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  • jamessaylor
    Hi hotmailaccount
    i want to order 100 yahoo mail for testing gsa .
    If it work , i 'll purchase 1000 yahoo mail for running gsa .
    February 2016
  • AsimNawaz
    hi @hotmailacount !
    I want to buy your yahoo accounts. I will be using them for gsa ser but I want to know that will those accounts be used if I am going to create accounts on some times manually using those accounts ? WIll appreciate if you send me some test accounts. Thanks
    November 2015
  • meb
    hi, how come All my purchased yahoo accts from u are not working?
    Since yesterday.
    is it just temporary ?

    emailed you but am still waiting for you reply, as work is interrupted.
    cos errors are still showing non stop as POP3 Login failed - SockError: Network subsystem is unusable
    February 2015
    • hotmailaccount
      Hi yes, this is temporary error, your vps network have problem with yahoos pop3 server.
    • hotmailaccount
      This errors are because of yahoo servers problems. No email service have 100% uptime, sometimes servers are overloaded and thats result. These errors are temporary and its not possible to avoid them. Ser cant access mailbox when you see this error, but after X-XX minutes all will be ok again so this dont have big influence on performance.
  • ninjass
    Could you please give me few accounts for testing , please? 
    August 2014
  • xing
    would you send me some test accounts please? Thanks
    May 2014
    • hotmailaccount
      Hi, please check your inbox for test yahoos, thanks~:)
  • Neel123
    I want some email addresses as sample. Banditim emails are not working
    April 2014
    • hotmailaccount
      sent, please check your inbox, thanks!
    • King789
      sir your emails are not working now.
    • hotmailaccount
      @King789, hi, can you send me an email for more details? thanks!
  • thomas73

    I purchased usually hotmail accounts from but it seems they doesn`t work anymore cos I don`t GSA can`t verify anything have 100% xpressengines ): please give me a some sample accounts I could use and check if they works better, if so I will buy from you frequently, I need them fast cos have a lot of work and it they will work I will buy more immediately

    April 2014
  • nawshale
    bought and want to fix ... sent you a email thanks
    March 2014
  • Bangkok
    I need to fix 1000 hotmail email bought from you... how do i send you the list?
    February 2014
  • hotmailaccount
    February 2013
  • Welcome Aboard!
    February 2013