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I would like to make some High PR Social bookmarks HOW?

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I have been running a campaign for 3 days now. I only have 21 verified back links and the on with the highest pr is 5..
I Use : hotmail, 10 semi private proxy from "gsa" 50 treads, captcha braker, "Settings" ask all services /user  to fill captchas ( It never ask me to fill a captcha) even if it fail to fill it by captcha braker.
I hope that some on can help me with this...


  • OzzOzz
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    Upload screenshots from your Options and Project Options.

    You can also study similar threads you'll find in the "Need Help" section of this board like this one for example. Furthermore read the "My compiled list of tips.." thread where is says how to boost your performance.

    The reason that you won't get many links is most propably that SER don't get new target urls as your proxies are banned for searching. Check the log for "IP blocked" messages and also check the "T:" stat in your status bar at the bottom. When its just using a few threads and never reached all the threads than this is a good sign that SER doesn't have enough target URLs to post to.
  • thank you for you fast response.
    There is not IP blocked messages in the log. the treds are high now i set it to 70 and the t is 60-70
    i have oploade the top 100k list of keywords.? 
  • at least you know that SER is working at full throttle now. what kind of links your are trying to create? post some screenshots of your projects and options (and obliterate all delicate informations)
  • I run i think 5 campaigns but now i have focus on thes one Social bookmarks. High PR. The submission is fine but when it comes to the verfication it don´t work well. 
    How do i opload my screenshots ? :-)

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    hmm ups

  • OzzOzz
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    Social Bookmarks only with high PR filter and CB only for captcha solving. Not a combination you get unlimited submissions for ;)

    Check your log and you will see that many possible target urls will be filtered out because of too low PR or unsolvable captcha. Maybe delete your target history (don't delete the accounts) and import the social bookmarks from your site lists again to try to re-submit to those sites.
    'Safe the log to file' (<- right click log for option) to review it later.
  • But i have set the captcha fill like this "Ask all services/ user to fill captcha " Dos that not enclude that if CB don´t solve the captcha it will aske user / Me ?
  • you need to activate "Finally ask user" as well in 'Options -> Captcha'. 
  • Thank you .The submissions i fine but it wont verifie ... and I have don like you say. Proxy not blog by google.... any suggestions ? :-)
  • I am new on GSA  I find out you definitely need some private proxies, CB or CS and spamvilla rechptcha to speed up the process.  and a good computer is a must, I currently use a retired computer to run  and it can only run 30 threads anything above 30 threads  the computer crash
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