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  • I've signed up for a trial account... some keywords are exact... some keywords tell me "Not in top 500" even if the domain is ranking for those keywords.

    Any thoughts?
  • Can you tell me what domain / keyword
  • Also please make sure you do a incognito search, and use a IP for the country within you are searching.

  • Thanks, @xbyte for building the SerpFox import functionality. Truly exceptional service!
  • Your are welcome @lightning, anything for our clients.
  • edited August 2022
    Check out how fast you can get started tracking your keywords with
    //video removed from vidome sorry//

  • @xbyte - Sorry, I keep all my domains/keywords top secret.

    I just renewed with SerpBook... but if I'll subscribe to your service... I want to be sure that I have the same functions plus a lot more.

    SerpBook it's awesome... and from what I've tried your service is more awesome... but need to get used to it.
  • Hey  @kinglouie
    You have the same functions, plus alot more.
    AccuRanker is so fast, it's ridiculous.
    I'll be happy to give you a private tour - you can add me to skype. 
  • @xbyte - What's your Skype ID?

  • byte-x
  • We have just added detailed graphs for each keyword for our public report feature.

    You can click the graph icon, and see the history for each keyword. Your clients will love getting a report like this.
  • It just gets better :)
  • @JudderMan Glad that you like it :)
  • Really enjoying this service. I am very impressed with the regualr improvements.
  • @samx,  I'm happy that you are pleased with your AccuRanker subscription :)
  • This is the best rank tracking service I ever used so far!. The gui and the functionality are fantastic! They improved it a lot lately. I'm on trial now and I'm really very impressed so far.

    I have one feature request. Can you add ( copy checked keywords to clipboard ) button ?
  • mamadou I'm happy to hear that you like our service.
    The feature you are asking for we can add np. 
    I will see if we can add it in this week.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston

    lets say you have 30 keywords you want to track and i built 2 money sites both going after the same keywords

    Can i add 2 url's into one project and only be charged for 30 kw's?:)

    Just curious
  • @xbyte

    Thanks. Also I had this one feature in serpbook that I miss in your service. Can you add ( in top 20 & in top 30 ) in all your reports ? PDF & public reports. This will help us to calm down hasty customers. They get happy when they see how many keywords are in page 2 / 3 and they know that these keywords have big potential to get into page 1 soon.

  • @steelbone - You could add the extra domain as a competitor domain, but then you willl only see the ranks for that 2nd keyword, nothing more.

  • @mamadou - Yes this is something we are working on as well, along with a better dashboard.
    It will be ready within a month proberbly.
  • Hi I am just trialing your software. Does it take time for the searches to show up. It is only showing 12 search volumes out of the 150 keywords so far. 

    Also what is the potential column and how does it work. I could not find anything on your website about it.

  • @micb11 - We are working on the SearchVolume scraper, minor updates which will make it faster.
    You should see your resulsts very soon.
  • @micb11
    The potential column will tell you which of your keywords you should be focusing on the most which can give you the most traffic.
    It uses numbers from both analytics and Webmaster tools along with special numbers from AccuRankers algorithm.

    Hope this answers your question. 
  • @xbyte

    Really liking the software. I have tried quite a few trackers in the past. I would be nice to have a delete query. When you add the keywords that you are trying to rank for and also the keywords imported from webmaster tools you can soon reach a large volume of keywords. 

    It would be nice to import them all (even if it takes you over your quota for a limited time) and then be able to run a delete query if search volume was below a certain number. 

    I presume that the average rank graph would have custom date fields. So if I had 12 months worth of data I would be able to see that in a graph.
  • Hi @micb11
    Yes you will be able to see historical data in the graph as time passes by.

    For Webmaster tools we do have a import all keyword, but as you say, if the number of keywords exceeds the number of keywords in your plan, then it wont let you imort it. I will have to see if this is something we can make possible. 
    But AccuRanker offers great packages for high-volume keywords.

    When you have imported your keywords, its easy to delete the ones you dont want. You can sort/search etc, and then mark all those found, and with one-click delete all those.

  • @mamdou - We have now added the copy to clipboard feature.
  • @micb11 @xbyte

    I found that pressing the * star button on new keywords makes the search volume pop up. Not sure why or care, but it works :)
  • Hi @judderman
    That's odd, i think you've been very lucky.
    Its not that our system starts chekcing when you choose to star a keyword ;)
    We have listeners on all values for a keyword, so as soon as they changes it will update on the site.
    I think you've been very lucky just to have hit the star the second it updated.

    But im happy that you are enjoying AccuRanker :)

  • Hi
    Just wanted to let you all know that we've added Social integration,
    You will be able to see your social reach on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+
    Check it out today - it's awesome :)

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