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My Tiered & SEO Strategy - am I on the right path?

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Hey guys – I've learned or think I've learned quite a bit about SER and how it works on this forum so thank you already to all those that have made amazing posts with great forum discussions.

I know I have much more to learn! I’ve been using GSA for a little over a month now. Started using it solely to rank YouTube videos but decided to try the SEO aspect and rank a post on my site for a search term.

The search term is low comp. 3600 avg searches/month. I’m using Ron’s and Oz’s methods but more so Ron’s i.e. not so focused on PR.


Please ignore the PR/Do follow descriptions - was going to set it up another way before I started with the method I'm using now It’s been 3 weeks and I’m still nowhere on the top 100 SERPS for my search term and think I may be doing something wrong.

Also ahref’s does not show any backlinks to the post I’m trying to rank. Here’s what I’ve done so far: I used similar settings to those described on this thread with any suggested changes in the discussion.

Tier 1
I have 10 Web 2.0s:
Wordpress x2
Tumblr x2 x2

Tier 2 Settings

Contextual Tier 2

In the URL box I have the 10 Web 2.0’s plus 3 anchor texts in the format
Web 2.0 URL1#{anchor1|anchor2|anchor3}
Web 2.0 URL2#{anchor1|anchor2|anchor3}

Anchor 1 – Is what I’m trying to rank for and Anchor 2 + Anchor 3 are ideally terms I’d like to rank for too (both low competition).
I only have 2 anchor texts which is Anchor 1 and Anchor 2 in the anchor text box – although I think when you add a URL in the format I listed above GSA SER does not look at this box? (Feel free to correct me)

Options - Trying to start off slow hence the 40 submissions a day (keeps changing to 1440 minutes though - same thing?)

image image image

Kitchen sink – Nearly identical settings just different platforms are being posted on and more submissions

image image

Tier 3 Settings

Contextual Tier 3


KWs are the main difference – added 100k KW’s found in this thread Options - The amount of submissions are now increased to 80 a day.


Kitchen sink – Different platforms, same 100K KW’s + increased # of links to submit to 200 in a day.


Content for the 10 T1 Web 2.0s are manually spun human readable articles. 75% Uniqueness minimum.
Content for both Tier 2, 3 and Kitchen Sink links aren’t great – auto spun – don’t make too much sense to a human.

I sent all my T1 Web 2.0s and 350 T2 contextual links to be forced indexed by with a 100% success rate.
LPM is about 50 thanks to tips on the forum.

Setup is 2x3.2 Ghz + 2 GB RAM.
Captcha Sniper
10 shared private proxies
1 email account for this project
I have Scrapebox
SpinnerChief for content

Any comments on my settings - do they look too aggressive?

I'm really concerned about Keywords and anchor words/text Do I need more KW’s for my T2 links? Should they be niche relevant or just throw in that 100K that I’m using for T3? Anchor words enough – i.e only 3? Or should I only use the main term I need to rank for attached to the url?

Should I have some backlinks by now on ahrefs?
How would I know if my Web 2.0’s are the problem and not the T2+ backlinking strategy?
Is auto spun content too spammy for T2 and below?

Any tips and help would be appreciated from anyone including heavyweights like @ron @TheReaper234 @DavidA2. I know this isn’t an SEO site but they’d be greatly appreciated especially combining SEO + GSA SER.

Have I done it all wrong? :|

Thread's I've used as resources


  • ronron
    - You are only 3 weeks in - come on! Mine don't rank for 2-4 months.

    - Do not add anchors in the anchors box if you already have them in the URL box.

    - Change to submissions per day, not 1440. May seem to be the same, but not so in performance. Do per day.

    -  Uncheck site lists for identified and successful. Do that immediately unless you have lists in those ports.

    - In Types of Backlinks to create, uncheck all boxes that do not apply to the platforms you specified.

    - Always check "Always Try to place an URL..." in all projects.

    That's all you're getting out of me, lol.
  • Don't limit your T2 and T3, in my opinion. You want as many as possible to boost your T1s up. Limiting them to 80./200 per day will take you months and months to gain any traction.
  • @JudderMan really??
    At the moment I'm building 25 verified for each T1 or T1S url, but you said 200 per url is not enough.

    So, please, what's your suggestion for T2+T2S and T3? How many urls/day?


  • @ron haha man I just don't want to end up kicking myself after 2 months like "crap this was all wrong - start again"

    Not sure why I can't get the option to stay as day - it always reverts back to 1440 minutes which is annoying - thought it automatically did that but I guess it's only me.

    Thanks for all your tips - really helpful to a noob like me

    Would you mind touching on the Anchor text & Keyword question though? Am I doing myself a disservice by adding too many anchor texts (3) or not enough niche/general keywords for Tier 2?

    @judderman every week I keep increasing my T2/T3s but I'll definitely do more digging in to how fast I should go - thanks for the heads up!

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    It's not so much as a definite figure, just f--k loads more for T2, T3.
  • @tvx
    Yes, the pause conting it always reverts back to minute, even if you change it to days or hours.
    Probably it's a bug, I already written a post on the "bug" section.

    Any suggestion for how many T2 and T3 links for each T1 links?
  • ronron
    @tvx - I think you are way too high on your anchor text. I personally would not have any individual term more than 5% (my own self-imposed limit). Typically I'm at 3% or less. Try to use the LSI field for 25% and domain at 15% or higher. Then throw in some branding at 10% - 30%. If you did your onpage seo correctly, G already knows what your page is supposed to be about. So don't rub their nose in those terms.

    @peterperseo - I normally do 10X on T2 and T3. As the projects get older, I boost those tiers to 20X. There is no magic number.
  • @ron Thanks for your reply. Me too I have similar numbers for T2 and T3, but in this thread I was reading about 200 or more links/day for each T1. So it's ok "no magic numbers", but from 10 to 200/day or more there is enough big difference... :-)
  • tvxtvx
    edited February 2014
    @peterperseo We both made a mistake here - we keep changing "submissions for 1140 minutes" to "1 day" i.e we keep clicking the "minutes" blue link till it says "days".

    Instead we should be clicking the blue link "submissions for" until it says "submissions reached in a day"

    Hopefully I explained that clear enough to understand lol - I'll post a pic if I'm not clear

    @ron - okay will take a look at this edit accordingly - I have to read up on better anchor text varaition. Thanks again man.
  • @tvx I know the option "submissions reached in a day", but it's not what I want or need :-)
  • Did you got some results now?
  • Yes, @tvx - any results?
  • @valeravl @jampackedspam - Didn't see these notifications

    Not anything positive to report - I think I was doing my anchor test incorrectly so I've been paying more attention to that and content.

    My 10 Web 2.0 T1s - only show that I have anywhere between 13- 20 BLs each and I'm not ranking at all on Google (although I am  90+ on Yahoo).

    I'm tweaking things now and about to test another site to where I went wrong.

  • ronron
    edited February 2014

    @tvx - BLAST your T1. Let me repeat. BLAST your T1. BLAST = 1,000's per day on T2. Open the pipe. Web2.0's can take it.

    Then come back in a few weeks, and tell me how things are going.

  • @ron
    Do you mean 1,000 per day for ALL the webs 2.0 (so around 100 per each web 2.0, 'cos tvx said he has 10 webs 2.0), or 1,000 for each one T1?
    Thanks (at the moment I'm building only around 15-20 T2 links for each T1, but with no results yet...)

  • @ron, thanks for the "tip", i'll try that with my test.
  • BTW 1 email account is not enough. Use at least 10
  • ronron
    edited February 2014
    @valeravl - ^^Totally agree about the emails. Great point.

    @peterperseo - No, I mean each property, and every page. Let it rip.
  • Do you have any reason for not having a more diversified T1 backlink profile? Only 10 web 2.0s seems very thin and personally I'd continue making T1 links daily to have a steady link velocity.
  • @ron - the blasting shall commence momentarily lol - thanks for the input and I'll report back in 3. 

    But 1000s on context and kitchen sink?
    I've been watching some tutorials on how to create AA lists on ScrapeBox but having limited success when using those created lists on GSR - so not sure how to get a good
    1000 links per day going - more like 200 a day now.

    @valeravl - I'll definitely add more accounts now. Thanks

    @fakenickahl - You're probably right. I thought with such a low competition keyword I was trying to rank for 10 Web 2.0s would be sufficient.

  • ronron
    @tvx - I created a project template for what I lovingly refer to as the Bomb. Basically it is the exact contextual + junk engines I use on split tiers, but simply combined into one. Hence the Bomb.

    And I have created multiple Bomb Tiers, Which I call T1A, T1B, T1C, etc. They all hit that lovely buffer we call our T1. Create as many projects as you like. The more you duplicate, the more links you will have. So basically 5 of those X 200 = 1000.

    I have gotten away from going more than 2 tiers deep. I wasn't seeing a difference, so I compressed more juice higher up the chain, and I'm getting a better ranking response.
  • @Ron, many thanks for all your help here!

    What engines are junk engines - all others apart from contextual engines?

    If yes: what is the difference between T1 and T2?

  • ronron
    edited February 2014

    @XXXX - T2 is straight contextual. Anything with a letter after a number means a pure junk tier without contextuals.

    I know I confused things a little above. I should just call them T1Bomb1, T1Bomb2, etc.

    I think the point I was making was to try hitting the T1 hard instead of being a wimp. Everybody is so scared with what is going on lately that I think they lost the main point.

    The main point is if you plan on ranking, don't plan on it lasting. It will take some measure of risk (i.e., heavy spam) to rank. So if you rank, you probably will only get there (as an affiliate) with a harder spam strategy than a corporate lite/safer spam strategy. So if you pussyfoot around being wimpy, you are not going to rank well or quickly. And if you do get more aggressive, you will probably get clipped at the next update.

    So my point is to start hitting the accelerator. If you go weak, you go home with nothing in your pockets other than the satisfaction that you didn't get penalized. That strategy will not make you money. So my next point is if you want to make some money, grow a pair of balls and take some chances. This isn't a game of old maid.

  • Thanks, @Ron. Then I didn't understand your Bomb concept: you say Bomb is "contextual + junk engines".

    Do you mean you simply check ALL engines together on T1 and T2?

  • ronron
    edited February 2014

    @XXXX - I actually added some more of my philosophy after you just responded, lol ^^

    And yes to your question above. No need to break them out in separate projects unless you are tiering underneath on a T2 Level.

    If you are already tiering, then simply add some bombs (with no tiers underneath) directly at the T1's.

  • @Ron, your philosophy is my philosophy too, lol.

    But I'm a little stupid... Did I understand you right: you really use ALL engines together on T1 and T2? It's not the question about risk but only of implementation of this risk.

  • edited February 2014

    Thanks, @Ron, I'm already doing that and see the results: my ranking is flying between 500+ and 60 now, lol.

    Want to see some days later..

  • tvxtvx
    edited February 2014
    @ron - you've definitely given us all more to think of - no softies allowed lol

    My goal was to try and rank using this whole tiered system without my MS being penalized ie I can always add another T1 Web 2.0 if one is penalized/removed.

    I don't think my thinking conflicts with the strategy of aggressively spamming the T1s does it?

    In this case other than the link velocity is there any real difference between someone manually adding backlinks vs using SER?

    Then I reread your sentence,  "So if you rank, you probably will only get there (as an affiliate) with a harder spam strategy than a corporate lite/safer spam strategy" and it really is all about tradeoff isn't it - bank hard/fast/get clipped OR bank hard?/slow/may not get clipped.

    oh and i liked your bomb idea - similar to what i practice with YT vids - def throw that in to the mix too!
  • ronron

    And just to clarify everything on my philosophy (lol) on seo, I view at all as 3 simple strategies:

    1. Corporate - You don't ever under any circumstance put a company/client at risk. You build a beautiful T1 that your Mother would be proud of, and make sure that you focus on that. Anything you do on a direct linking basis (whether T1 or a la carte links) better be well thought out and of the highest quality.

    2. Traditional Affiliate - You will get your wings clipped eventually, either on the most immediate update, or on the next update after that because the first update happened before you really had a chance to spam it really well. You compress tiers, and work the T1 really hard. Ideally you have a T1 that you can actually redirect at will because you have all account information, and can change stuff if you really need to. But if you did it correctly to begin with, you have enough anchor/domain/branding/LSI diversity on that T1 to survive an update without totally getting hammered.

    3. Churn and Burn -  You hit it hard and direct to the money site. You throw high PR and the kitchen sink at it. Everyone has their own method on this. The point is to capture a 3-4 week window on an offer where you make good $$ per click/purchase. Sometimes you get lucky and the site survives for months. On many others, you get zero traction and never rank. But it is always a numbers game. More sites, more losers, a few more winners. And this is an area where all sorts of blackhat redirects and cool tricks are used by the truest form of blackhatters. The type of stuff you won't see discussed in any forum. You either reverse engineer to figure stuff out, or someone shares a cool secret, or you experiment and figure stuff out on your own. I respect the true blackhatters - they are my heroes ROFL.

    Obviously most affiliate marketers fall into #2 or #3. But some people here are trying to treat their affiliate site as if it was Ford Motor Company, and thus using a completely unaggressive strategy that will get them nowhere.

    Truthfully, all of us have fallen back on our heels after the last few updates. Everyone is so damn scared. And they are so scared that they are not using their heads. You simply have to get more aggressive. If you are in it to make money, get more aggressive.

    I hope this makes sense to people.

  • @ron Many kudos to you, sir!
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