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SEO Content Machine - Content For Any Keyword (Official)

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Create content specifically for GSA SER

Full integration (

  • Find and create content for any keyword!
  • Creates content in any language (polish/spanish/french…)
  • Seamless integration with WordAi, SpinRewriter, TBS etc
  • Blog Manager. Manage your own WordPress + Blogger network right inside SCM.


No Credit Card. No Payment Details Required.
I made it as easy as possible to start generating content for your campaigns.

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  • Bulk importing all your blogger blogs has been added in the newest version! Please update. As always you can read the newest changelog here To see new upcoming features and to vote or add new suggestions visit here
  • When using wordai as spinner it always left with spintax Problem with best spinner scrape fine . I have tired in other software also , problem wiht wordai only .
    Any other facing this ?
  • iwebseoiwebseo The Internets
    I bought the software 4-5 months ago and I'm really stunned by the quality of it and the support from the developer. The software is being updated everyday and new improvements are always in place. There is no other software as good as SCM on the market.
  • I really like SCM. IMO it's the GSA SER of text creators.
  • RE WordAi problems. Is this with the Article creator? Also update to newest version and try again. I put a patch fix in recently. WordAi has always given me troubles, it tends to be "too clever" for its own good sometimes. send email to me info [at]
  • New "Quick Content Wizard" interface for those who are new to content creation. Get started up and creating in 5 clicks of the mouse button!
  • Any updates? :)
    Does people uses this tool?
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    Todays my review day!


    This is one of best investment i have ever do ..(OFC like GSA products )

    from this guy everyday updates (bugs free) got a little bug only with spin rewriter and hes working hard for it other wice with other spinners and all this works perfect and this is must have tool and my opinion far better than KM :)
  • Yes people use this tool!

    You can check exactly what updates are coming next here

  • edited May 2014
    yes this tool works and works great.
    I can name
    2 HUUUGEEE pros
    and 1 cons

    1- Creates articles from other sites so you don't need to use article directories where each article already spinned to death.
    2- You can add your very own sites so you don't depend on google site returns.

    I feel sorry for people who buy Kontent Machine instead of this. Every spin with KM is dying with every google update. And people begin to think they need manual article for tier1.
    No you dont....
    You need articles which did NOT spinn 1000s of times.

    1- Developer don't have enough knowledge about the power of Internet SEO Marketers and impact of affiliate percent that is given to them. That is why you see other content generation tools on every IMs sites.

  • Cons
    1- Developer don't have enough knowledge about the power of Internet SEO Marketers and impact of affiliate percent that is given to them. That is why you see other content generation tools on every IMs sites.

    Any suggestions for this would be appreciated :)

    The more users, means more resources to put behind SCM development.

  • Hi,

    I downloaded but it would not install on windows 8.1....suggestions?

  • @don3149 install .net framework 4+
  • If the above doesn't work, please send or upload screenshot of the error.

  • @scm When I import French content from SCM, the words with accent are uncorrect on GSA SER. How to fix it  ?

  • Are the accents correct when you open the exported file?
  • @scm does this have WordAi built-in or something? I'm not sure what the reference to WordAi means above ^^. Looking to replace WordAi and the way I generate content so will give this a whirl. Sounds good, particularly like the autoposting to blogs thing. I've always struggled with autoposters previously.
  • @scm the accents are not correct on the exported file
  • edited May 2014
    JudderMan I use SCM with WordAI api. SCM has it's own free spinner if you want to use that instead.
  • scmscm
    edited May 2014
    1)WordAi is just a 3rd party spinner. SCM is able to send contact to WordAi to have it spun.
    2)SCM is content scraper and content manipulation tool. It is not a spinner (although it comes with a free one). You will still want wordAi to boost content uniqueness.
    3) You can watch bunch of tutorial videos here

    If you have questions or need help
    please email me for super fast response info [at]

    Otherwise I turn frequent email questions into help docs here to

    For posting you can read this
  • Can you send me some french text via txt file.

    1) Paste that text into open article doc
    2) Press save, then tell me if it works.

    Basically I need you to send me some french text that gets mangled once saved so that I can re-produce the problem on my end.

    Every little bit helps
  • Thanks guys, will keep WordAi then and give it a try.
  • Hi @scm,

    Can scm scrape lots of titles? any example of how many titles for a sample keyword you have in mind? any keyword will do.
  • This is THE best content generation tool out there . If you are NOT using this , you are definitely missing out on something AWESOME. 
  • @scm Please add an option to generate .prj file.
  • 1) SCM can scrape titles Via article downloader. Yes you can scrape as many as you can find via search. I plan to add seperate title scraper later.

    2) What is .prj file?

    Can you send me an example to info [at]
  • .prj is an SER project file.  It contains all the data needed for the project, although if you did create a .prj file you'd have to assume a lot of defaults and it would take as long to change it all as it would to set up it.

    Unless I'm missing something @cefege, it would be better to set up some template projects and then duplicate them as when needed and import SCM content as needed.
  • edited June 2014
    I created 90 SER projects a week ago.
    I had to manually do this for each project:

    90 times! Open project->Autofill->Use SCM ->Import->Select file!

    It took hours, then rechecking to make sure I have not mixed the txt files with the wrong projects.

    By contrast the files SCM created for GSA SER(txt) that I had to import have all been created in 1 run of SCM. I imputed my list of 90 keywords I needed articles and it created 90 txt files that I had to import. This took 10 min max no effort, very easy.

    I propose SCM to offer an additional option to make prj file for SER. This would save allot of time and effort for everyone who works with tons of projects. 

    .prj is composed of 2 parts:
    1. articles/keywors/ etc
    It is all the stuff that get's overwritten anyway when I import that txt file SCM creates now.

    2. GSA SER specific options:
    platforms,emails to use, etc.

    For this to work. Besides asking for keywords for article scraping, SCM will ask me for a .prj file to use for part2(GSA SER specific options) to create the new prj file(s).

    If this will be implemented, importing from SCM into GSA would take seconds. No risk of human mistakes.
  • I think this might be something worth taking up with sven.

    the .prj file is GSA SER file and I'm not sure he built it in mind that other programs would interface directly with it.

    I will ask him about it however and see what he says.
  • @scm come on mate
    that article title generator/scraper is a good idea.
    On the other hand i think article title scraper need to be improved, need to scrape much more options other than the number of variation.

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