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  • Absolutely you can, its been a feature for a long time.

    1. Click on  "Find Content Snippet"
    This opens the document window.
    2. Open your spun file
    3. Click "Spun Export"
    You can select as many variants as you require.
  • I am using SCM for quite some time and I love it. But what I have not found and maybe somebody from this thread can help me with is how I can bind a keyword to a url.

    In the competitor software you can just bind a specific keyword to a url and so make sure that this url is only backlinked with that specific keyword.

    Is that possible in SCM as well? Thanks for the help.
  • Yes you can,

    Its called "Linked List". Its a small checkbox on the link detail form. 

    When you click on that your keyword and URL are bound to the same line.

    So when spun its not all messed up.
  • Is the discount still running? Been away this weekend and forgot to buy it.
  • @JudderMan the discount was for a different software called big content, if memory serves me.
  • Last discount was for big content search (as it was added to SCM for version 4).

    If you are existing big content search user, you can use your API details and SCM will download PLR articles from it and use that as an alternative content source.
  • Thanks @scm. That is great. Never saw or tested that option, but will do immediately.
  • Hai @scm why I didn't get your email regarding Big Content Search discount?
    PM me with the discount please.
  • @scm (maybe here I get a faster reply :) )
    I already own SCM that I'm using together with Wordai.
    I noticed that it's possible to scrape not-english content with SCM, but it seems there is no way to spin that foreign content with Wordai API, because in the SCM settings it seems not expected. It's only possible to chose between Wordai Regular and Wordai Turing, but no settings for Wordai Foreign Language Spinner.

    Any solution? Thanks
  • vahnz13

    The page is still up (don't know for how much longer)

    You should have gotten an email. I will probably send it out again, as it seems not a lot of people actually was able to get the email. I'm also going to change the email program I use to track deliverability better.

    FYI I sent out 2 emails about the offer and about how to use BIG Content Search with SCM.

    Last time I checked, WordAi didn't have enable the foreign spinner via API yet.
    WordAi need to create or upgrade the API. If you can send them an email, and if i missed it i will be happy to add support for it.
  • In new version of SCM , can you tell me how to scrape only Tittles?
  • penumbrapenumbra Antarctica
    This tool is best, good job admin.
  • Thanks!

    To scrape only titles,

    Use the article downloader.
    Its covered here:

    Under section– How to save only titles
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