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LPM very veyr high and VPM almost 0

Hi all,

I have observed that after few latest updates GSA SER is showing very good LPM and very very bad VPM. The submissions count is in 100k while VPM is hardly 100. I think the counter is not working good with GSA SER.
Did anyone notice this?

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  • mrlinksmrlinks UK
    Accepted Answer
    I think same as mine
  • Accepted Answer
    When do you verify your links? Automatically/every day/never? VPM means nothing really unless you run Active V and have built up enough submissions, and even the VPM just kinda shows how well/fast your proxies are running, VPS/dedi, settings etc.
  • mrlinksmrlinks UK
    Accepted Answer
    Daily for me.

    Sven might aswell remove all the stats haha

    Its like the old days of that PR Green bar Google scammed everyone with :D
  • Accepted Answer
    For me the same like now i have Submited 6650 and Verified 440... But in the projects the all submited links is only maximu 1000 if counted together... So the links are dissapearing somewhere or there is a bug in counter
  • Accepted Answer
    Not the case with me:
    Started it few hours ago.. btw, this is not a verified list. I have just imported a batch of scraped links into GSA
  • magicallymagically
    Accepted Answer
    Well, if that is redirects, url shortner will be able to raise it like that..
    However, try go for quality then - and you will see what is going on;)
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    Accepted Answer
    Are you all running scraped lists?

    Do you have many filters for links? min PR etc.
  • Accepted Answer
    My numbers are also very low. I have a feeling though it might have something to do with emails.

    I exported emails from 10 projects today and noticed the SER has some weird numbers and symbols for the passwords. I entered the email information by hand, so it was entered correctly.

    I also did email checks to see if they were working, and SER told me there was an auth. error. 

    Now, if the emails passwords are getting messed up with SER that would explain why we are able to sign up to sites, but SER can't do eamil verification's to create/leave links.
  • magicallymagically
    edited December 2014 Accepted Answer

    What an arrogant and lame comment - "nothing more than 'Training needs' or 'user error'."

    We all know for a fact that this Red Verified List is not made only by the use of CB!
    That is simply not possible - hence we know you are full of shit.

    Looking at the stats on those lists, clearly shows a huge amount of low quality links, such as redirects, url shortners etc...and very few forum/article links!

    What's your point other than kissing ass?

    We have several users of GSA Ser, all having problems with low verified links - That is a fact!
    Surely we could all make a list like GSA Red List, filled with tons of junk - even I could make such a list with the 'current so-called issues'

    I really don't get the idea behind attacking other users, that are looking for answers and not insulting and rude comments - which you obviouly love making.
  • magicallymagically
    Accepted Answer

    You are most welcome;)

    I totally agree here - We are indeed trying to solve issues some of us are facing.
    No need to have arrogant professional users jumping all over us. If they are fine with their setup and their results, great for them.

    However, the rest of us - We are entitled to ask questions, which is the purpose with a forum.

    I request a new section for all the Pro's - where they can 'Brag' and kiss ass.

    We need this forum to help each other out - not to brag and insult legitime questions.
  • ronron
    edited December 2014 Accepted Answer
    @everyone - Let's stop the nonsense.

    Anyone here who understands the business of scraping, posting to targets, verified/submitted ratios, etc.,  - we all know that there is a much bigger problem here. And it isn't anyone's lists.

    Over the last 2.5 years all the people here have spammed the living snot out of every single engine and platform. And more and more websites are moving to recaptcha, as in real fast.

    When it became evident that the OCR guys were having a hard time solving the new recaptchas, it made no sense to head into a business solution on lists using OCR - most members here were not going to spend that extra money. We ditched OCR lists to help people save money, and save ourselves a ton of money as well.

    If you actually scrape for your own targets, then you already realize the business of scraping has gotten very, very difficult. On our end we scrape, and we process all targets from the scrape using only SER + CB. Period. It either passes CB or it doesn't. If there are recaptchas present, it is almost without a doubt yet another engine switching to recaptcha after the list was processed. In other cases, CB actually processed the recaptcha and solved it after 3 attempts.

    One of the ironies in all of this is how poorly all lists are performing on the second run, meaning whether you create your own list, you buy a list, or any other solution, there is definitely a huge problem with verification. We took everybody's lists, ran them through SER+CB, and the verification on everybody was less than 10%. That is all I will say on this...there is an issue with verification - and I have no idea why.

    I was one of the first people on this forum. And I have done everything in my power to help other vendors succeed (including other list competitors!) as I really believe in competition - it is better for everyone. It has always been my position to help people here. Between my team and I, we have helped thousands on this forum. But I will not engage in trying to bad mouth other list providers or other vendors to grab a few measly sales. It is beneath me. It violates my own principles.

    One of the reasons I absolutely refuse to participate in other forums (especially Warrior Forum) is because of the high level of negativity. Someone says something, or asks a question, and then a flame war begins. It's like high school with a bunch of girls - it makes me want to gag.

    The reason I always loved this forum is because it was a bunch of geeky dudes and dudettes trying to use a fairly complex piece of software - and we are all trying to learn it, and make money with it. We all have the same mission here. But recently (in the past several months), it has gotten a little nasty here. Really a shame. It was never like that.

    I am as honest as the day is long. I 100% stand behind our lists, and I (and the team) use them exclusively. We got into the list business because we really needed good targets. So we had to create these lists for us to succeed in ranking. And I am thankful every day that we got into making our own lists. I always questioned the wisdom of sharing our lists (i.e., selling them to anyone else). We do our best. I will leave it at that.

    One of the most insightful comments I read on this forum happened several months back. A veteran here (who I will not name as I do not want to drag him into this) said something to the effect: "I build my own lists, and I cannot figure out for the life of me why I can scrape and build 100,000 new targets today, and tomorrow I can only post to less than 50% of them." That was about 3-4 months ago.

    There is an issue here. And we have to get past the finger-pointing. The most constructive thing you can do is help Sven figure it out. We would do it ourselves as we have helped in the past, but we are totally swamped. I would personally appreciate if the people who are complaining about the verification issue would step up and try to help Sven. I know something is not working right, but I (and my team) cannot figure it out. I would be delighted if some people would step up and try to help Sven out with this one.

    With all that said, we are all on the same team here, and I wish all my 10,000 teammates here the best, including a Merry Christmas for those that celebrate.  

    All the best,


  • magicallymagically
    Accepted Answer

    Thank you for making this reply, and it's highly appreciated that you have come to the same conclusion as many of us 'amateurs' have.

    If @Sven would please tell if we should initiate some kind of fundraising to get some external help to update the engines - or simply suggest how to approach topic, we are in business.
  • ronron
    Accepted Answer
    @magically, this may be just an exercise in logic, but this is where my latest theory is at...

    Let's say you create 100 brand new links (or at least according to SER you do). But then you try to post to those 100 links the next day, and you can only make 10 links - just as an example.

    That means only one of two possibilities:

    1) You really didn't create 100 links on the first run. Maybe you only created 10 real links, and you got 90 false positives.


    2) You really did create 100 valid links, but something is preventing the software from making the remaining 90 valid links.

    I honestly believe that problem is one of these two issues (or maybe both).

    Without getting into debugging (which is not what I was getting at above) is to have a simple dataset of already-created links, and then rerun them, and compare results. You might have to verify the link exists individually (or maybe in Scrapebox), but that would be my first approach in trying to solve this problem.

    I think anyone can try to figure this out without getting too technical. Even Sven could create links on a dummy project and see if there is something to this theory.

    I do know for a fact that people are throwing up recaptcha at an alarming rate, so a buildable link today may not be a buildable link tomorrow. However, my gut is that the true problem may lie in what I said a couple of paragraphs earlier.

  • magicallymagically
    Accepted Answer
    I have to agree with you here on most of your observations.

    1. I think that some of the engines are broken (Forums)
    2. There are still problems with emails (no matter what type is used)
    3. Overrun, meaning that a some points GSA Ser tends to forget to verify, before attempt to log in
    3. Wrong username and passwords during log in (relatated to nr. 3)

    Optionally one could run SBLinkChecker or SickLinkChecker to confirm that the links actually do exists.
    Actually, I will recheck everything - i.e. get a second opinion from another tool.

    I have just noticed a lot of failures on specific engines, and there seems to be a pattern:
    - Missing verification + Wrong forms + Wrong username/Password
  • ronron
    Accepted Answer
    ^^You got it.
  • edited December 2014 Accepted Answer
    Not sure if this is a bug or not but just throwing this out there.  but this is how i went from .5 VPM to 45 VPM

    I was getting about .5 VPM with the last ser list on fresh import.  I knew something was wrong when my cpu was only at 1-10% 

    As soon as I "Unchecked" the "Automatically decrease threads on a cpu usage above ,,,, and memory usage my list were building links like normal (fast)  

    So if you have the "Automatically decrease threads..." setting set you might want to uncheck it if your getting low VPM..  Maybe this will help someone..

  • Accepted Answer
    Wow, Ron is back! :D
    Let's do a party to celebrate it!

    It can be just a coincidence maybe, but I remember one day (around the end of november) when the verifications were going down, and Trevor Bandura was analizing everything and sending to Sven all the results of his analysis. So, 2 days later... BANG! The verifications (for me and other people here) were the triple from a day to other! I remember I was using Ser 9.26. I couldn't believe on the numbers I was reading on my stats!!
    But this success lasted only two days, and the day 3 the verifications crashed again, worst than before.

    It doesn't change nothing installing some past Ser versions (tried it), something is changed around november-december, who knows if on Ser or if on all the world's websites...


    Peace and Love for all on the forum, please guys don't be rude here with your words, everyone can be right or wrong, but it's not so funny read irate messages (doesn't matter who is right or wrong).

    Also, it's almost Christmas and everyone must be good, that's the tradition. :D

    Merry Xmas!
  • ronron
    edited December 2014 Accepted Answer
    Hey @peterperseo - Yeah, I have been really busy. Yes, it is Christmastime, which means that everybody is spending money on the internet. The fourth quarter (and first quarter as well) is when I do my heavy lifting, so I have literally been working my butt off, making websites, making lots of links and everything else.

    The old trick was to use an old ser version, but as we found out, the more recent updates change things in other parts of the ser database, so you can't truly roll back if you have updated.
  • ronron
    Accepted Answer
    @thirteen13 - I would honestly do what I suggested earlier. I think the first step is to take a set number of verified links (not too many or it gets too cumbersome), validate that your links are really there, and then re-run that set of links in a separate project. Just attempt to isolate where the problem is (the platform/engine, etc.). At that point you have some real data you can point to, and share. Unfortunately a video just shows that there is an issue, but it really doesn't shed any light on the actual culprits.
  • Accepted Answer
    I am looking for version 9.27. Can somebody do me a big favor and send me a link to download it? Thanks.


  • @JudderMan I have verification kept on auto mode. I hope Sven can look into it.
  • @makefree I agree to you. There is some bug definitely.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited December 2014
    I'm getting the same submitted / verified ratio as @umerjutt00 and I only build contextuals.

    Admittedly a [roughly] 40% ratio isn't that great, but still not the end of the world...


    Although I do admitt that SER isn't performing as well as it has done at certain points in the past, most of these so called 'issues' (probably 95%) are nothing more than 'Training needs', 'user error', or incorrect settings.

  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited December 2014

  • I am getting these stats since many days. If there is email accounts issue then GSA would not do these many submissions. I am not using any proxies at the moment to make sure that the proxies are not causing this problem. I am using only contextual engines. I am facing this:
    a. on 5 different installs of GSA all on different VPS.
    b. all having different site lists including list from "".

    @2Take2 We are not discussing "End Of World" things but trying to solve problem that few of us are facing. You might be BEST PROFESSIONAL USER OF GSA but that doesn't mean you can write anything. Please don't be rude.

    @magically Thanks Buddy.

  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited December 2014
    thirteen13 - My previous comments weren't actually directed towards you - If it came across that way then I apologise, but that wasn't how it was meant. :)

    I was referring to the people who've only been using SER for 5 minutes yet keep banging on about how it's somehow broken, when they probably never knew how to use it properly in the first place (or even scrape for that matter).

    I wasn't trying to claim to be 'this' or 'that', I was just trying to show that you can actually still build lots of contextual URLs with SER (and CB), it's just that because some people don't know how to do it, they (wrongly) assume that it's not possible.

    Anyway, I'm not saying that this will definitely solve your problem, as it's not clear what your problem actually is from the information given, but normally when SER starts performing poorly it can be rectified by doing some (or all) of the following;

    Clean your list - move your whole verified list into 'identified', import from sitelist and run it through a test project(s) to clean it. De-dupe it after and import it from sitelist directly into the project(s).

    Duplicate your projects - swap out the emails, delete all of the submitted and verified urls, clear the target url cache, then delete the target url history and accounts. For some reason, when you keep feeding urls into the same old projects, they will grow to a certain size, and then for no apparent reason will start to lose performance. Kind of like diminishing returns.

    If that doesn't work then the last resort is to back up everything and move to a new server. Me and a lot of the longer term users I know like to switch servers periodically, as sometimes these performance problems are (or at least seem to be) install dependent.  Also, I saw someone mention a 'hard reboot' of the server (or something?) the other day, which I've not actually ever tried, but sounds like it should also work.

    The amount of times I've had one server running fine, and the next one just doesn't for whatever reason. This also makes it a nightmare for us to troubleshoot (and pass Sven reliable data to work with), and believe me when I say we've spent 100s of hours digging into SER in the past.

  • magicallymagically
    edited December 2014

    "I was referring to the people who've only been using SER for 5 minutes yet keep banging on about how it's somehow broken, when they probably never knew how to use it properly in the first place (or even scrape for that matter)."

    You are really highly delusional - no doubt about it.

    Thanks for the other provided tips - Guess somewhere in your poor soul, we were able to touch you in order to loosen up.

    Well 2take2! - Any time you need some psychological assistance, I'm right here for ya.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited December 2014
    Merry Christmas Lol.
  • ronron
    ROFL. I pity anyone that becomes a vendor on any IM forum. It was 100X easier just being a user.

    There really is a problem with verification the past few months. I stand by my statements.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Indeed, ROFL sums it up quite nicely. :)
  • edited December 2014
    @ron Thanks for your comments. I have sent a video to Sven about this issue that showed lots of submissions and almost zero verification. He was not able to help me saying I can't do anything with this little information. What else does he need? As you said, he can run a dummy project and check the issue then we all can get our problem solved. And yes the site list are very good with all of us who are using GSA since last 2 years because by now we all have been through various issues like low LPM, VPS issues, proxy issues, list cleanup issues, etc and we know how to deal with these problems. I am facing this problem for the first time and have tried everything and then ask for help on this forum.
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