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Thousands of Backlinks PER DAY

Hey folks ;-)

Different peoples do about thousands of backlinks per day ...(fiverr gigs etc..)

I have two questions: 
1) Your urls for this is not Google bans? 
2) How are you doing so many backlinks a day? 

I now watch GSA tutorials video, create for the "test project". I choose articles, web 2.0, blog comments, indexer. 
It took 20 minutes - here's what happened...


Proxy i choose in program. Options ->Add proxy -> Find online

Is this normal?
Or urls  so low  of the fact that it is necessary to private proxy?

What could be wrong? Prompt novice. 

Thanks you!!!


  • 1.) If you go overboard with linkbuilding (push it too hard and too fast) you will get a penalty - otherwise everyone and their mother would do seo (which they do anyway)
    2.) Private proxies are a good investment, they will help you to do things faster and more efficient.
    3.) if you learn how to handle the program you can do 10k-50k links a day, if you really need to maybe more.
  • Thanks for your answer.
    I understand ... you can not do, 100 links per day as Google will ban the site. 

    Main need somewhere to find links you can register and post. Right?
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    It really depends on the site, how old it is and how long you want it to live
    Sorry, care to rephrase the second statement - i didn't understand it.
  • I'm sorry @Ferryman I bad speak on English. 

    I mean this ... 

    It is best way to configure the GSA program to 10 backlinks per day only from sites with high PR. 
    And do it within 2 months. Am I right or not?
  • No, as it would be quite unnatural for a site to only have high PR backlinks - it makes no sense.
  • AlexP

    Have a look at this post from Ron and the other guru's on this site, take time to read and digest the information.

    SER is a very powerful beast, You have to use it carefully in the beginning to understand all the features, before trying to build links to your site, run a test campaign on a free blog to see how it all fits together and then once you understand it, you can start using in on your money site.

    SER is only a program, you also have to understand SEO and how it all works to get the best out of SER.

    Here are more resources for you to read.

  • @Thunderman

    I am very grateful for your help, thank you!
  • Hey @Thunderman

    Thanks a lot for your answer on forum!

    Can you help me?

    I now set up my first campaign in the GSA.

    I create about 20 website on the web 2.0 (wix, weebly, wordpress, blogspot etc) Prescribed everywhere on them a link to my money site.

    Now i must do backlinks to sites WEB 2.0

    Tell me please ... 

    1) How better to do it ... At each site WEB 2.0 to do a new project or to make one project and all spin references WEB 2.0?

    If they have to spin how best to do this?

    "Add URL and anchor text" on each link (20) or make a spin?

    Thank you!!!!

  • Tim89Tim89
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    It is not the speed of the links being built, it's the speed they get indexed, if you are in control of this you can hop scotch along the yellow brick road all the way to rank 1 within a 12 week period everytime.

    Know your SEO! Gosh we're all meant to be SEO's here, this is our profession, how can you not know this stuff already? How do most of you tell your clients how long it will take to rank them?

    "Err, if you sign up with my SEO agency, it'll take 6 months+ to rank you sir" 

    You need to find a strategy, nail that strategy to a T and then test your strategy under time frames, this all makes your SEO more efficient, you'll be able to KNOW how long it would take you on a rough time scale it would take to rank for given keywords.

    But going back to this topic, it's not the velocity of the link building, it's the velocity of the links becoming indexed, bare in mind that if you are tier link building, more links will become indexed sooner, but the way I would do it is simple, build out your tier 1's, set that on a drip for indexing, then wait, build out your tier 2, etc etc, rinse and repeat.
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    Hi AlexP

    You have to make sure that the content on your web2.0 is of a very good quality, this tier is known as tier1. I use a combination of Articles from Iwriter and Article Builder.

    For Tier 2 - The level you are now you will need the following

    Email Accounts, I use about 30 Email accounts per project, More emails mean more accounts created and more accounts created means more links posted.

    Articles: You can either spin them yourself, if you don't know how to, watch this video its long but it explains spinning in detail.

    I use Kontent Machine 3, I bought the lifetime license and I created my articles using it, its very good.
    There are other content providers out there but for tier 2 and above KM delivers all the time.

    In answer to question 1, I would do the following:

    I would create one project in SER for creating back links to all your Web 2.0 (wix, weebly, wordpress, blogspot etc).

    I would then add all the address for the Web 2.0 (wix, weebly, wordpress, blogspot etc). to post to.

    I would select "10 Submissions per Day" and make sure you check "per URL". This will create 10 submissions a day to each Web 2.0 site. You can increase the submissions over weeks to ramp up the link building process.

    I would build contextual links to the money sites, so the links are in the article body. I make sure that the hyper link reads as part of the sentence, like this example "The Dog jumped over the fence" and NOT like this "It Dog is a wonderful summers day". 

    I use KM to weave all my keywords into my article body, you can do the same thing in SER if you are writing your own articles, Just make sure you use your keywords, branding keywords and generic keywords to make sure your anchor text is spread so that Google doesn't pick up on your link building. 

    You can add the branding keywords and generic keywords from within the Article Manager tab in SER.

    This is the way I do it, other people might have a different suggestions or opinions.

    Take your time test everything, the key is to play with SER until you understand all the functions and how it all fits together. I am still learning myself and I am not anywhere near an expert yet.
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