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Lpm - been through guides

Hi guys, I've just now gone through all the platforms and have cross referenced with my verified list so I can in effect get my lpm increased, well I set up a campaign and tested it,


I'm running it at 300 threads and only achieving a 90 - 130 lpm, I've got a 70-100mb internet connection, nothing else is running in the background, I would have thought I'd be able to achieve higher than this, any suggestions? I'm using private proxies and CB with this setup.



  • if you like more speed than stop using 2nd captcha service or only using them for very few projects like Tier1 with high"ish" PR for instance.
  • Tim89Tim89
    You mean stop using captcha breaker? that's the only captcha solving I'm currently using..
  • sorry, just thought that you use a second service because of "C:0|0", but i was wrong, lol.

    how fast are your proxies? maybe buy 10 additional proxies from another service for a month to see if it makes a difference.
  • Tim89Tim89
    Ye, I saw that too, I think it's a bug or something, normally it displays the captcha solving rate but it's been stuck at 0|0 for all of today.

    I've got 30 private proxies already.
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