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CB no longer logging captcha images solved / unsolved since a few days in GUI logging winndow

Since a few very days (may be 2-3?) - after one of the most recent updates of CB - my CB:

- fails to update at the BOTTOM of the GUI the recognized captcha
- fails to log and show in bottom window of GUI the solved / unsolved captcha

I used to spend some daily time to solve the unsolved captcha appearing in the log window to improve future performance. now that no longer seems possible

In addition, for example last night, there were a bunch of captcha appearing for manual solving and many of them have been so simple that normally CB solves that.

another point / question or feature request is

How can I get CB to import/save or log the captcha sent to OTTHER (decaptcher) services
this feature would allow to manually solve unsolved captcha and thus improve performance for future runs


  • Tim89Tim89
    My CB stats are fine, GSA however indicates "xxxxxxxx|0"
  • Are you using the very newest CB v. 2.05
    or any older?
  • mines working absolutely fine. v2.05
  • SvenSven

    See if you have the log turned on (rigth click on the log window->log enabled)

    To improve captcha types you have to be careful to not work with a too low set. We have a thread here by @Ozz explaining it in detail. When loading unknown captchas into the SDK, you can use de-captcha e.g. to solve them and work with that.Though I never used that and entered all manually to make sure it is correct.

    For the captchas you think that should be you have an URL on where to find them or sample captchas? I can add them of course in case they do not get recognized.

  • - yes of course logging is enable and was before as well when working

    - re unknown captchas into the SDK
    that is what I did when logging was still working - multiple times a day to improve overall performance of CB.
    a double click on an unsolved captcha in the CB log window then opened the tools to manually check/improve/solve or to use brute force or a combination of known filters with brute force
    I got many unsolved captchas solved that way

    - for the captcha I think are easy
    I would need the logging function to have a captcha picture for you
    without the C logging I have nothing to offer you

    to optimize performance I would love to have all forwarded (to de-captcher service) logged / saved captchas  in CB log
  • OzzOzz
    edited July 2013
    >a double click on an unsolved captcha in the CB log window then opened the tools to manually check/improve/solve or to use brute force or a combination of known filters with brute force
    I got many unsolved captchas solved that way
    thats not a recommended way to improve a captcha. there are two better ways to improve captcha types.

    1) save unsolved captchas to file. the captchas are named with the url of the captcha source. download a good sample size from that url.
    how many you need depends on the captcha itself. for the usual "OCR" method 50 might be enough. for the "use mask" method you need more usually.

    2) save unsolved as well as solved captcha to file. now you need to find out the ratio of solved and unsolved captchas for your sample size. if you have 2000 solved captchas and 1000 unsolved then the ratio is 2:1 and to improve captcha you use 200 "solved" and 100 "unsolved"

    the reason that just using "unsolved" captchas to improve a captcha type is a bad idea is because it will lead you to the wrong direction. just image that all formerly working captchas aren't solved anymore because of the new definition which only works for a tiny range of that captcha type and will give you worse results overall. 
  • ok - got all

    - by my default config BOTH solved and unsolved are saved to file

    since logging has stopped days ago > also saving any captchas seems to have stopped
    as said above the stats data in the lower bar of the CB main-GUI have NOT changed since days
    and it seems NO new solved captcha are added to the saved folder for solved/unsolved
    in most folders I have one single {example} captcha only

    and staying on the topic of logging failure
    when right click on log field bottom of CB GUI -
    - log enabled
    - auto scroll

    both can be checked / unchecked
    however the middle option limit log to xxx does NOT accept any check / uncheck
    while I ca change successfully the number = limit log to xxx
    that option accepts NO check/uncheck
  • OzzOzz
    edited July 2013
    i suggest to post screenshots of your settings of
    SER -> Options -> Captcha
    SER -> Project Options -> Options (upper part of that window)
    CB -> Options

    maybe you misconfigured something lately and Sven or some user can give you further advice. to me it sounds that no captchas are sent to CB.
  • edited July 2013
    here we go
    the third screenshot follows (apparently the forum seems to have upload limits as all attempts to add 3rd image failed)



  • SvenSven
    project options are set to "Ask second service/user to fill captchas". You have to click that label to read "Ask all services...".
  • done the change
    tks for the help

    I may have to wait a while to see if captcha logging working again

    today in past 15 hrs I got only 9 submissions and 0 verifications
    today GSA working at snail speed

  • @Sven
    YES CB now logging again!
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