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v6.18 has INSANE memory leak!

I cannot run the program for more than about 40 seconds before my memory usage tipples what it was on v6.17.  I'm running at 6 threads and my memory usage is normaly at 240mb, I get an out of memory warning abotu 45-50 seconds after starting it.  The program is unusable right now.  That feature to roll back to the last build would be great right now.


  • Confirmed.
  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited June 2013
    Me too

    Left running for few mins and it reached 2.7Gb :D

    @happybear go to your install folder and look for the gsa exe that ends in "old".  That is the previous version.
  • @davbel, huge thanks for your answer on how to roll back to the last good version!!  You saved my butt.
  • Go to c:>ProgramFiles>GSA Search Engine Ranker>(and use the Search_Engine_Ranker_old.exe) till the bug is fixed
  • it eats 4Gb!!!
  • It's good that I didn't update yet  :D
  • Same here. Within 20 seconds it says "Out Of Memory!" and it's never done that to me, ever.
  • i've got a massive drop success rate on v6.18 :(
  • SvenSven

    debugging this now...though a quick view on the changes didn't give me a hint that there are leaks :(

    I keep you updated...

  • i'm running at 60 threads but only for Directory Submission and 2 projects and still the memory is in the normal parameters like prev ver
  • SvenSven
    @unikbit same for me...guress I need some setting/project backup where this happenes because right now ... no leaks can be detected over here :(
  • edited June 2013
    confirmed. mem easily get's to 1,5GB
    once it just dropped to 200mb and again goes up
    CPU in GSA indicates 99% all the time - what is not true, at least basing on my taskmgr
  • Cdnfirmed, and i think it's depend on project you running. Right now i have 2 projects running, and only one of them gives me the memory leak, when it's inactive - the second one runs without any problems.
  • Is there a way to roll back to 6.17? I can't use the software anymore.... the memorey goes up to 4 GB and I get a popup every 30 seconds
  • read the thread again as davbel told you the solution already.

    has someone of you sent a backup to Sven yet so he can reproduce the error?
  • SvenSven
    @Ozz Noone of course. I guess they all fear that I discover there niche...I have no idea. Though I found something now that hopefully fixes things.
  • Confirmed.
    out of memory
  • The same here, 70 threads and 10 projects (including tiers),

    CPU shows 99% although CPU usage rarely reaches 30% according to Task Manager.
  • Confirmed.
    out of memory
  • for me also 99%,> "out of memory"

  • SvenSven
    It doesn't help if you confirm things without providing something to debug.
  • You know I would @Sven, but I didn't update  :D
  • @Sven i send you a bugreport.txt
  • 6.19 is not helping.
    Out of Memory error, after 5 minutes.
  • What would you like me to send you, and where is the best place to send it?
  • I've sent the bug report via the tool too. Sven is a respected developer and I trust him by using his product. Discover your niche? WTF? He could do that by just adding some lines of code to upload all your projects to his server overtime... Anyone should trust the developer first, before using his product, otherwise, don't.
  • if the bugreport doesn't help to discover the issue than backup your projects (right click project -> modify -> backup all), upload it to a filehoster or your dropbox for example and send Sven a PM with download link.
  • SvenSven
    6.20 should fix thing.
  • Is v6.2 out right now?
  • 6.20 seems to be stable.
    Thanks Sven!
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