, especially cheap ones;-)
  • @william88

    my pbn is indexed and without problems, if i post new articles they are indexed in less than 24-48 hs i search myself the domains 
  • shaunshaun https://www.youtube.com/ShaunMarrs
    I think by duff ones he means they have no power.
  • i understand but i really can't say the real power of each link
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    you say you are building all these links but mention nothing abut anchor/lsi/generic % and nofollow/do follow %

    you need to build your tiers back to do follow links with anchors only. gsa has settings to get this done

    you also need to be careful about exact match anchor %. ive seen rankings drop almost 'real time' when this is too high and come back to normal just as fast when brought back down to lower levels

    also 2nd shauns comment about one hour indexing. this is the worst indexing service i have tried, literally 0% over baseline

    elitelinkindexer gave me like 40% index rate which is as good as youre gonna get right now with gsa links. i should mention the increase in indexed links did not improve my rankings over any of my other projects that didnt use a 3p indexer
  • Love all the feedback everyone gives. Very helpful. 

    I am actually ranking better over the last 30 days or so. I use MS<PBN<2.0<GSA<GSA. Ranking well in 1M+ serps. But, my MS is 8 years old, and my PBN's range from 1 year old to 8 years old. Remember, there are a lot of minor metrics to G's algo that individually don't mean much, but in aggregate can make a big difference. 

    The way I view my PBN's are as my money site. No junk goes there. 

    I don't even think about indexing anything. I view my tiers as my indexing service. My view is that these SER links are dropping all the time, so indexing is a waste of resource. I just keep hammering the upper tiers and backfilling the lost links.

    That is for my own stuff.

    I just did a project for a friend who needed to rank a branded term. Site about three years old, no link profile to speak of, and serp of around 800k for keyword. Did MS<2.0<SER<SER after explaining the risks. After two weeks, site is page 6 from not even in top 100, and still moving up. So clearly, that still works. Will see and report back how well that basic strategy can push the site. Page 1 has some pretty serious competition so I would be shocked if it got anywhere close. But to get this type of movement without PBN is a confirmation that SER is a great tool because the 2.0's only have value if the tiers are working.

    I think the other comments about link quality probably are on point. I scrape with SB everyday so my targets are always fresh. Might make a difference. Not sure.

  • shaunshaun https://www.youtube.com/ShaunMarrs
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    @kijix84 just having SER links indexed wouldent improve your rankings.....they are gash links on domains with no authority, you have to power them up with links below them and have a gradual increase over time. This is the reason you saw no improvement on the site you reffered to in the other thread when you got a bunch of links indexed and say no improvement. If you want an initial boost as soon as a link is indexed then you need PBNs.

    The problem with my old method was that one was 100% SER, the other used RX and SER. With google kicking the links out of the index over the course of a week or so it doesn't matter what you build under it as its not going to pass any power.

    I have done loads of tests, I have literally lost count. Every single one showed that to get any benefit for Google SEO the link has to be indexed else it is worthless.
  • @viking - are you still building those web 2.0s with fcs networker? I bought a few 2.0<gsa<gsa packages recently on bhw and I'm pretty happy with the movement I've seen, so I'd like to scale up.
  • @redrays i used fcs a year ago as we chatted about in the past, and loaded up on accounts so I have been pulling from my inventory. yes, that is where they came from originally. i was thinking this week about re-activating my subscription as I am getting a bit low now. But I saw another thread where Sven was nearly finished with the web2.0 so I am not so sure what to do now. I tried a trial of RankerX but didn't like it at all for what I do.

    the 2.0<ser<ser strategy is a good one for low comp keywords. It needs help getting moderate or high comp keywords over the top. at least that is what I am seeing. that is why pbn's are so important. the 'missing piece' of the puzzle if you will.

    i also tried pandabot to increase my user metrics to see if that would help. mixed results there. mainly they don't have a big enough user base to make a difference.

    so you are seeing good results with 2.0<gsa<gsa? how big is the serp? how high are you getting your pages?
  • @viking - yes, seeing good results so far. The web 2s were created about a week ago, and the vendor is filling in the lower tiers over the next few weeks. Serps are moderate to high competition, few k searches per month. My site has generally moved from page 3 to middle of page 2 so far. These results have convinced me that:

    1. I should be giving this treatment to most / all of my pbns.
    2. I should be giving this treatment to most / all of my grey & blackhat sites.

    Now I just need software for it :) Serengines, if it works, would be just about perfect.
  • @redrays congrats! agreed. that is how i handle my pbn's and it works like a champ. just have to really crank the upper tier to get movement against top competition. fortunately, ser can easily handle the task. good luck.

  • @viking - thanks, and I appreciate the share of course :)
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    @shaun the problem with your theory is i passed multiple tiers through the indexer and they all got indexed at a rate of 40% collectively. so of course it makes sense i should have seen some kind of boost.  im not just sending one tier through the indexer lol. rankings didnt increase over time either

    also with the terrible index rate of most types of gsa links, if what you said was true and links had to be indexed to pass juice then GSA would barely work at all but we know thats not true either

  • Tim89Tim89 www.expressindexer.solutions
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    Links need to mature within the index before you actually see any significant SERP movement, getting the link indexed ASAP speeds up the entire ranking process because the link needs to be within the index or recorded by the SE in order to evaluate its age/maturity/importance over a period of time, this is for low quality type of links.

    Good links on the other hand, will impact your rankings within a couple of weeks from the date it was indexed.

  • @Tim89 Is that rank reporter from backlink monitor site?
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