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Backlinks not indexing



  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited March 2015
    Yes I am very serios, and have resons to belive you are just a good account creator.
    Yes, you verify my indexing rate and gave me one crap conclusions. I lost 2 weeks veryfing if you are a lier or not and in final I told you that I verified all you said and you lie to me. 

    No, you spent few minutes or hours to verify 2990 links but I lost 3 days because you made some "servers upgrade"
    and delete all my queue. You are so"professional" to make upgrades to online servers and delete all my backlink's history. So you spend 3 days to find my backlinks and AFTER that few hours using SB.

    You verified with scrapebox and tell me that I have 50% indexing rate.
    I verified same links and I find 26% indexing rate.
    I asked you how come? How you get 50% and I had just 26%

    So because you sell 26% indexing rate like 50% indexing rate, you can keep 9$ from 17. The other 8$ you must returnit back.

    Yes, make this like a small thing but if you do like that with thousand of users, you are a rich man for doing NOTHING.

    26% I can index myself.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited March 2015
    Lol man, how do you get by in real life? I'm ending this discussion now, it's getting ridiculous, you're obviously a 12 year old child.

    Good bye.
  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited March 2015
    Don't lol to me, that is a cheap selling technic show people that you are argue with me on private for few $?
    You are so big SEO man and didn't gave me refund but you gave me escuses on first place cause you delete all my queue???

    No, this is to late. I will keep give small proofs that you are a HOAX.
    You did that provoking me.
  • I buy 1 million links from Tim89/Express Indexer and I never spend money where I don't need to. I have often upgraded half way through the month to buy another million links. If it stopped working, I'd cancel my subscription with EI. Simple as that. For now, and for the past 10-12 months I'm sticking with it, because it works.

    @Idontknow seriously, I think you need to look at the types of links you're building or the quality of the content if you're only getting 26% index rate. Don't blame the tools/services immediately, maybe look into your setup and see if there are problems elsewhere. EI works, that's a fact. Tim89 might be getting frustrated at you as you're calling his service bad but 99% of the other customers don't agree with you, know....maybe you're wrong this time? I don't know.... (fitting name..)
  • Tim89Tim89
    Thank you @Judderman I appreciate your feedback but be careful, he may think I paid you! :))
  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited March 2015
    JudderMan, when someone lie to you, telling that you have 50% indexed links and you verify same links and you have 26%, sorry, you can't mistake on that, just take all links and verify with SB.

    He belived that I don't have time and money to verify all he told me. I didn't have proxies and I spent 10 days to verify 2990 links. When I saw how rude is it I tried to go to paypal and ask for refund but to late, I spent to much talking to him.

    We had this talk, you and me on pm, and you told me that Tim can be sometimes unprofessional with clients...yes it is.

    Don't care about how index rate it is, for me it was 26%, maybe for you do something special, for great customers can have another service.:) , for me I don't have any proofs that he even ping my links.

    No problems, call me stupid, make laugh at me, no problems, clients will see my point and will double check his service and maybe will find funny things.

    I make so much noise for 8 $? I spent 45 days for a service wich can't be more that a crawling service, but I belive is not even a crawling service.
  • Maybe saying unprofessional was a bit harsh, but that's because I don't talk to my potential clients the way Tim89 does 'occasionally' on here. Sorry mate, but it's a fact. I also said he had an odd sense of humour, one that only other English people would get, which I suppose when readying on this forum doesn't come across if you're not a Brit.

    Saying that, I deliberately don't use forums to sell my services to people as I have a 'mouth' on me and I tend to not hold back on my opinions :)

    So anyway, I'm bored of seeing this about EI as I get much higher indexing rate than 26% or I wouldn't use it. 

    Seeing as other people in this thread are struggling, maybe Google just doesn't index some links nowadays? I don't know, but people are struggling and need to find out the answer for themselves. I can get my links indexed and having a boost from EI helps, in my opinion. 


  • and the original topics was "Backlinks not indexing" :(
  • Tim89Tim89
    No need to apologise mate, I have a mouth on me too :((
  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited March 2015
    @JudderMan, I hardly write good english, I spent time to find good words, for me is very opseting loosing time with that argue but...I don't respond very nice to attacks.

    @Adrian Yes, Tim selling services and he must promote his services anytime he can.
    I told you my results, my experience, and he attack me, what can I do?

    Take his services for one month and verify, don't belive me, but be aweare he don't give any refund even his server not working one week. Maybe you are lucky, seo world pretend good money for lucky services. :)

    Another solutions, wich I receive from respected users around here is "instant link indexing" but here results is 0 with that you are like me, don't know seo and after you buy services they will tell you make good content...if article builder is not good, wordai is not good...please pay 5$/article and will have good index rate.

  • @Adrian haha yes, love this thread :D
  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited March 2015
    Well, tell me guys, what kind of links are you bulding, what engine? I belive you build articles and wikis...ok
    Take all backlinks you created and trim to root. Delete duplicate domains. Take all domains and verify if are indexed on google with scrapebox. Buy public proxies, 2k/day and verify. If you do that with private proxies all IPs will be blocked by google after 100 verified domains. If you have many deindexed domains don't buy that list anymore.

  • I build all T1 manually and then I use many different software to build my T2 - 5.

    This low indexing success problem started this January and it seems it takes longer and longer to index new links.

  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited March 2015
    Also bookmarks and blog comments?
    Wait a moment, how you tell that are not indexed? You verify with ahrefs or with scrapebox?
    Ahrefs show you maybe 1/10 of indexed links or less and that is after months. If I build 13k backlikns today I will have on ahrefs 40 today, if I stop building, ahrefs will keep find links months and maybe years. Ahrefs is not for verify indexing rate you can use for something else.
  • I use these software to monitor backlinks.

    monitorbacklinks (dot) com
    Open Site Explorer

  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited March 2015
    Best tool is scrapebox for indexing rate but you need many proxies for that.
    Verify by engine, you can't verify millions of links, for 2990 I spent 10 days till I bought public proxies for that(with 10 private proxies I can verify max 200/day).

    You told that you have 3 millions bl and 1-2% not possible that you don't see that on ahrefs but can't be so low. For article you have 10% not using any indexing services and for bookmarks and comments maybe 50-60% (you must wait 15-20 days).
    I belive you have more then half dead maybe 2/3 after 2 months, many on deindexed domains...but from live and indexed domains you must have what I told you 10-60%.
  • My first index service was EI, and in that time I used ahrefs to check if my links are getting indexed. And they were.
    But because I was on a budget I stopped it, and just move on with SEO Indexer. I'm pretty sure it's getting the job done if it coms to indexing. And he gave me also a great discount. SO all I can say is he's a good guy, and yes with a 'odd sense of humour' :P
    Here is a screenshot that was created for Link processor bad link indexing. Different Index Service = EI
  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited March 2015
    I don't know May 2014, I used EI on 9jan-4feb (he cut 5 days from my service because of one "upgrade") so...can't compare May 2014 with Jan 2015.
    I belive you and think you are onest, but I don't think is very scientific your review. Cause is a bad or good guy I don't know, I belive I am older than him with 14 years  and I have different life experience.
    I can compare his service with instant link indexer or one hour indexing, not with GSA SEO indexer and with a crawling services like Link processor(10 times cheaper), cause EI is much expensive.
    If he want a good and fair services he can give refunds or 5 days free, but because his age is just rude(maybe he think that is cool). I used his services just for testing, 5 days, rest of links were unimportant for me. I can't verify his service on 30 days...maybe you have money to spend , I didn't use gsa for money site is just to test google I didn't earn 1 $ with those seo tools because gsa ser is the best tool for testing google.

  • I don't know this Tim guy. I do know the service EI and the results are as good as the links you put in.
    One try in a very cluster-f-ish situation probably shouldn't taint you too much. Things are constantly changing, and it's safe to say everyone here is trying to do the best they can under whatever circumstances they find themselves.

    This business is always long haul oriented, flash in the pan is rare indeed in 2015. Learning from each others experiences is important. Rants don't help much.

    I use several services and software to index depending on the purpose, and looking over the EI data, it is good overall, above average compared to the other ways in which I index links. 

    My favorite part is the rollover of paid links. If I buy a million a month and take a few weeks off with EI I have that million in the bank for next month. Intuition dictates if anyone was trying to rip anyone off it would reset every billing day, which is not the case.

    โ€œYou can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you canโ€™t please all of the people all of the timeโ€
    - John Lydgate
  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited March 2015
    This is one ahrefs report form one new site. I use my own indexing method and after argue from yesterday i was more aggresive.
    Those are just contextual links and google still index articles.
    Just WAC articles, basic WAC not premium, built from 19 to 21 march.
  • Idontknow Why are you using ahrefs to check if your links are indexed?
  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited March 2015
    No, i am not using ahrefs for that, is just one sample for those who tell that on 2015 ahrefs don't show many index results. Indexing rate, like I told before, you check with SB and lot of proxies.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited March 2015
    I can do that to!


    As you can see, no wasted resources, no extra indexing techniques, just EI.

    What's your point here? Ahrefs does not indicate true figures, let alone googles indexed links.
  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited March 2015
    Yes, I am not sell anything, but you just sell something you learned from that forum :)
    You make footprints like hell and I don't have any :)
    I belive you are to young to understand what I am telling you. Is not for you my post, for me you are 0 :)
    Go play with your remote car received on your birthday.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited March 2015
    What forum? Yes I have my own custom footprints which I have made myself, what's your point?

    I really don't understand why you are wasting so much time here just posting things that doesn't make sense, if it's really for the $8 as you requested, I'll PayPal you $8 just to stop you from continuing this nonsense, but I highly doubt the $8 you need will keep you from this everlasting trolling.

    I like troll.
  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited March 2015
    If I can tell you your birthday how can keep google away from your clients?
    For SEO you must have some ethics but you are to young to know that. Your clients must feel protected with your services...
    Is not wise to tell people that they think like a 12 years old child after stole money from them.

    Now is to late for 8 $, my time have more value then yours and you take me much time with your lies.

    Make some public apologies and tell to everyone cause you deleted my all queue and when I asked on first place refund you told me that is not big thing that I must wait 2 days just to find my queue...learn something young boy. Respect clients.
    Or give all 3 days for trials, or give them refund...choose one of those and will never hear of me anymore IF you don't attack me again, of course.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Ok mate, you got me, I'm 12 years old... quit already.
  • Same Tim, keep your fantastic attitude!
    Great Tim!
  • IdontknowIdontknow Romania
    edited March 2015
    For you Tim :)

    And for others, I will tell you the truth, ahrfes show sometimes 10X less new links then 2014...and big loosing links. I let you discover strategy is working but have many holes wich can help :)

    Tim just promote himself don't show nothing to help, just half of truth...just seller.
  • I'll give you the $8 

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