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Incredible Indexer - WOW!!!

I didn't run through the whole batch, but approximately 92% of my links are indexed. They are all contextual (ie new content) Articles, Social Networks and Wiki. Well worth the investment. My rankings started dancing 4 days after I launched the service, and have been dancing ever since.

Satan's Apprentice gives you 2 horns up.

Best Answer

  • ronron
    edited November 2013 Accepted Answer
    Drip feeding is pointless mathematically if you continuously build links each day => you end up with the same number of links indexed each day.

    Example: You build 1000 links per day, and you send everything to the indexer. Pretend that all 1000 links get indexed each day (to show the math clearly) - and this happens to be your exact plan. So let's look at the math:

    Drip Feed = 5 days
    Days 1 - 5  => build 1000 links each day (and every day thereafter)

    So what happens with indexing on Day 6, Day 7 ... and every day going forward??

    Day 6 = 1/5(Day2) + 1/5(Day3) + 1/5(Day4) + 1/5(Day5) + 1/5(Day6) = 1000 LINKS

    Day 7 = 1/5(Day3) + 1/5(Day4) + 1/5(Day5) + 1/5(Day6) + 1/5(Day7) = 1000 LINKS

    etc., etc., etc.

    You always end up shoving the exact same number of links through the indexer. So if you steadily build about the same number of links each day, you are accomplishing nothing with drip feeding.

    The real intent of the discussion is link velocity, and making an upfront decision on how many links do you want indexed each day on your properties. You want a consistent number that over the long haul stays consistent, or trends higher over time. If you start your link velocity in the right place (based on your best educated estimate), and you index consistently, you will do just fine.


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