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Quick poll : GSA indexer vs indexification vs instantlinkindexer



  • @Tim89

    Okay thanks, will give ur indexing service a try for next month! :)
  • @Tim89 comparing your indexer with the Indexification ..... yours is just very very VERY expensive
    i am no expert but theirs is 18 dollar for 50.000 links per day,  while yours is unclear what you offer, is it daily or monthly links

  • Tim89Tim89
    edited September 2014
    @oil Have you made an indexing comparison between my service and indexification? You get the quality of service you pay for.

    I'm not wanting to tarnish competitors but let me explain something to you aswell as others to see.

    Indexification is a crawling service, not an indexing service, the service you mention which is $18 is for indexification to ping your links, when SER can do this for you, yes it makes SER a little more resourceful but hey, you could do it for completely free.

    On the other hand, my service is an indexing service, it aims to index your links, not to only ping them, a crawled backlink is not the same as an indexed backlink, an indexed backlink yields more authority/weight.

    I have many customers on even higher plans than advertised on my service website and they all seem happy to me, I understand your point of view though, but my service is geared towards a full time SEO as you've stated my prices are higher than another service but it does not yield the same results as theirs, but better.

    If you were an SEO, who earns a living from what you do, $16.99 per month for my lowest plan would not be considered as expensive, nor would $48.99 for 1 million credits per month which equates to 33,000 urls per day, daily numbers shouldn't be looked at as my service has no daily cap.
  • bestimtoolzbestimtoolz High PR WEB 2.0 posting service - affordable !
    I am using instantlinkindexer since long time and it works perfect for me, have tried before expressindexer and can confirm it`s comparable they both are ok
  • @Tim89, well i am not a SEO experts but you are aware of the fact that you are constantly hijacking the OP thread - 

    Quick poll : GSA indexer vs indexification vs instantlinkindexer

    and just massively spamming your stuff while nobody asked for it in the first place
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited September 2014
    @oil what are you talking about? If you don't have anything of value to say, don't say anything at all.

    I'm not hijacking peoples posts, you commented on my prices in the first place so I educated you a little, now please, run along.
  • innozemecinnozemec

    Indexification is not just a pinging service as you try to say in every thread where someone mentions my service..

    Yes, it uses pinging as one of its technique, but it doesn't rely just on that, nor relies just on the techniques listed publicly at the website.

    For 2 years already people use it and get their links indexed, so yes, it is indexing service!
  • Tim89Tim89

    I do not wish to argue with you but you can no way compare your indexification service to another indexing service, it is a crawling service.


    A very very poor performing indexing service.

    I've had enough trying to explain to people what the difference is so I'll be leaving this thread as it is, I'm not willing to waste any more time.
  • innozemecinnozemec

    Yes, it can be compared, just things doesn't happen that quick and thats why its price is as low as $17/97 per 50K daily links.

    But wait.. we had this very same convo with you back before few months and we ended deleting the whole thread..

    No probs, i will simply come defending my service in every thread you hijack
  • I used only GSA indexer, I never heard those two you mentioned. 
  • @Jizzhut123
    What the hell are you replying to all the older posts here? I think that if somebody needed help 2, 3 or 4 months ago now he should have found the solution already, do you agree?

  • Agree, but still I didn't heard those two mentioned above these days 
  • @peterperseo - He has some BST thread so he's basically spamming every thread trying to get his post count up I imagine. Not that it matters with a username like that. Who would want to buy a service when the provider has a completely unprofessional name like that? Honestly?
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