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Recommend me a good INDEXING service

I need a good indexing service! I have gsa indexer but it can't handle a huge amount of links (but for the few it can handle it works really well).
I have also tried - a waste of money. The service doesn't even say how many of your links are indexed, it just says how many links are live and how many have been crawled - but i don't pay for crawling. So i can't even get an idea if the service works or not - i should take each link and manually check if it has been indexed - not cool. And it's not working really well, i checked a few links manually and only 50% of them got indexed.

So i'm looking for a decent indexing service, where one can actually check how many links are getting indexed.


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    instantlinkindexer is a good one but has the same problem as gsa indexer and indexification: it doesn't index fast enought but is definitely better than indexification since is the version 2 of it made by the same people and since is more expensive it is also better (i think).
    I'm also interested in another index services.
  • What about expressindexer?
  • I think you will have a hard time finding a service which tells you what links has been indexed. It would require a huuge amount of proxies to check millions of urls everyday. Why dont you just get scrapebox and use public proxies to check yourself? Also a 50% index ratio sounds very good to me depending on the link quality.
  • ronron

    @dvolker - With all due respect, 50% is a great indexing rate. Regardless, any of the three services here are really good. I use incredible indexer as it allows 100,000 verified per day for $25. Great deal.

    But as far as checking on indexing, you have to do that on your own with SB with public proxies. I created a quick tutorial on how to use SER public proxies with Scrapebox - it is the least painful method I know to check indexing. No service will ever offer that feature. It is a lethal proxy killer, so it's all on you.

    Good luck!

  • I guess i'm going to try incredible indexer next month once my indexification subscription runs over. I said 50% indexing rate and i just checked 10 links (only 5 were indexed) - but the thing is, the ones that were indexed were old blog posts where i left a comment or things like that - which were indexed long before place a link there with gsa - so i can't know for sure how many of the newly created pages got indexed. So i guess there's no indexing service that provides actual indexing rates...
  • @dvolker, come on man.. you can't judge an indexer from 10 links. Try submitting a few hundred thousand urls to the service and then you can more accurately judge it.
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    i use the incredible indexer, express indexer and lindexed...thats my combo...must say never look at

    plus i do tier my good contextual links for even better indexing
  • fakenickahl that's the problem, i can't judge from 10 links only, but i'm surprised to see there are no statistics of how many links are getting indexed
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    I think you should create 50-100k contextual do follow links which are harder to index and then try different indexing services to compare.

    Funny thing is that my friend is using very same and he said to me that when he creates 8k links he will see those 8k links in Ahrefs after some time. It takes time for Ahrefs and Majestic bots to crawl all the links and show up in their stats. Other friend is not satisfied with them. So yes, mixed opinions.

    Also I heard on other IM forum many complains about his service which dropped in quality. I think he is building some premium indexer, so he might dropped the quality here and put more focus on his expensive version. The owner denies this but I think there could be some truth.
  • I think that's true, i saw another more expensive indexing service from innocoders so i was asking myself what's the point in having 2, but now i understand, lower quality
  • I already explained why it's impossible for indexing services to give you these kind of statistics. Indexing services are getting millions of urls every day and it would take tens of thousands of proxies to check whether all these has been indexed, and that's just one day. It'd be extremely expensive to costumers, which is why in the long run it's just much easier for you to get scrapebox and check yourself. Scrapebox is an amazing tool anyways and you'll have tons of uses for it in the future if not right now.

    But I just subscribed to the incredible indexer a few days ago, and I checked the index status of 30k urls before submitting them and I'm just about to check them all again. I'll be doing my happy dance if 50% of the links has been indexed though a minor increase in indexing will also make me satisfied. Will let you know what the outcome is if you're interested.
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    I own Express Indexer and I have been asked many times to include an indexing checking page or feature, but as @fakenickahl has stated, Express Indexer receives well over 12 million urls per day on average, and considering we don't have a daily allowance, it is unlimited, we could potentially receive much more.. having all these links sent to us for processing is one thing, but having them all be index checked is a completely different story..

    I have sourced out a very good deal on private proxies to accomplish this but this is at an expense and subscription prices would need to be re-evaluated, A survey would need to be carried out with my current customers, would you be happy paying an extra $10 - $15 per month for index checking?

    Another point would be, index checking on submissions will need to be done after 'x amount of submissions' or, alternative work flows can be achieved on this, but you will never really obtain an 'instant index checker' simply because it will not provide accurate results.. for example, if you were to submit some urls to my service and wait 10 minutes, check if any are indexed.. if you were to then recheck, an hour later, you'll get more indexed, so therefore a set period for index checks will need to be global, possibly meaning, once per day.

    It can be achieved, no doubt about it, with individual URL checking, not just per batch, I mean actually listing individual URLs within your batch, it is possible, however resources and subscription prices will need to be increased.

    Much more simple to check them out using SB lol ;))
  • you guys are really lazy shits if you want an index service to do that for you. so wasteful and unnessesary.
  • i don't want an indexing service to do that for me - i just want to know which one has the highest indexing rate. all indexing services claim to have "special" features which help them index better/faster but without any proof how can anyone decide which indexing service is better?
  • Tim89Tim89
    @dvolker the only way to know is to test it out for yourself, the monthly fee is not so much of a bank breaker to check.. this is ofcourse if you want to compare them yourself.
  • @dvolker, that is extremely easy to figure out! Buy them all and try them out on batches of links as closely equal to each other in terms of sites, quality, engines, and quantity. Feel free to share your results.
  • ExpressIndexer :) Been a client for 2-3 months now and I am very pleased with it :P

  • @dvolker seems like you want spoonfeeding for everything :P
  • KaineKaine
    I think now is not good to index link instantly ... if link are removal.

    Maybe must wait 2-3 days before :)
  • @fakenickahl yes, very interested to see how the indexing of your 30k URLs turned out, please keep us posted.
  • @johnmiller, rougly 6% more has been indexed, but to be honest this does not properly serve as a review of the service. You must understand that all my links were complete garbage and I can not believe google would ever consider to index the majority of these urls. That being said, I'm very happy with the noticeable increase in the amount of indexed urls. A backlink is worth nothing if it has not been picked up by google, so any increase is amazing to me. The links had been built during 3-4 weeks and only 13% had already been indexed before running it through the indexer to give you an idea of the link quality.

    Anyways, I'm just about to check a list of 100k urls which also has sat for 3-4 weeks, run it through the incredible indexer  and see what has happend in a few days. Will report back if I don't forget it.
  • Thanks @fakenickahl hm, was hoping for more than just 6% (I'm using them, too but don't have the resources to check so many links for their indexing status). But since they are crap links it makes sense, though 1800 links out of 30k (=6%), one could argue this might even be a natural percentage of Have you compared that before?
  • @johnmiller, To be honest, I also just realized that among those 30k there probably was a lot of dead links, because I never bothered to re-verify the list. I'm in the process of doing this with my 100k list. And I'm sure the increase in indexed links is not because of natural indexing. None of these links has been built in the last week, and they've had a weeks to naturally index. It just does not seem possible that one third of them would get indexed in 2 days compared to the results I had after weeks.

    If you'd like to check your own links, I can provide you a list of rougly 1-2k public proxies which I have been using. It is hourly updated though so you won't be stuck with my burnt ones. I would love to see what kind of results you are getting.
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    @fakenickahl Thanks for the offer but right now it wouldn't make sense for me to check the indexing status as there would be no clear answer. All my projects are set to automatically send verifieds to the incredible indexer so I have no test group to compare that to of which URLs haven't been sent to the indexer, know what I mean?
  • @johnmiller, oh yeah I see. Anyways, I'll continue going through a few lists the next days and report back what my results are.

    However, I'll note that I'm doing churn and burn and my results can in no way be compared to the results of any other service going through a quality T1 list, or a T2 list for that matter. Just have to make clear that I'm not trying to put the service I'm using down in any way.
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    @peterparker - i don't want spoonfeeding, but when indexing services claim a certain indexing rate i want proof of that. and besides, how else would you know if the indexing service really works and how could you know which one is the best?

    @fakenickahl - i know crappy links are hard to index, but these are the links we need to index coz the good ones will get indexed by themselves and you have to admit it, 90% of the links we all build with gsa ser are crappy links but they provide all the link juice to our tier 1 and money site - so 6% indexing rate is really small, i was hoping for at least 20% - and if you think about it, it doesn't come even close to the 50-60% indexing rate which most of the indexing services claim to have. but anyway, great experiment, thanks for it!
  • And lemme tell you about the stats of indexification: 8k verified links sent to indexification for immediate indexing (no drip feeding) - 24 to 36 hrs later i checked ahrefs and majesticseo - only 12 links found.
  • I agree with you dvolker that good quality links index easily so that isnt and issue and most of the gsa links are spammy- evne if you pick only contextuals come on those domains are gonna be junk anyway :P. So yes indexing the junk is the amin factor because thats what we can make 100s of k per day of. As for me I dont use an indexing service but Im seeing similar results to above on the spam tier- around 6% to 11% at BEST. That really sucks. I have found that for my 500 or so links on tier one i get 50-60% index rate but thats only because they have 30-50k spam underneath. Now this is impractical to do the same figures of links underneath the spam tier to index those cos youd need BILLIONS of links to index them. So im at a loss as to how to index those because the only way i have at the moment to index junk is by sheer number of more junk underneath. Thoughts?
  • Tim89Tim89
    @PeterParker thats a general rule of thumb yes, better quality links get indexed easier, but, I'm seeing a really good indexing rate on SER spammy type links too.. around the high 50% almost instantly when submitted.
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