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Shoud i buy a good pc or is better the vps?

Hello, i want to ask here for someone who have some knowedge about this. Till now i was running my GSA on my laptop, and yes it was working fine, but it's not the best. I know that the real power will be to run it on the VPS, i have tried once but that vps was not good, i have choosed the cheapest one.

Well i want to know, will be ok if i will buy a good pc, i mean with some like 16gb of ram, and 3ghz cpu..maybe also additional ram, so to make it a bomb of 32 gb. I have think that i need it also to retouch my photos. 

So the question is, rest better the VPS, or it's better this idea with a good pc?

Thanks for all the answers.


  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    One reason people run ser on a vps is for the internet speed

    Where I live, we call 6mbt fast for home internet speed

    So a vps with a 100mbt connection, is the only option I have for running ser at any decent speed

    If I had a similar internet connection available at home, I would use the pc option

  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    16MB RAM are definitely not needed to run a setup with SER and CB for instance. like LeeG said, a fast connection is more important and a good router who can handle lots of threads.
  • Well i have checked and my download speed is 3.11  Mb/s and upload speed is 0.427 Mb/s

    So what you suggest me to do in this cases? I have thinked for a good pc, just to run multiple programs, and to not have issue with crashing and other things, that with laptop you have. but in cases i want to move on the vps

    Can you please tell me which one you are using, and are working great with gsa, cb, and proxies, thanks.
  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    VPS for sure. many user are on berman or using the offer in SER on PowerHost. you can visit webhostingtalk as well to get more offers and opinions.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Going by those speeds, get a windows vps

    Do your research to find a reliable one

  • OK guys thanks for the advice, i am going to study the vps that are good for me, thanks really.
  • +1 for VPS... Why would you buy a home PC to run SER? Home PC is for working and the VPS is for automation.
  • Well @kinglouie i have think that maybe sometimes it's slow ony becouse of my laptop, so for this i have think to take a new strong one.
  • Get a VPS, don't be cheap. You'll learn on the road... and you'll see results more quickly!
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Definitely a VPS...even if your home connection is fast, it's likely to be limited in total bandwidth. Each of my servers run 3-8 TB of data each month.  Comcast here allows 300 gb :)
  • Wow seems that you are get run a lot GSA! I am using ony few projects with maximum 20 proxies, so i am limited a little.
  • ronron

    I'd say if you can get 20Mb+ on any connection, you are pretty much good to go. You'll be able to crack 100 LPM easily at that speed.

    Your biggest concern will be the RAM and CPU. Just make sure you have at least 4 Mb RAM, and have a modern CPU. The CPU doesn't have to be an i7 or anything crazy, just not a Pentium if you get my drift :D

  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    4 mb of ram 8-}

    Pssst 4 gig of ram =))

    zx81 with a modern day cpu soldered in, is what Ron must be using :-B

  • ronron

    Damn, I can't edit that post. Why do they only allow one hour to edit a post?

    Well, you guys know what I meant...4GB RAM. Leave it to Lee to spot it. Arghhh.

  • Tim89Tim89

    Where abouts in the UK are you situated? I'm from London and my BT infinity speeds are roughly 70+mb download and 7+mb upload?

    I'm thinking of buying another computer too,

    Asus Z77 Maximus V Extreme Intel Z77 (Socket 1155) DDR3 Motherboard
    Intel Core i7-3770K 3.50GHz (Ivybridge) Socket LGA1155 Processor (77W) - Retail
    Western Digital VelociRaptor 1TB 10000RPM SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache - OEM (WD1000DHTZ) HDD
    Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache - OEM (ST2000DM001) HDD
    Corsair Vengeance Pro Red 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 PC3-19200C10 2400MHz Dual Channel Memory Kit (CMY16GX3M2A2400C10R)
    Asus VN247H 24"Widescreen Super Narrow Bezel LED Monitor - Black
    Aerocool GT-S Series 700w '80Plus Bronze' Modular Power Supply
    Cooler Master HAF 912 Advanced Windowed Midi Tower Case - Black

    My finger has been on the buy now button literally all day!

    I've got a core2duo E8500 at the moment with 8G DDR2 Corsair dominator ram modules paired with the asus formula rampage mobo (best mobo I've invested in so far), I've had this machine for a couple years, bought it for gaming once apon a time!

    My system gets laggy when I'm running 3 instances of senuke and 1 instance of SER at 300 threads..

    What sort of machines do you two have anyways @ron @leeG and what do you think of the new spec I'm thinking of getting, input would be appreciated!


  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    100 mbt bt line, you should fly

    Sven will the source of your pay cheque for each computer you run ser on :D

    Rule of thumb is 20mbt internet connection per copy of ser running

    Good cpu for captcha solving

  • @Tim89 wow, how are you running 3x senuke instance? Do you have them setup separately on VM or something?
  • Tim89Tim89

    Don't know what you mean by "Sven will the source of your pay cheque for each computer you run ser on"


    That's for me to know and you to find out! soz pal
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Each copy of ser you run will need a separate licence

    100 mbt home internet, 5 x machines running ser flat out

    5 x copies of cb for good luck.


  • Tim89Tim89
    @LeeG but I don't have 5 machines at the moment, only the 1 right now!
    :)) where has these 5 machines appeared from? lol
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Im helping you plan ahead :D

    Be a shame with all that internet speed to to utilise it 8-}

    You might need a power station in your garden in the end, but Im sure someone has an affiliate with a nuclear power station building company

    Something you would not put past this lot on here

    Not many clicks, but good paying when someone spends a billion

  • Allright! Finally i have choosed my vps, let's see how it works. I have run it for something like 7 hours. I have something like 153 verified submission, for about 21 projects. The projects i mean only few websites, and other youtube videos, other pages. It's very bad right? I have expected more from the vps, i am sure is becouse i am setting something wrong again :( I have 10 private proxies for now, and i have checked and all are good, no one was die, i have other 10 private proxies that i will add later.

    Even i have bought the license for Captcha Breaker, and the solve rate is above 45%, i didn't know why. When Sven will come back i will ask a big favor if it can take a look at it. I have left all settings by default, and enable CB into GSA settings, i am posting here some settings that i have, maybe someone can help me first then Sven will do, so in this way it will have more easy holidays :)))

  • Tim89Tim89
    I wonder if Sven would allow me to have multiple installs running on a single computer if I paid for the licenses, would he be flexible like that does anyone know?
  • Tim89Tim89
    dimcik sei italiano?
  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited June 2013
    @tim89 if the PC is only going to be for SER, then I did the same thing a couple of months back, except I went for the AMD FX8350, 8Gb fast Ram (you'll need at least 2Gb per install of SER), 128Gb SSD and Windows Home Server 2011.

    Managed to get everything including a case and some basic cooling for less than £400.

    WHS 2011 is effectively Win 7 with some additional server stuff :D and with hindsight I'd have bought a bigger SSD as this makes WHS easier to install. Plus I'd have got better cooling (the FX8350 runs hot under load, so the CPU fan is noisy), but you could still do all that for a lot less than an i7 based system and end up with the same sort of performance.

  • Tim89Tim89
    @davbel how many installs are you running on that server?
  • @Tim89 si!!! Come hai fatto a saperlo scusa???
  • Tim89Tim89
    @dimcik la foto 'ITA'
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