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GSA SER Speed, LPM and Proxy Speed?

My LPM has been quite low for some time. I am still learning something new everyday about GSA SER. I've taken some time to try to narrow down why my GSA SER has such slow performance with an LPM between 0.4-1.5max. I have a ton of general, high search volume keywords loaded into each project, and yet the LPM remains slow.

After some research I'm starting to think it could be my 10 private proxies. Proxies were purchased from and when testing them against Google their speed doesent exceed 0.39 and they are all in the 0.3 range which seems extremely poor. When testing against Bing they are all below 0.5 except for one which has a speed rating of 3.8. What should be the proper speed rating for 10 dedicated private proxies?

Thanks in advance for all your help.


  • OzzOzz
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    its not a rating, its a race. the lower the proxy ping time, the better ;)
    0.3s is totally fine.

    you should also study the "SER performance" threads which are listed in "Compiled list of tips..." to gain a higher LPM.
  • @Ozz Thanks for the reply. Where do I find the "Compiled list of tips..." thread?

    I've tried checking the engines. Is it supposed to be Identified VS Successful (or the opposite), then Higher percentages mean the engine is good?
  • seeing tons of " possible firewall or proxy issue on Startpage CA" and the LPM just dropped to 0.00.

  • OzzOzz
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    >Where do I find the "Compiled list of tips..." thread?
    i'm sure you find it if you go to the start page of this board and scan the thread titles from the top to bottom.

    regarding the firewall/proxy issue use google with this search term: "possible firewall or proxy issue"
  • @Ozz Thanks for the advice. By using this guide I was able to improve my LPM from 0.4 to 2.95  overnight (so far). I know it's not amazing and I'm sure I can be doing better LPM but it is still a big difference in results so thanks for the advice.

    For anyone that my stumble on this thread, the main things that increased my LPM are as follow:
    -Platform/Engine Selection: Eliminate the platforms/engines that may are performing less than %10. You can check this in Options-->Advanced-->Tools-->Show Stats--> Identified VS Successful

    -Search Engine Selection. I still haven't perfected this one but I used to select about 90-120 search engines and I reduced the number to around 15. A good mix of different engines, 5 random google etc...

    -Certain search engines don't perform well, from what I noticed that seems to be the meta search engines. It may just be my experience.
    -Set a custom time for verification: I set mine to 2500.

    That's what I remember for now. But the guide I linked above that is mentioned by Ozz really helps. I'm going to keep tweaking and hopefully my LPM keeps rising. I'm learning something new about the program everyday.

    Oh ya and use proper threads based on your amount of private proxies 90-100 for 10 private proxies.
  • i dunno. LPM of 3 is doable with public proxies alone and on the very low end. maybe post screenshots of your settings and project options to get better advice from the users of this board.
  • Here are some screenshots of my settings. The only thing I'm presuming would be a big issues is the number of email accounts. I have around 8-10 projects running, all setup the same way.

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  • @Ozz thanks for information and reply. Although I'm sure it has been answered before. What LPM should I be looking to get with 10 private proxies? 10-20LPM?
  • @sammicurr I'm running at 15-30 LPM using, which is a "better" public proxy list and as high as 220 LPM using 30 private proxies although I'm having to throttle back my threads so the private proxies don't get banned as quickly, so I'm averaging 90-140 LPM at mo
  • @davbel Thank you. That gives me a good idea of where my LPM should be.
    How many hotmail accounts do you have for your projects?
  • normally 5 - 25 and sometimes more depending on how many links

    Higher the spam, more the accounts
  • Good to know, thanks.

    Can't really figure out why my LPM is slow even after following the guide and making the changes.
  • OzzOzz
    edited July 2013
    with your engine selection you should get more than 3 LPM for sure. its hard to figure out what slows you down but some things you could try.

    - every project get its own email accounts. don't share them between projects. also check if you can successfully login as in the screenshot it doesn't seems right with 'Login:'. 
    - keep an eye on the search engine results. do you find enough new target urls? is the thread count at the bottom status bar most of the time at full throttle (115) or is it way below that?
    - seperate blog/image comments + trackbacks in own project and use the OBL filter for that. then skip that filter for the other part of the project.
    - make sure that your proxies are marked as private with an 'X' in options -> configure -> options
    - also make sure that the GSA Indexer isn't sucking up the whole bandwith, which can happen if you run it with a high amount of threads in full indexer mode for instance. on the other hand you are building not enough links atm that this can be an issue

  • @Ozz Thanks for the respinse

    -Done, Every project has its own email accounts. Checked if they can all login, they are correct, the screenshot simply cut off the "m" in "" because the username was long.
    -This is very interesting. I don't seem to be finding enough targets lots of "already parsed", "no engine matches", "Download failed" and lately "Proxy/IP Block on google". Threads are very low on the bottom bar 1-70 max. When threads reach60-70 the CPU goes up to 98-99%. Average threads remain at 40 usually. Sometimes it dips to 0 or 1 threads. This seems to be the culprit but why would the threads remain so low?
    -My OBL filters are on for tier 1 while the other projects have no filters and are not doing much better. But will  definitely give it a try.
    -Proxies are marked as private and have always been.
    -I run Indexer in quick index mode. I usually run it separately and manually by copying the urls into a text file and importing them. I have since unchecked the "Use GSA SEO Indexer to index verified links". Either way the option was never checked in the individual project options.

    My LPM dropped down to approx 1.75 since switching settings according to (copied same settings
    I switched to custom wait time to 15, engine selection between 5-7, 5 or 6 google, 1 bing,yahoo,ask.

    Here's a look at my current Threads and engine results.


  • Try to cut down some filters. Those word filters, I don't have them enabled. Also don't check many Google engines, choose efficient international if possible. You need to gamble through a lot of SEs and testing what works for you. I have about 25 Search Engines.
  • your SE seletion isn't optimal. you won't find many targets in countries like monserrat and sant lucia ;)

    try it this way.
  • @ozz I've seen that post however when I click on the link it says "This paste has been removed!"

  • scroll to the end of that thread ;)
  • @ozz Holy tits on a cracker!!! Thank you so much.

    My LPM is currently at :
    and it is still rising. 19.48 as I type this.

    Thank you for helping me out so much and I apologize for my lack of knowledge/laziness in scouring the boards properly.

    I just have one more question:
    Under Project Options-->How To Submit-->Pause Project After..

    What do you recommend for that specific area for Tier 1 links to money site (really want to be on the safer side for these). I've read around the forum and some have said limit to pause after 50 verifications reached in a day, while others have said setting for verification is stupid and should be for submissions.

    Tier 2 I've heard recommendation of 20 verifications reached in a day per url.

    What are your recommendations regarding these two?
    Again thank you for sticking with me, having patience with my ignorance and helping me out and thank you in advance.

  • if you like to pausing the projects than go for "pause submissions" for sure as "pause verification" can't be reliable at all due to the fact that SER submits as long as it didn't achieved its daily goal (= number of verfication). and those submissions that were already done are gonna be verified of course.

    you need to get a ratio of how many of your submissions will be verified on average. if 10% of your submission will be verified in the long run than you have to do 100 submissions to get 10 verifications.
  • @ozz Cool. Thanks again.

    In your opinion what is a safe number of "pause submissions" for a money site if around 20-30% of submissions are verified?

    I've currently set it to 30, I've seen some on the forum place it at 20,30,40

    I'm actually not sure about my % of verified submissions.

    When I check stats for Verified VS Successful this is what I see:

    I don't really understand these stats. Video-vShare for example says 52/30---> 57.76
    How is there more verified than submitted? Shouldn't the verified always be less than submitted? web 2.0 albawaba has 1/2--> 50% Opposite ratio than Video-vShare
    Total is 97%?

    Also what do you recommend for Tier 2 "pausing projects"? Reading around, some have said it's unnecessary because they don't directly point to the money site so it's basically just junk anyway.

    Current LPM thanks!
  • All I can see is this for all your "current LPM" images, lol -

    And yeah, pause for total X submissions, I was a foolish one in beginning too to have total verifications reached in a day, and in the end you end up getting shit LPM because of it. :)

  • @Pratik That's weird I see it fine. But If i click on the link I see what you mean haha. The last picture was LPM of 32.36

    Thanks for the advice on the SE's.
    What do you use for pause total submission for tier 2? How many submissions before pause?
  • @sammicurr I set it around 70-85 submissions/day *per URL*.

  • @Pratik  Cool. I guess for Tier 3 you'd do half of that? 30-40?

    Thanks again
  • @sammicurr

    Depends haha, sometimes I even increase it slightly than T2. Just to get some extra juice flowing.
  • @Pratik Interesting.

    I've set my tier 1 to pause after 50 submissions but seems like a very slow way to build links. Seeing around 4-5 verified a day.
  • @sammicurr

    For T1, I set around 150 submissions/day. So maybe I can get 20-30% verified.

    It'll be easy and this number will increase in the long run if you also select the option of submitting to previously submitted and verified sites. I'm now using SER for more than 1 and half month, so I am stocking the stock of new URLs daily for submitted and verified. So once you get on the track and SER starts collecting list, it will increase your verified submissions as well, but yeah it takes time to collect those.
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