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Quick poll : GSA indexer vs indexification vs instantlinkindexer

GSA indexer vs indexification vs instantlinkindexer

Vote for your favourite indexer...and why?


  • Tim89Tim89
    edited November 2013
    I don't get why people miss my indexing service out! Oh 1 minute, I do! someone screwed with my thread.

    don't forget

    there are no daily limitations to express indexer and pair that up with the pricing and what you get for your money, clean interface for submissions, download all your submissions, submission statuses, api drip feed, email notification on current dripped campaigns and you can name your submissions also, from your dashboard.

    value for money, no limits, oh and left over credits rollover :)

    p.s I'm not "self promoting" my service, these facts are all true and I am stating the differences between services.
  • goonergooner
    Honestly i don't think there's much difference in success rates and likely they all use the same method to index.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited November 2013
    @gooner depends on how much information you need from an indexing service, if you're happy with throwing URLs all into a bin and leaving it there compared to having the options and flexibility to check certain things and customise certain things, user friendly interfaces make submissions a lot easier.

    depends also on budget.

    depends on reliability.

    depends on longevity.

    Differences I see with these services:

    The Incredible Indexer

    lots of things come into the equation, not simply just "they all use the same method to index" how are you certain about this may I ask? judging by what I've gathered from the incredible link indexer, there service uses up alot of "resources" especially the use of mysql which can be easily noticed when trying to sign up.

    On a personally level, having two servers and switching the "high end users" onto one service is pretty unfair because of two things really:

    - what about your other members?

    - switching all there "high end users" onto one server will make that server very unstable as the server has all the high end users pushing through links, my advice to them is simple, if their server requires high end specs to function then maybe they should invest in a nice dedicated server rather than purchasing two subpar servers (only assuming) but I can't see this "new" server of theres lasting very long under load, especially with all their power users moved onto it.

    Instant Link Indexer

    - Pretty expensive if you really consider what you are getting, the link packages and the daily limitations are so well planned out that customers think they are obtaining a massive deal, when in reality, it's no different to any other package/service out there.

    - I've seen numerous customers ask for roll over credits, this was responded to with "For security issues/reasons this is not possible" no... it's not possible because it's not a good business model therefore obsolete. ( innozemec, great work on your advertising/ a lot of thought has been given to plans/prices etc tops to you mate )

    Express Indexer

    Not much to say about my service, I don't want to "big it up" at all but all I can say is:

    - Price compared to others is "standard"

    - No daily limits for submissions, flexibility is a good thing.

    - All the API options you would need

    - Monthly credits roll over

    I don't mind criticism but in all fairness I can't really fault it as of yet and if there are faults with it, I take them on board and either justify it or simply resolve it, I do not put it down to "server issues/problems" or "back logs" or even "security issues".

    Express indexer is the WYSIWUG of indexing services.

    a mod most probably will delete this and possibly lay the ban hammer down but these are my honest thoughts on these indexing services available today.

  • goonergooner
    @tim89 - I'm pretty sure you're all using the same method, but it's probably best not to discuss that i would think.

    I've only tried Instant Link Indexer so i can't speak for anything else, the only point i would disagree with about that service is the "pretty expensive" part. I am paying $80/month for 100k/day - Which is cheaper than your service isn't it?

  • @tim89

    But if compare ur service with gsa indexer which Indexer is cheapest in the market which 1 time fee at $20.

    So do u think this is a better choice for budget?
  • goonergooner
    @kelvinkhy - If you're on a budget GSA indexer will get some links indexed for sure, but no where near the same amount that one of the other services can index.

    If you have the money go for a monthly paid service.
  • @gooner

    U only tried instantlinkindexer? If u said all are most the same method they using why not consider gsa Indexer?
    I'm just wondering why others usually need a monthly fees but gsa just in 1 time fees?
  • goonergooner
    edited November 2013
    @kelvinkhy - I meant all of the 3 monthly paid services used the same method (and that is my opinion not a fact)... GSA Indexer uses another less successful method,
  • @gooner
    Ic... thanks for that :)
  • goonergooner
    welcome :)
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited November 2013
    @tim89 - I'm pretty sure you're all using the same method, but it's probably best not to discuss that i would think.

    I've only tried Instant Link Indexer so i can't speak for anything else, the only point i would disagree with about that service is the "pretty expensive" part. I am paying $80/month for 100k/day - Which is cheaper than your service isn't it?

    @gooner A question to you, how many of those 100,000 links do you actually use per day?

    if you are actually making use of 100,000 submissions every single day then fair enough they are around $40 cheaper than my plan which would give you 150,000 daily submissions.

    but on the other hand, if you are using only 50,000 credits per day, this brings your total monthly usage to around 1.5million submissions and you can get a package from express indexer for 2million links for $75.77 per month, which will save you $5 and you will be getting more out of your plan as credits roll over every single month, meaning when your next bill date arrives and lets just say you had a remaining balance of 150,000 credits, you are billed again for the 2million allowance and you will have 2,150,000 credits available to spend.

    This brings me back to my previous comment, their plans and the way they have thought out their service is actually well thought out, customers feel they have a massive daily expenditure and they back this up by giving you a "cheap" monthly subscription fee, but in reality, you have a daily allowance, you can't go over this daily allowance which means you can not set and forget this service with the API and be assured all of your links will be processed every single day.

    which also brings me to my later comment, with express indexer, you never lose out, your credits remain in your account if you do not use them, they rollover month by month, you pay for what you see.

    I have a quite a lot of "power users" who are signed up to my 10,000,000 package simply due to the fact that if they do less this month and then do more next month, they have that capability to do so with no problem.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @kelvinkhy GSA SEO Indexer is a great indexing tool, but it does require you to have a decent machine or vps to have it constantly running, I have this tool myself but I simply outgrew it as I kept on having a backlog of links waiting to be processed and I was running the software at 1000 threads.

    when you have over a million urls to be processed through GSA indexer it can take a while on the "full indexing mode" but it is still valuable piece of software.
  • goonergooner
    @tim89 - Yea the rollover is a good plus point, i agree with you there.

    I do about 70 - 110k per day
  • Tim89Tim89
    @gooner my point exactly... if you were to average it out and say you do 80k per day, you are paying $80 per month for 2,400,000 not 3,000,000, you're losing 600,000 links per month, when you could be keeping these links and actually "paying for 100,000 links per day"

    anyways that's my opinion.
  • goonergooner
    @tim89 - You make a good point, actually i didn't even know the submissions didn't carry over until you mentioned it. Might give your service a shot next month. Cheers
  • edited November 2013
    We usually use in-house indexing (it's the same method as most of the indexers here), but we also tried out every indexer that was advertised here for a rational comparison - personally, we stuck with instantlinkindexer, as they have a great interface, proper invoicing (which is absolutely necessary for EU clients) and they were the first service to actually offer a sensible price model for the indexation process, whereas the others subsequently had to adjust their overpriced services accordingly to stay competitive.

    But it's mostly the proper invoicing and the good backend that we like. We still use the 50k / day package on one of our dedicated servers and it runs smoothly and the indexation rate is decent enough to keep the subscription live.

    Having said that, the indexation rates for ExpressIndexer and Incredible Indexer were good too.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited November 2013
    @gooner no problem, just shop around, that's the main thing I would like people to understand.

    As a consumer of any service... You are entitled to take your custom anywhere, do not outcast something until you've asked questions and never... Never ever, assume things, always clarify what your wanting.

    It's better to understand something the first time round than to simply put it down to not knowing or assuming.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @mmtj I understand what you're saying about proper invoicing and this is actually on the to-do list for my current customers, apologies for that but express indexer is in it's infancy at the moment and more features will be made available soon...

    Thanks for the mention.
  • That'd be great and we'd be sure to give your service another whirl, if you get that implemented. Let us know.

    It's just that we don't have the time to manually ask for invoices all the time - and we are bound to them for accounting purposes - Germany is pretty restrictive with their invoice system, unfortunately. 

  • Tim89Tim89
    edited November 2013
    @mmtj I totally understand, it's a completely justified reason for accounting purposes and filling taxes.

    Thanks, will be sure to let you know, I normally send out an email about updates and features :)
  • @Tim89

    hi there, just checked your website.
    when u said unlimited submission index per day but I find there is package with limited links per month?
  • Tim89Tim89
    @kelvinkhy this is purely to split the package up into to "per day allowance" it is easier for customers to judge on their allowance if I break it down, there are no limitations set for daily usage.
  • I'm lookign for an indexing service. But I don't need a huge package of 100k a day (incredible indexer). What would you guys recommend? Probably at the moment just need a few thousand a day.

    People who use 100k a day must have tons of links!
  • donchinodonchino
    @gooner @mmtj How about the safety when compared GSA Indexer to the other monthly paid services? When using link indexing on Tier 1. If the GSA Indexer uses less successful method, do you see it also creating less footprints for search engines? (No offense, but I would prefer opinion from people who do not sell indexing service) Thanks!
  • goonergooner
    @donchino - I honestly don't know about that. I've never given it much thought before.
  • Can someone tell me how I figure out how many credits I need per day. Running GSA SER, I think I'm getting somewhere between 3k-4k verified links per day. How many submissions do these services do for each link? Right now I'm running SEO indexer on my machine. When you set it for services which accept deep links, it does about 330 per link. If you set it for all (only top level domain links) it does about 1400. I'm getting about 1500-1800 LPM out of SEO indexer. If I calculate that per day, thats 2.1M-2.5M links per day. What am I missing? Are the quoted submissions to source URLs, which would 2k-4k or the submitted links? Oatmo
  • Tim89Tim89
    @oatmo index services work differently in regards to credits.. For example if you were to grab a subscription with my service, the minimum package would be 1,000,000 links per month which means you are able to make 1 million submissions. GSA indexer works a little different to indexing services when it comes to submitting links, GSA indexer submits your 1 backlink to lots of different sites so one link gets submitted 300 times. With indexing services it's basically 1 URL = 1 credit Hope this helps
  • Any chance you might consider a 500k per month level of service?
  • @tim89

    Hi Tim, this for all your information
    Im just have a question. Since somebody told me Indexification + Instantlinkindexer are the best match. Do you think so? Said that they are doing both different job.
    Just wondering your service covered all the job should done?
  • Tim89Tim89
    Hey @kelvinkhy my service is a fully automated indexing service, it covers everything you need for your links to become indexed, you won't need indexification and instantlinkindexer if you have a package with me.

    then again, you could have packages with my service + indexification, it is entirely up to you, all of us provide the same service, we index your links, it's up to you to decide.

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