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Email Blacklist Check



  • yes

    4Gb free from 8Gb
  • SvenSven
    The "No Buffer space available" usually points to a problem with resources (memory, network, firewall).
  • mich158mich158 Zamunda
    edited March 2015
    Hi all and Sven I have the same problem, Importing new fresh yahoo mail accounts bought from IMbandit and they get blacklisted in a day. I have the strongest VPS possible from SolidSEOVPS and 50 private proxies from buyproxies. How can I solve this?

    Edit - Some of them arte blacklisted but all of them get this message; [POP3 Login failed - SockError: No Buffer space available]

    Thank you in advance
  • SvenSven
    sorry but this doesn't seem to be a SER issue, more something on your network configuration.
  • Di Sven`what exactly means network configuration?
  • SvenSven
    Well actually Iit can be anything. Do you use a firewall or anti virus scanner? I know customers had issues with them eating up all resources due to the fact that SER runs through many sites.
  • Hi Sven

    I just updated the new version and the errors are no longer there. I hope this problem goes away now.

    Anyway, I checked and I don't have any virus scanner enabled. I am attaching a screenshot about the firewall settings for GSA and Captcha Breaker.

    Also I have one project in red how can I fix this? I have searched here in the forum about that and I have red the FAQ but didn't find any suggested solution.

    Thank you for your help :)


  • SvenSven
    a red color does not mean anything. Its a random color assigned to the project to seperate it better from others in the log.
  • ah, great. Thanks.
  • So, today Ive noticed again the same thing, all my projects where with red important messages and all said the same message as before: [POP3 Login failed - SockError: No Buffer space available]. Then i also noticed in the lower right corner an updtae available. I update and all these messages dissipated. Tested all the accounts and they work.

    Also checked if there are blacklisted only a few but ads I have 5 for each project I just deleted the blacklisted which where only 3 or 4 scattered throughout all the projects which is nothing, and that's it. So my question is, is that related to updates or something, or is something I should worry about? I am seeing now all projects are working fine but I would appreciate any feedback from Sven or anyone.

  • SvenSven
    This no buffer space available thing is usually not a SER issue at all. Hard to see where this comes from. Of course after an update youw ill not get any warning as this comes up only when running a project.
  • mich158mich158 Zamunda
    edited March 2015
    So basically I am screwed and how do I know whether my projects are running and verifying links? I know its not a GSA issue but I am getting it while I am running GSA so it must be some answer to that. Where should I look in order to solve it?
  • SvenSven
    Sorry, I really have no clue. How many threads do you use?
  • 500
  • I have my projects paused for this stupid error very desperate. Anyone have any helpful information about this?
  • SvenSven
    500 is a lot. How about using less and then the scheduler?
  • mich158mich158 Zamunda
    edited April 2015
    I have lowered the threads to 300, 2 days ago. STILL the same s*it. Starting to get pissed off. I have the best VPS package possible in solidseovps and 50 fully dedicated proxies from I dont understand...
  • SvenSven
    What about using the scheduler? Sorry but I don't see how anything I have added lately would influence things you are facing problems with.
  • gsagurugsaguru usa
    edited April 2015
    prob wrong place to post this
  • mich158mich158 Zamunda
    edited April 2015
    Just changed settings, and after 5 minutes the error messages started popping up again. This is an absolute bullยฃ&t. I have never new that NOONE in the whole GSA community wouldnt know what is this about. Thats continuing now for a month. I have lowered the threads to 300, changing emails, constantly (bought fresh yahoo account from IMbandit) and same sh*t. Here are my email settings may be somebody could help out

  • I use 900 Seconds between login.
    I uncheck Proxies
    I check Delete Messages when Verification found
    I Uncheck Delete all messages
    I Check delete Message if older than 5 days

    I have no problems.
  • @leafcrazy Selections are right-  Especially - NO PROXIES! 
  • Thanks all...I have changed the settings as you told me will report results tmr
  • After 10 min the error messages appeared again. The emails are not blacklisted and test is successeful for all of them. BUT I get the FU**N error message again and again throughout all my projects:

  • SvenSven
    Thats a error returned from yahoo pop 3 server...nothing I can do about it really.
  • @mich158 I think everyone gets those "Important Message" Errors.

    Test emails + Blacklist under selection tab and if they work there, they should be good to go.
  • @Sven

    Do you think we could get a bulk email check tool?

    Maybe with options like:

    Check Blacklisted for Selected Projects
    Check Blacklisted for Active Projects
    Check Blacklisted for All Projects
    Test Emails for Selected Projects
    Test Emails for Active Projects
    Test Emails for All Projects

  • SvenSven
    yes something like that is on my to-do list.
  • @Sven

    Awesome :) I just wanted to make sure you remembered :D

    You're the best.
  • mich158mich158 Zamunda
    edited April 2015
    leafcrazy thanks man. If anyone here can also share whether they get this error so we know that this is "normal" that would be great.

    Sven Can you pls confirm are the emails ok if they past all tests + blacklist? What are those messages for then? Are my projects running normally or not? Sorry but really frustrated with that ~X(

    I shouldn't order my nuclear scientist to be executed last year...damn

    Thank you
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