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Best Email Accounts For Your GSA SER



  • catchallseocatchallseo <- Disposable Emails NO MORE!
    edited October 2014
    I am too interested in that... Can you send me the test account for Yahoo? Why does hotmail seem cheaper as compare to Yahoo?
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    @sabahat, Hi, gsa format test yahoo accounts sent, please check your inbox, if you have any question please let me know, 
    To create yahoo accounts more harder than hotmails.

    If you need yahoo test, please send me email: or make a post here.
    Buy Yahoos/Hotmails/Outlooks:
  • im quite new in gsa and still puzzled at one point: blasting web 2.0,or social network requires mail account. but how can the quantity of the mail affect the performance of gsa? i mean, how can the performance differ when a campaign gets 100 mail account setup and another one with 1000 setup?
  • hello ,
    My Invoice ID is 579uelkv7oj9am5g12fwryseckcgcso4cws8woc.

  • hey everyone, this is my honest review about this seller.
    First time I purchased emails from this seller, I could not say anything bad about them :) I was really happy about it!
    But when I purchased new ones, 3 days ago, I did expect that at least 70% of them will work!
    BUT NO! More then a half did not work! And the seller told me that he will give me a replacement(2 days ago), but he did not! I want full refund, my email is
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    @SitraM, hi bro, so sorry for this, i'm too busy these days, yahoo accounts have problem with web login now, but still can work with GSA SER by pop3. I told i'll replace for you, but i want make sure the new replace yahoos can work for you, so i gave you some test first, and i'm still waiting your test result, I'm so sorry for delay reply.
    I can replace all failed accounts for you or refund if you want, and please check the mail for more details. Thanks!
  • Hi, I've bought many Yahoo emails from you in the past, the accounts from a few weeks before still work using POP3 but I can't login to yahoo manually using their web interface. Can you provide replacements?

    Also, is Hotmail fine now for GSA and also can login manually to their web interface?
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    edited October 2014
    @unknown_zero, sorry bro, I can't replace for you, first, all my yahoos have this problem with web, if i give you new yahoos, you still can't login to yahoo. and second i only offer 3 days replacement.
    so sorry for this, but there is no problem working with GSA SER, please understand. 

    Yes, hotmails can login with web and pop3, but hotmails won't live longer and will get blocked, so the buyers use hotmails asap before get blocked.

  • he replaced me those emails, thank you!
  • hotmailaccount I need to buy 1k of hotmail for my gsa campaign. Are thse pop3 enabled and spam folder disabled?
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    @gopo2k, Hi, yes, all hotmails/outlooks pop3 enabled and spam filter off, please make order on my site:
  • hotmailaccount making order right now.
    i will leave a review in the next days.
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    @gopo2k, Hi, thanks very much for your order! and 1k gsa format hotmails just sent, please check your paypal email inbox, if you have any question please let me know, have a good day!
  • Hiya, made an order yesterday but haven't received the emails.

    Usually they're sent right away that is why I'm messaging you.

    Your Invoice ID is 579uely7qgo8n4du653ke2tdkw80c8c0c4880gw.

  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    @tcsmith007, hi bro, so sorry for this, i don't have enough hotmails in stcok:(, we just talked in live chat and sent you 100 hotmails first, I'll send the rest in 10-20 hours. thanks for your order!
  • Yes no worries thanks for sorting out a solution so quickly not all sellers would have done so!

  • what is the best email's provider for FCS Networker?

    Hotmail? Outlook or Yahoo?

  • Why no Yahoo mails on site?
  • The thing is stopped replying to my mails - Kumar, you should know that this time you provided bad lists...
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    @fastmen, Hi, yahoos have sms issue now, so i removed the links from my site, if you need yahoos please add me skype: email-accts, I'll give you some test first, thanks!
    @IndisFPS, sorry bro, can you send me your email adds? I'll check for you asap, i never stopped replying buyer's email, and if someone lists have failed accounts, I always replace for them, thanks!
  • @hotmailaccount please answer my question.

    what is the best email's provider for FCS Networker?

    Hotmail? Outlook or Yahoo?
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    @PHILIPPINES, so sorry for this, I think hotmails best now, thanks!
  • Hi,

    I'm restarting my campaigns on new VPS, I would like to know what emails do you have for sale that works with GSA SER at this moment. Thank you.
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    @jdpreacher, Hi, hotmails best now, thanks!
  • hi please send me an email test accounts thanks!
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    @Puskarich13, Hi, please check your inbox for test accts, if you have any question please let me know, thanks!
  • shaunshaun
    Trying to order 1000, I have emailed you as your website said due to the problem its having.
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount
    @shaun, thanks very much for your order!
  • hotmailaccounthotmailaccount accounts back now, no problem with access by pop3 and imap, if you need test accounts, please post here or send me email: or add me skype: email-accts

    Buy Yahoos/Hotmails/Gmails:
  • Hello, i send You two emails about not workings hotmail acounts. Can You help me and message me pls?
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