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Setting up tier 2

Hi guys thanks to the continued support I am running 3 campaigns and one of them is about 2 weeks live and running on my laptop for a few hours a day . I want to start tier 2 . My question is should I just use the verified links from tier 1 . I have about 300 verified links in t1. Should I just duplicate the tier one project and import the verified links form t1 . Is it as simple as that or am I missing something .


  • OzzOzz
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    dave, no offense, but you should really start to read the sticky threads. take notes of everything that might be of use for you and also use the search function and google if you like to get a deeper understanding of a topic.


    google this for instance; tier

    read the 'compiled list of tips' thread again and again and again:

    watch S4nt0s video tutorials:
    hint: you will find a video about how to set up your tiers
  • Thanks Ozz I have looked through the threads about this and have found very little info in setting up tiers. No offence taken I did think forums were here to advise people or point the min the right direction
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    Ron kindly made a diagram which shows you exactly what you should do.

    You should not import Tier 1's for Tier 2. You need to create new ones for diversity.
  • Dave,

    Create a new project, second option below URL field is "Use verified URLs of another project"

    Check that and pick your T1 project.
  • Perfect gecco thanks for that . I appreciate your help and ozzs but I'm nearly afraid to ask a question here and always have a look around b4 I ask . Thanks again
  • Looking at diagrams for tier 2 on the forum it suggests that you use the same options like articles, wiki , Web 2.0 And social networks. Should I change the content of each one for the tier 2. So I would have new articles etc , Just a quick question.
  • OzzOzz
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    you should not be afraid to asks question. i just hoped that you've learned a few tricks how to research by your own ;)
    in my opinion it is always better if users are getting things done by themself up to the point when they are stuck and ask then instead of just asking without any research. the reason is that you learn a lot when doing researching and learn things you never would known of.

    but if you have seen the video "Setting Up Multi-Tiers" like you should when you have followed my "hint" in the first response than i'm sure that a lot of question are answered right away.

    yes, every tier new content which should be swaped on regular basis (monthly for example. depends on how many links you built so far, how the article is spun, etc.).
  • Thanks Ozz I did look at that video and it is very helpful. I think I would have made a mistake if I had not asked the question . As I only have a tier 1 at present I now believe I should be setting up tier 1 a aka( the kitchen sink) and pointing it to verified links of my first tier. Am I correct so far. I should then Proceed to tier 2 maybe next week with the same high quality wiki, web 2. , articles etc and use the verified links of tier 1 . Then create tier 2a and continue on to tier 3 Does this sound about right to do tier 1 a kitchen. Sink next . Many thanks
  • Amy thoughts on my last post
  • that is correct
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