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Sitelist Questions

I am using Ser for about 2 weeks and i am continuously building my sitelists using external tools.. 1. If i import a new sitelist to the software will the newly target urls be used to the projects that allready running ?? If not is there a way to use these new target urls to the projects that allready running ?? 2. If i duplicate a project and hit the delete target url history and target url cache will the software use the checked sitelists with all the new target urls that i have added (in my occasion verified and identified sitelists) ? Or do i have to check again all the platforms in the "where to submit" section to make the software to use all the newly created target urls ?? Thank you in advance..


  • SvenSven

    1. yes

  • Thanks Sven for answering so fast.. The "Yes" answer resides for the second question also ???
  • SvenSven
    2. you better import the urls directly from site list ... way faster.
  • edited February 2014
    Can you please explain the difference ? I made the direct import to a project that had been duplicated and had deleted the target url cache and history and now i have a bunch of left target urls... /:) Shouldn't have ser have imported the same amount of urls while i have deleted the url cache and the url history ??
  • SvenSven
    The difference is that import from global site list adds all URLs directly, while using site list will get a random URL each time from that list. That means it migth not get all of them.
  • Thank you Sven for this answer as this makes the procedure much clearer.. I have one more question for you.. I am importing directly target urls from sitelists at one of my projects and while the "Show left target urls" function shows that there are about 150000 remaining i get an important message that "no targets to post to" Do you have any idea why is this happening ??
  • SvenSven
    hmm no shouldn't happen :/
  • I've seen this error randomly show up for projects that still have URLs left in "show urls -> left target URLs". It sometimes seems like the project/SER doesn't respond and suddenly that error shows up, while in the log it happily keeps posting away. I just clear important messages and move on. As long as you have URLs left in your target URL cache there is no reason to worry about that message.
  • Ok, i keep an eye on it and post if there is something new..
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