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Constant lagging and error messages -> "GSA is not responding" when will the next update be out?

The GSA for me is lagging so bad I can not use it, it keeps getting the dreaded message "GSA not responding"  making it impossible for me to even use it, hope this will be fixed and updated very soon.


  • SvenSven
    Sorry but I myself do not have this issue and it is either some strange setting that causes this or your system itself. If you think it is the 1st one, I need your project and setting backup to debug things.
  • It keeps going white and I can not do anything with it! just like this guy says:
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    If I try to refresh the stats, or perhaps click a button I get this and it takes about an hour to do one thing!: 
  • whats the last captcha in the log of CB?
  • PS

    My settings are perfect I know eleslash, I was getting LPM of over 70% and now it just crashes.
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    Sorry, I'm unsure how to check the log, I purchased the captcha breaker only 2 days ago from you.
    I just looked at the options but cant see anything about a log feature...
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    I have switched VPS's now to  yesterday after seeing your comment about them, having reported this to them they said that others are getting the same problem with the crashing GSA and what not.

    It just keeps lagging and going white all the time, it's only happening since I switched VPS/and used the GSA captcha breaker. Even the GSA indexer seems to be lagging and going white as well for some reason.

    I have the Hyper-V Pro package, my threads setup to 250 and the timeout is 100, and it's still lagging like crazy for me, I was using over 500 threads before as I rank videos not websites and never had this problem. 

    I hope you can help me to fix this issue, being that I am using all 3 of the GSA products. :(
  • what is the last image you see that is shown in CB. in your screenshot i see "PNG" in the bottom right corner.
    maybe one of the captchas is causing a high CPU usage which stops your system working flawlessly.

    what are the specs of your system anyway?
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    Last image for captcha:

    As mentioned I have the Hyper-V Pro package on the here are the computer Specs:
    Everything just seems REALLY slow and lagging constantly on the VPS, I have nothing different being used on the GSA either so cant work out the problem.
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  • OzzOzz
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    no, your system specs seems fine to me.

    did you send a backup to Sven already like requested?
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    I have already mentioned the settings/options ? I have only the 1 project running right now, it will take me hours to save a backup and send it to you. It's clearly nothing to do with that, it's the GSA itself it's lagging badly.

    Exactly the same as it was via the thread I posted above etc...
  • image

    This ^^ is what I am dealing with, I just messaged Sven and offered to send images of settings/options, I explained it will take to long to make complete back up and stuff.
  • you can make a backup by zipping the %appdata%/GSA Search Engine Ranker folder. send that file to Sven then.
  • Sure, how to access the %appdata%/ folder?
  • It's lagging so bad I cant even open the options :(
  • Man, this is giving me such a headache! look at this:image

    I just cant do ANYTHING it's just out of control and does not load or anything. I'm now left with no way of even accessing anything with the GSA. That is what I get right now.
  • I can not close that bug down, stop/start the GSA, I can not access the options. Nothing!
  • Can someone please tell me how to do this > "you can make a backup by zipping the %appdata%/GSA Search Engine Ranker folder. send that file to Sven then."

    How/where do I access that file? Sven is not responding to my message, I have important projects not running right now guys.
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    C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\GSA Search Engine Ranker

    You need to enable hiddens folders
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    Thanks a lot for that I'm inside that folder, just need to know where the "%appdata%/" is located .
    Currently I see only this: image
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    zip the whole "GSA Search Engine Ranker" folder, you are inside that folder.
    Or maybe juste the project folder, i'm not sure.
  • Ok thanks a lot for helping me out, I do really really appreciate your time and help. :) It suddenly dawned on me that getting stressed/worried gets me nowhere, things always get sorted out, I'll just the backup and send Sven over the files and will be patient about it.
  • OzzOzz
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    i see that you are running the SEO indexer. try to disable that for a while because it can take up a lot of rescources if not configured properly (with lots of threads in full indexer mode).
  • Thanks Ozz, right now I'm going to send over the needed files that Sven asked for, I do think that I tried to disable the GSA indexer before but had the same problem. I do actually have the GSA moving the links over to the account as well with 100k limit a day, so it's not like I must use the GSA indexer. :)
  • Thanks a lot for your help guys I REALLY appreciate it a lot, I love the GSA and all of it's products, the support I know already is second to none and I appreciate it. I just send over the files/screenshots/information to Sven and will now wait patiently for him to respond.
  • OzzOzz
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    yes, disable to "Use GSA SEO Indexer" in SER -> Options -> Indexing

    i know from other users that had problems with that if it wasn't configured properly.

    one tip. next time you open a thread with issues about your system/tool please tell us everything what might be of some interest regarding the issues. which tools you are running, the system specs, etc.
    if you reread your starting post than you will see that you provided exactly zero infos apart from that your tools are not responding.
  • Thanks, I will do Ozz  :)
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