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TIP: Use basic mathematics PLUS common sense to solve your Lpm AND verified issues

In the past many months I repeatedly saw how some ppl hammer the crap out of their PC and whine about low Lpm or low verified ratios

often it may well be ONLY a lack or your math skills !!


my CB shows WITHOUT recaptcha and without drupal captcha
a solve time of 1 - 1,5 seconds average

means max LESS tha 60 captcha per minute at 1 sec/captcha
LESS because your SER and system (virus, etc) also need CPU

at 1.5 sec / captcha that makes LESS then 40 submissions per minute
some submissions may need multiple captcha - 1 for login, one for actual submission-confirmation
results in even less successful submission possible

drupal captcha use up to 1- to 20 seconds per captcha for 8-10 character captcha
recaptcha also need longer
and if you give multiple retries, then you need even more time for captcha solving

it makes NO sense to submit the crap out of your box or www connection if your resources are used for CB and submissions may be incomplete

calculate !!

look at your CPU % number as well as your CB solve time per captcha average
then calculate your MAX limits = max threads that your entire system can PROPERLY handle without errors, without loss, without timeout

a verified of 50% has been normal for me the past several months after the initial learning phase, sometimes up to 85% a few times only as little as 40%
anything else points to a substantial error on your side = lack of calculation of actual MAX limits possible with resources available

recognizing a captcha in NO WAY at all means it is successfully SOLVED = login and submission completed
what ever system to SOLVE captcha is used make sure the "recognized ..." values are CORRECT and no approximate guess of a FEW from all characters = ALL has to be correct
a computer is used to COMP0UTE and never to GUESS!

the last many weeks of my project until December, I strictly used
- antigate plus DBC
and NO CB at all (and of course NO spamvilla)

a computer needs TIME to properly process and submit processed data

even if you un a VPS, your resources may be same as a HOME user having a weak CPU because a VPS has a fraction of a physical machine only
how many VPS on a physical server depends on host, may be 8-12
hence you may have 10% of a quad CPU
vs 100% of a slower home PC

all above just to intended to broaden your view when searching for reasons
since my SER project finished, I am no longer in this forum, but may be some of you share their own max limit data after correction

enjoy and a
Happy New Year
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