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★★★ Track up to 20.000 keywords within minutes with AccuRanker ★★★



  • @mexiken you can do it from the same project. Just add each of the keyword seperately. One with the location set and one with a blank location
  • thanks chripede! that was easy and (again), exactly what I was looking for. 
  • ronron

    This gets a big +1 in my book. My jaw dropped when this application buzzed through keywords and was finding rankings all the way down to 500. It took something like 20 seconds for 20 keywords. WTF! What a beast.

    I spot checked some rankings and they were right on the money.

    I think this is better than all the others out there. But to be like one of your tough teachers in high school, I give you an A- only for one reason: No Bing/Yahoo. I have plenty of Google-damaged properties that make me $1,000's on Bing/Yahoo. You add that feature, and you get the full A+ from me. There's probably a reason you aren't including them?

    But to be clear, you get an A++ on how you handle Google and Google local. Really impressive software.  

  • I want to track an exact URL. I entered it for domain and in fact it seems like it is working. But wanted to check if this was the correct way to do it or it is just picking up the domain part of the URL I put in the domain field. Exact URLs are a nice feature of some rank trackers. :)
  • @Samx - Yes you are right, you can just enter the domain url, We are happy that you like it :)
  • @ron Thanks for your kind words. In time we might be adding yahoo/bing. It was our goal to have the Google rankings and integrations work to perfection.
  • ronron
    @xbyte - You are well on your way, my man! It is a beautifully simple interface.

    I hope people check out what you have because I haven't seen anything that comes close.

    Good luck!
  • goonergooner
    @xbyte - Is there anyway you can see all keywords or maybe all domain rankings at a glance?

    For example in the domains section. Maybe you could have a green plus or red minus next to each domain, with the total +/- for all the keywords for that domain?

    I don't want to go into every single domain every day to check rankings, but i would like to be able to check quickly if rankings have changed.

    What do you think?
  • edited March 2014
    @gooner that is something we plan to make more visible in the future. Right now you can see each domains average ranking on the dashboard. You can also click the star icon for each of your most important keywords. All starred keywords are put in the alert box on the dashboard if their rankings change a lot (for keywords ranking in the top 3 "a lot" is defined as a movement of 1 or 2 places.)
  • This looks like very good alternative to all existing SERP trackers.
    I will definitely move soon.
  • @tor sounds good, looking forward to see you onboard
  • What about tracking specific YouTube videos?  If I have multiple videos for each of my sites, would I need to enter each YT url as its own 'project'?  xbyte said: "Yes you are right, you can just enter the domain url,"
  • I just renewed with SERPBook.... Dangit!
  • @mexiken you will have to enter each youtube url as a seperate domain/project. We will introduce "Groups" very soon (they are currently in the agency package as "Clients") which can help you get an overview of all your youtube videos.
  • thanks chripede. So in the near future we'll be able to have that functionality at the other levels of packages (i.e. Starter/Semi-Pro)?
  • edited March 2014
    @coneh34d we will still be here in 30 days :D We have 21 days trial so you can start enjoying AccuRanker now
  • @mexiken Yep. If you have a paid account and need it enabled now just let us know through the support popup on the website and we will do it right away
  • goonergooner
    @xbyte - Perfect thanks.
  • I've tried AccuRanker when they just launched on BHW. Very fast and sexy design but I cancelled :D As some people pointed out here earlier, I want to have all my keywords on 1 page instead of jumping around all the time. Staying with SerpBook for now.
  • @system0102 We are working on that as we speak, launch is about 1-2 week, will update accordingly once ready.
  • @xbyte I'm converted, I'm trialling it at the moment which will lead up until the renewal of my previous rank tracker, and must say I'm hugely impressed I've tried many before and this is the best that I've seen so far. Compared to the one I use currently, same price as well for 100 less kws pm, it's pretty cool. I'm sick of my current supplier's servers constantly going down, taking forever to update even though it's meant be to every 20 minutes. I have to email them at 5-10 times per month to 'reset' something...

    BUT - The reporting: I'm fairly sure that we can't add company details to it, ie. logo, company address not just the company name etc. For us with clients, it looks a little more professional if we have our logo on their at least. Hope it's possible or if it is already possible could you point me in the right direction as I can't see it.
  • @JudderMan you can add your own logo to the report, you just have to know how :) Click Settings -> Manage Organizations. Hover the mouse over your organization name and click the edit button on the right. In there you can upload a logo, which will be used in the reports.
  • @chripede - Ahhh thanks man, I didn't see that. 

    @xbyte - nothing to report :) I'm happy now.
  • I agree JudderMan - this is the best tracker I've come across; really great compared to others I've used.  However, there are some things that I miss from some of the others.  For example, I would love to be able to see a chart for each keyword, like this:
  • @mexiken to the right of each keyword there's a graph button doing exactly that
  • chripede Is Yahoo Bing tracking coming?
  • chripede - is there a way to have them ALL show up in a single graph that could be part of the report?  Clients like the pretty picture graphs ;)  (I can already see the conversation I'll be having explaining that a DOWN trend in the graph is now a good thing! lol)
  • Ok I got one. Microsite masters has a kinda SEO value analysis system. TBH I have not really used it much but I do like being able to add events to the KW tracking so that I can keep track of when I started a new link building campaign or added social signals etc so that I can keep track of what had happened and in time the results. So I guess I am asking about some sort of chart annotation or event tracking
  • @Samx This is something we have in our roadmap.
  • @coneh34d we are looking into that. It will come, but no exact time yet. @mexiken currently there's no way to have all keywords on a single graph with each keyword as its own line. You can however check the "Include chart" check box in the report dialog, and it will include a chart, but with the average for all keywords.
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