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  • You can use the article downloader, then "scrape titles only"
  • i know that but what needs to improved is..
    Scenario; creating just 1 article with paragraph setting from 4-6 with 6 variation per paragraph.
    When the article comes out it has usually 5-7 titles. In this example we definetly  need more titles.
  • You need to change the template from <<titles>> to <<all-titles>>.

    The reason is, if you keep variations to 1. And create 100 articles. Each of them will have unique title + post content.

    I did this because if you want to import content into your blog, having 100 spun titles all in one file doesn't guarantee the title will be unique.
  • 1. Ive been investigating direct write projects to GSA SER. The biggest problem is that so far, it requires to enter certain required info (eg cat + articles) before it allows you to create the proj file.

    I was hoping you can create a proj file first -> Go SCM and put proj file as output -> Content fill in based on some settings in proj file.

    2. Its possible however to fill out new info into existing proj since all required settings are available.

    However won't solve the existing problem where you have to create 90 new projects without lots of manually filling.
  • As mentioned in the PM I really like this software. I have noticed something that would speed things up a little for people like me that want almost-one-click tools:

    In the Wizard, automatically create a new folder with the keyword as the name. Saves having to write it in every time. I can't see anyone wanting to name the folder anything else.

    Automatically remove any web address - most people try and add their company/brand/URL name in content to avoid people using these types of scrapers. It could/should be replaced with your keyword/link if you use SCM to input links - not sure if it already does this but I've found one or two instances.
  • thanks for feedback JudderMan,

    1. The foldername is the taskname, which is automatically created for you when using the content wizard. Which I can make sure is something like [Content Wizard] - Your Keyword.

    2. SCM strips out html links it finds in articles. Can you send me a sample where you find them? -> Just means I have to adjust the way SCM captures what is a link.
  • edited July 2014
    @scm my request is not link remove as @JudderMan requested but as you know there is this thing called co-citation . I found lots of other sites citation in scraped ones. Not as link but as text. And this is bad for us, since most of the time these are our direct competitors. You can at least add an option to remove .net .org any kind of domain
  • Can you paste a sample for me when its found.

    I think the filter isn't matching while will match.
  • @scm - Hey, let's say for example I builded an article for Payday-loans. Then after 10 minutes I put SCM to run the same project. I will have different articles and etc or the same thing?
  • It will be roughly the same, depending on what sources was scraped.

    You can use a different keyword variation if you wish to re-run after 10mins
  • hey Could you disable that first para readable thing by default , make that a option. It gives me a lot of dup content.
  • @scm but for example I want to rank for "payday loans", then I scrape and run an article with the keyword "fast payday loans", this will affect the keyword I want to rank right?

    I'm saying that because I'm duplicating some projects and I need to change the article and etc, but I want to keep the keyword that I want to rank for.

  • 1)

    Yes thats a good idea. Keep track of its implementation

    2) Insert a list of keywords. Each time the project is run, SCM will use the next keyword in the list. That way you can minimize effect of duplicate content in projects.
  • @scm how about changing the Paragraph Variations? Do you think that will help me?
  • Paragraph variations are for super spun articles. Only useful if you need all spins in one file. Its only ever going to be 2 levels deep however. Which means you can over use it very quickly.

    If you want something that is really super spun, you should roll your own by using the content combiner.

  • one more thing , could you make the option of select custom sources by tag. I have 10-15 custom sources for each of my niche . it is a PITA manually unchecking and checking everytime.
  • I will allow you to 1) check 2) uncheck all.

    To do so, just shift click to select multiple rows and hit the "check" button.

    You can do so in the newest update to SCM
  • Signed up for trial. Do i need to use proxies with this?

    Also, can you tell me how to scrape only Tittles for my keyword?
  • @itsme go to article downloader
    there you will see "scrape titles only"
  • I'm just using the fist 5 directorys to scrape content's. Do you recommend more? I don't have much time to search and add custom content.

    I'm doing C&B.
  • It depends entirely on the keyword and the article creator settings

    5 is enough together with Google search results for most keywords.

    Watch the app log to see how many paragraphs was found Vs how many is being used.

    This allows you to tweak exactly how much content you need to avoid re-using the same paragraphs.

  • @scm I'm getting a strange bug.

    After sometime SCM just "freeze". Then I can't click on projects and no one is working.
  • When that happens can you send me a screenshot.

    Otherwise, is the scheduler offline?

    You can check by looking at status bar on the left handside.

  • The scheduler is online.

    But when I means freeze, he just stay as normals, but I can't click on any project, cancel, do nothing. Do you got it?
  • I also assume there is no error message?

    Or maybe the error box is hidden and not visible.

    The only thing I can think of is that you are getting out of memory errors causing the whole thing to freeze up.

    If there are no errors.

    Please check windows event log

    See if there are entries for SCM
  • while scrapping only tittles, i am seeing this in most of my files

    "Free Ezine Articles Directory"

    This is added along with tittles.
  • What is the article directory source you are using that is causing this problem?
  • Top 5 sites which are listed in SCM.
  • Thanks, I will investigate.

    If I find a fix I will try and patch it out. THanks
  • With SEO content machine, can I feed ONE heavily spin/seed article and get it to churn out 100 unspinned articles into a folder. This is a feature I really want. KM can do it but not in a straightforward way. I need this feature for FightBackNetwork posting.
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