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  • Hi @xbyte, a question please.
    Is Accuranker showing, in the "visitors" column, also the KWs that on GA are hidden ("not provided" or "not set")?
  • @peterperseo the Visitors column show calculated visits from google for that keyword for the last 30 days. We use the landingpage organic traffic from GA combined with GWT data to calculate those numbers. It's almost like "not provided" never happened :)
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    Really???  :-O :-O  :-O  8-|
    That's absolutely great!
  • @peterperseo yup :) We use the info we have to calculate the numbers, so the more keywords you import from GWT the more accurate those numbers will be.
  • Sorry, I have anther question please... I didn't find the answers on your online guides.
    About the columns "Change" and "Visitors", the numbers that are shown are for last 1 day or what?
  • @peterperseo It's for the last 30 days.
  • We have now launched our affiliate program, if you are interested in promoting AccuRanker, sent me a PM, and i will get back to you with more details.
  • Just to say I've switched over to AccuRanker now from SerpBuddy as my current rankings with SB haven't been updated since the 6/3. Been using AccuRanker since you joined here last week and overall the results are very very good. 

    It would be cool to get into each project faster ie. not have to click on domain then keywords. I have many domains in my account and going through checking each one is a little laborious. I'm sure I saw earlier that things might change to make this a little quicker, but other than that everything is superior to all other rank trackers I've used. The only problem I see for you guys is there is a very similar-named service that is absolutely terrible, which I've used and got a refund almost instantly as it was just so poor.
  • Hi @JudderMan We are very excited to have you onboard :) If you click D you will drop down the domain list at the top, here you can quickly go to any of your domains. If you want to change the standard view, you can click the wrench icon on the right, then you can change it to either show overview, keywords, competitors. yes it sucks that AccuRanker's name is similar to the bad service found at AccurankTracker. But its too completely different products, AccuRanker is a cloudbased service. Ofcourse we might change if this confuses too many people.
  • We have now added Groups to all plans.
    This will make it easy to organize all your domains for individual clients.

    Also you can create organizations, and assign a Group to a Organization.
    You are now able to invite your co-workers to a specific organization, they will only see those domains added to those specific Groups assigned to the specific organization.

    Feel free to ask any questions.

  • Any discount avaliable?
  • @xbyte well you got my money. I really like this service :)

    Maybe already asked, but is there some way to view keyword by tag? So if I tagged KWs from different domains with the same tag I could see them on the same page?
  • @D_S I've sent you  a PM
  • @Samx We are currently working on this along other cool features. 
    We will post here once the new stuff is ready.

    Thanks for supporting us :)
  • Today is a very exciting day for us.
    We are happy to announce that we have added the following to AccuRanker
    1. Search volume is now available
    2. You are now able to pay with Paypal
    3. We have added new plans to fit everyones needs, starting at only $4.95
    You can view all our plans here -

    We are so happy about this, that we are offering a 25% discount for new customers, just write in here for a coupon, and we will PM it to you guys.
  • Would love a coupon please. Cheers :)
  • @bangkoklad PM has been sent
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    is it lifetime discount or 1st month only?
  • It's for the first month.
  • coudn you send me the coupon for me too ?
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    @xbyte It's great news but can you guys add the search volume to this section too? /domains/keywords/user

    And please, add a bulk import cause it's really a pain in the butt to add each url with keywords as I use Youtube videos a lot.
  • @xbyte Very nice. I also like the improved dashboard you added a few days/week back.
  • @antonyalston PM has been sent.

    @system0102 So you want a sum from all keywords in those different views ?
    And yes, we will be looking into adding a bulk-importer feature

    @Samx Thanks, happy that you like it. We will be doing new graphs very soon as well.

  • edited April 2014
    @xbyte I mean to add that search volume column to the keywords summary page with rankings. I use that tab the most and would like to have everything in one place.

    Another suggestion: Add a button to update rankings for all keywords in the keywords summary tab.

    You guys are on a right track. Keep it going :)

  • @system0102 Ah yes, that will be added

    The button to update all rankings will not be added for now. Many clients have over 100.000 keywords.
    Perhaps in time when we have bigger/better servers we can add it.
    So for now you have to go to the specific domain where you can select update all keywords.

  • @system0102 Search volume column has been added to Domains -> Keywords.

  • @xbyte @chripede Awesome! Thanks a lot!

    I can live without that button to update all rankings :) 

    Will be waiting for the bulk importer.

    Good job guys! 
  • PM coupon code please... leaving serpbook (as many other have also). Thanks
  • pm has been sent to all those who requsted it.
  • Great service and support. Highly recommended !
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