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10 submissions/day per URL. 2 days later near 400 submissions.

I started a fresh T1 project yesterday. By my count the number should be closer to 40, and not 400.

I know the submitted number is going to be a lot higher, than actual submissions because it counts account creations(yes?), but not ten times higher?



  • OzzOzz
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    this aint a bug

    take some days and read everything here until your eyes bleed. i even did it for weeks and i still didnt read enough. but a lot of questions are already answered ;)
  • If you know this is not a bug would it hurt you to type out *why* SER is doing this, *what* setting I have set up wrong so that I can fix it?

    I mean - because if you know this is not a bug - you clearly know whats going on? Right?

    I mean are you trying to be smug and unhelpful on purpose? Why even post?
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  • davbeldavbel UK
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    @Greenwilliow don't take it the wrong way, ppl are normally very helpful, but the info is here on these forums, some of which is linked in a sticky right at the very top of the forum homepage.

    Unfortunately, you won't find many ppl willing to spoon feed the beginner stuff - mainly because we've all had to invest a ton of time to get to where we are and it's already here.

    One tip I will give you is to use Google to to do a site search to find what you want submissions

    Your best course of action is to test with a couple of campaigns (they don't even have to point to your sites:D) and whilst these are running, as @Startrip said read as much as you can on this forum making notes as you go and then apply what you learn to your campaigns.
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    @Startrip Those threads don't answer my question because I'm not talking about account verification or submission verification. I'm asking why SER is building near ten times the amount of links I tell it to in a given day.

    My link count should be around 40 submitted, but its near 400 submitted.

    @davbel I know people are helpful, but no matter how you spin it the "go read until your eyes bleed" response is never helpful because its based on way to many assumptions. Perfect example of wrong assumptions made in this thread alone.

    I've already spent hours reading the forum, and it must be allowed to ask sometimes too without people calling you a scrub and that you need to read more.
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    Uncheck the option to stop after xx submissions and check it again. There will be a tooltip.

    Maybe that answers your question.

    Option #2: Try rightclick on the project -> show URLS-> submitted. Then you gonna see (in my expectation) that there are a lot of urls [awaiting verification].

    Noone here calls you a scrub (i only know the TV series and dont know what it means to be honest), but reading like a maniac is by far the best advise one can give you here.
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    Scrub = someone new.

    I have 387 total in the "show URL -> submitted" list. And I guess that is the part I can't understand.

    The tooltip says:
    "Please note that you might see more submissions than the one you set here, because submissions for account creations are not counted.

    If you see e.g. 100 submissions next to the project column, but have set it to pause after 50 submissions, you probably have at least 51 submissions done for account creations when it didn't pause."

    These numbers make sense to me, because they are within "logical range".

    However 20 submissions producing about 180-200 submissions in total are not within logical range. Had it been say 80 or 100 I might have ignored it, but its not even close.

    Is it possible that this has something to do with the "[ ]Use a random URL from above on every submission (else in sequence)" option? I think thats the only thing I have changed compared to my other projects.

    I'm thinking something like the threads work side by side and that the project continues to post submissions until both URLs reach 10 before the 10/per URL is met?

    So URL 1 could in theory have 170 submissions, by the time URL 2 reaches 10 submissions. And only then is the criteria for 10/day per URL considered met.


    Does the system count each URL combined with a keyword as a separate URL?{Keyword|Keyword|Keyword|Keyword} is the format I use.

    So if I have 2 URLs with 4 keywords each, it would count as 8. With this thought the numbers make sense, but I don't think this is it.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    How many threads do you run on?
  • 180 threads on 8 projects switch every 30min. Around 40 active projects.
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