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Public proxies are blocked by google

I am using public proxies for scraping and whenever i check the proxy status it shows that i have 500-600 tested proxies but when submitting in the log i see IP/Proxy block on google. If i check only google as a search engine it almost doesn't scrape because it shows mostly ip/proxy block.

These are my proxy settings:




  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    most propably the proxies are banned at google which hardly suprising as they are public.

    @laubster posted a test method for google some days ago. you can use this to see how many of your proxies are working atm. that doesn't mean that they are working for the next 15 minutes though as the life time for public proxies is pretty short as you can imagine.

    String: espn

    If your proxies do not work using this method, it means they are banned or temporarily blocked.  

    HINT: copy/paste the URL line and not the link (or strip the "" thing out)
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
  • I tried the test above and from 300 checked proxies half of them didn't pass against google.

    I have another question: I checked "use global site list only" and the first time when i add my list of url's to the project it worked but the second time when i add new list of url's and start submitting it shows "Loaded 0/0 URLs from site lists"

    Why doesn't load the new list?

  • you are on the 5 day trial, right? don't expect that your site list is big enough that i will find new urls in it that SER doesn't tried to post to already. because of that you get lots of "0/0 from site lists".
    give it some time as the list has to be fed with results from search engines or scraped lists first.
  • I tried a list that i scraped with scrapebox and submission rate was better than when using GSA for scraping but the verified links are still very low.
  • I'm constantly getting the ip/proxy block with google message. I'm using private proxies that all test fine. Not sure what to make of this but I'd like to hear if others with private proxies are noticing this more now than usual. I just unchecked all of my google search engines until I get some different proxies.
  • Ozz how to know that which country google have largest index?
    i mean any idea to know at once?

    i am filtering to google SE for making custom.
  • >how to know that which country google have largest index?
    @baba: common sense based on population, technical infrastructre, ....
    or test each search engine against some footprints. i'm sure you'll figure something out.
  • understood Ozz thanks :)
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