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Do I need a VPS?

Hi, So I see that a lot (almost everyone) recommends to use a VPS, but I am not sure why? I do understand why I need proxies, but I do not see the point in paying for VPS. Is my PC going to be available for other uses aside from GSA? As in.. can I run GSA as a background process? Currently I have: 100Mbps connection 24h/7d running PC 8GB RAM X6 1045T Phenom 2.7GHz (6 core CPU) Is my setup sufficient and what improvements I can expect if I decide to pay for VPS? P.S. I am going to use Ranker, Indexer and Captcha Breaker


  • It will eat your ram/cpu/bandwith. Don't think you will be able to do anything else intensive with it.
  • I have almost the same setup as you except a less powerful CPU on my desktop, and I used to run GSA ser on 250 threads with Captcha Breaker and I could do everything I used to do just fine. Never had any problems with these two applications running in the background though I would lower my threads when playing some games. The only reason why I got a VPS and now a dedicated server was because I wanted to have GSA ser running 24/7, and very recently because I wanted moooar threads.

    But why don't you just try doing your daily activities while running ser and cb for something like a day? You will quickly be able to tell whether or not you will be able to stand it in the long run. If you have that computer running 24/7 and you can do everything you need to with ser and cb running then there really is no significant reason to get a vps or dedicated server, in my opinion.
  • Thanks for the answers. I was considering testing it, but first I had to ask for more information. Thanks again!
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    I had a simple atom CPU 1.86GHz, 32bit, 2GM RAM and normally max 1 Mbps (or half) and easily got some 2000-3000 verified per day with 33 to max 44 threads. at that load NOTHING else was running on same machine, except sometimes CB

    with your HW - unless you need ten thousands or MORE verified per day, IMO there is absolutely NO need at all for a VPS

    the number of verified per day (or the 5 of submitted vs verified) MOSTLY depends on avoiding to overload your CPU by calculating your exact max threads rather than hammering all out.
    about calculating see
    it's NEVER the number of threads that brings good verified numbers but a well thought through setup of speed vs thread
    without CB ,SER is much faster and results better in regard to variety of blogs/unique domains (drupal, etc) if you can afford quality human solved captcha services such as DBC or antigate
  • Am running it on my my 5 y old toshibs laptop and it works fine . I can stop ser if i see that i need some speed for other activities . 4 ram 4 pentium
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