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Almost zero submission in Articles directories

Hi guys,

One question, for testing purposes I unchecked all options (Web 2.0, Social Networks, Social Bookmarking, etc) and leaved only Article Directories (with Wikis also unchecked).

I left it running 24 hours and had almost zero links/articles submitted, what could be wrong?

Are you experimenting similar issues or maybe Im doing anything wrong with my project configuration?

Thanks a lot,



  • SvenSven
    Directory submissions are usually reviewed and you need to wait a bit longer till someone approves it.
  • SvenSven
    Ohh and don't forget to setup the categories and make sure captchas are solved in a proper way.
  • When GSA will not find any of category which i wrote manually, will it find some random existing category (random option is on) ?
  • SvenSven
    Yes it will
  • Thanks Sven, I'm not referring to verified links, but to submitted links. These doesn't depend on someone approving them I think (right?)

    I also checked Categories and captchas and are fine, also Random Category is ON.

    Any thoughs?

    Thanks a lot,

  • SvenSven

    not really. Do you have some logs to review it?

  • Hi . Same problem here. I have a campaign for 2nd layer with Article , Web 2.0 and Wiki ... and all the 337 verified links are wiki, profile links ..not even 1 article inserted and verified  :( 
  • edited March 2013
    You might want to try my update articles engine files here

    also if your using keywords taken from a file, I recommend you import them via the keyword tool instead. should see a difference.
  • Thanks for the engines :D
  • they are mostly reviewed. sometimes there are dozens of articles that get verified some days after posting, just because of a review.
  • edited March 2013
    So you guys are telling me this is good?

  • terrible image. look colorful very beautiful.
    but number is not good enought. any one ?
  • I've noticed this issues too. Out of 46 verified contextual links for my T1, I got 0 articles. 
  • Hello,

    I have set a campaign to generate back links to my squidoo lens. In the campaign settings I just choose Article, Web 2.0 and Wiki

    The Article is at least 265 words and max 411 words.

    Article Summary is min 59 words and max 93 words.

    I started this campaign in the 20th of Feb 2013, in the beginning 50 verified links per day then I increased for 70 verified links per day. Today I have 380 verified links and 73 submitted.

    When I check my verified links, mostly of them are Wiki profiles and a very few articles. And some of the few articles are not working (404 http error) . So in the end I have a very few articles submitted and a lot of profile links (which it doesn't seem very interesting).

    am I missing something or doing something wrong ? I'm just a newbie using GSA. I have followed some of the tutorials and this amazing thread . Can you guys give me a help ? 

    Thanks for your time and your help !

  • @Zeusy Thanks for your reply. I just have read the thread and I will try that. Thanks for your work in all the optimized search engines  :)
  • Hi @Zeusy I have updated my GSA with the articles engines that you referred here . And must say that I got some more article submissions but still very low ... most of them are profile pages . In 82 verified links 5 are article submissions :( 
  • OzzOzz
    edited April 2013
    if you are using wikis than check the project option where it says "put links into fields where its clearly seen as SPAM" or something like that. whenever that option is unchecked it will only create profiles on wiki sites.
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