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How long to see rank increase for keyword?

Typically how long does it take for keyword you are trying to rank for to see results, I am in a serp results of 50 million, use to rank page one but now ranking page 9?

Been using GSA SER for two weeks and not increasing??

What is best setup?

Thanks in advance for your expertise


  • It can take months
  • If you're being penalized, running SER aimlessly may not help at all, let alone two weeks.

    Learn how to use it first. If you run SER then ask "the best setup" later, perhaps it's too late? 
  • Thank you gentlemen especially @audioguy for the link, its a treasure trove.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @audioguy - "If you're being penalized,"

    How do you know?? 

    I have a few sites that are struggling and trying to find the cause...What process do you use to find if there is a penalty and what's the cause?
  • After some time you'll know. Google dance rarely last more than two weeks. And if your ranks drop 50 spots (some -30, some -60) then you know it's a penalty.

    Also, there's a known trick that if you search for your domain name and if it's not on the top spot, it's likely penalized.

    You can Google for more info. It's been covered thousands of times.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Personally I've not experienced any of these -30 or -50 penalties you guys speak of but ill be sure to let you guys know when I do.

    Are you 100% certain that these drops are not concurring due to your tier 1's being deleted?

    To me, my rankings always correspond to my back links, for example lets just say;

    Top spot for a keyword requires 10 backlinks (example) I will create ten links, power them up with tiers, index them and bobs your uncle I'm first, I check the health of those back links regularly and also if I suffer any drops.

    If I drop rankings and I take a look at my link profile, if it's simply a -1 to -5 I would suspect it to be some of my tier 2 or 3's being deleted.

    On the other hand if its a -10 to -100 if expect my tier 1's to have been removed OR my back links have suffered devaluation which they tend to do during massive updates.

    Anyway, back to what I originally wanted to say to @audioguy ;

    I'm not so sure that checking your SERP position for your domain and not being position 1 means your site has been penalised and I have proved this to myself many of times to make my hypothesis correct.

    It all depends on your domain name and the strength of competition, you think if you purchase a domain which yields the keywords 'insurance' or 'cheap car insurance' that you will be on top simply because your domain is named that? Nah, you need to build links for your domain too.

    All my older more senior sites that have been around for around 3 years seem to be not effected by this formula meaning they automatically rank for the domain name or maybe it was due to me building links to it years ago and let it sit.

    I have purchased domains that are now 3 months old and are still only ranking around 10 - 15th positions for the domain name or brand should I say and this is with my back linking and from not even being in the top 100.

    Have you experienced any of these things you say? Sorry I must ask..
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @audioguy - I do Google and read a lot (for example I have read every comment and thread in this forum since it started - which is quite a few!) and there are many things I've tried...that's why I ask it here to see if someone has a new idea/different take. 

    I've got quite a few sites stuck around the position 60 mark for about 10 keywords and they just are not moving up. (after 2 to 3 months). So not a major 50 pt drop but just a stagnation. I've been busy with iphone app development the last while so haven't focussed enough on this but needing to address this now. My guess would be a lack of indexed links, but starting to analyse and see if having them on webmaster tools, using G analytics and even Google apps, or author profiles could be having an impact. 
  • Ofcourse it takes alot of time, as it is a time consuming process. You need to be more focused on the quality of content but if you want fast results then I will recommend you to hire some expert from SEOclerks, in that way your work will be done by some experienced person and with less time . :)
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