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No engine matches

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I get a lot of "no engine matches" messages. What does this mean?


  • That the site is not recognized by SER for a supported plattform.
  • The html page downloaded does not have any of the footprints of the platforms you've selected.
  • thanks.

    Is it possible to insert these footprints?
  • SvenSven
    show us the URLs and what engine you think should have matched
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    I just thought it might be some input I needed to insert into the program myself :) .

    But I have checked some of the sites with this messages, and it is forums like vbulletin and
    XMB forums.
  • SvenSven
    and you have selected them in your project?
  • I'm getting a hell of a lot of these and LPM has dropped to almost zero. I don't seem to be getting anywhere with SER lately. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction please?
  • Bump* what do you think guys?
  • same thing with me. My LPM is constantly low mostly because of these 2 groups of messages.
  • What is the answer for this? I imported a list and don't think it is very good/SER can't identify it. So I want to go back to SER scraping and doing it's normal thing....I've deleted the cache and target URL....what else do I need to do to get it working again? It's completely fked at the moment. I've had 8 verified links in 2 days...
  • ronron
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    The first thing I would do is get more keywords in there. I wrote a couple of days ago a post about using the spinfolder token and a large list. I use the 100,000 most searched terms, split it into files of 250, and let it rip. It will definitely help.

    A lot of the results that SER scrapes doesn't match what it was looking for and therefore can't post. Remember that it is a program, so it is looking for certain words and blank fields to fill. But if it doesn't match, then it keeps moving along. I get a ton of those, and still average 70 -100 LPM. I used to be a lot higher, but I am doing a lot more contextual links these days, so that slows it down.

    Generally speaking (and this may not apply to you), but a lot of people come on this forum, and expect great LPM with just a handful of projects. I have over 100 projects, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that LPM goes up with more projects - and with a lot of junk tiers posting crazily to anything where you can leave a comment. If I ran just junk tiers and enough projects, I could easily get to 200 LPM. But it isn't about LPM, it is about verified.

    Adding emails will definitely get you more verified. Using the sitelists feature where you check only verified will help you build more verified links. Adding keywords like I mentioned earlier helps a ton.

    We all sucked at this when we started. SER is not the easiest thing to learn because there are so many options. If you go back to the Oct '12 - Dec'12 period, there were a ton of threads on small changes you could make here and there. I can assure you that if you try making changes here and there (and use your head to think through what each setting really means), you will make very fast progress. If you don't know, then ask.

    The idea is to try and thoroughly understand the impact on linkbuilding for each option and box that you tick in the settings. It took me months to truly understand the impact of many features.

    I have used SER for nearly 18 months using only SER to scrape for links. I was averaging 150-200 LPM around this time last year. I joined in August, so it took nearly 4 months before I actually felt competent with this software. So hang in there, try stuff, ask questions - and it will all work out. 

  • Thanks @ron - I have 530k keywords in all projects (circa 400 projects running 20/20 on scheduler). I will start and use your method of splitting up the file, though.

    I did have something weird happen and all projects had their engines unchecked. Spent all today adding them back, manually (urgh). So I guess that something else is up with it. I've spot checked some projects and the keyword list is still there.

    Just to mention, and I'm by no means having a rant, just explaining myself a little:

    I'm not so fussed on LPM, more about verified links (quality for quality projects, as many as possible for spam ones).

    I've trimmed the crap engines or low verified engines as per

    I have 10 emails per project...I did bulk import the emails so maybe that is an issue, but can I fk be bothered to go through 400 projects and manually input and test emails. Maybe I will do this...

    I was having some great results but 2 days ago I changed something (and cannot remember what!!) and SER went a bit dumb - - I'd love to just start over again, TBH, as my method has grown/adapted as I've learned from my short experience with it.

    I've read and read and read, searched and searched, and only then do I post something. I spent a long time reading about SER before I bought it, too. I trialled it last October/November, but was having awesome results from Senuke so didn't bother buying it....wish I had as I would have saved a few £grand over the year, but ho-hum. I only bought it in October of this year as I could replicate my strategy and go a bit further too, and have been having some good results. 

    Like I said, thanks again for taking the time. I really do try and make sure I only make changes for the better, but I can't put my finger on what I've done apart from add a list, then delete the target URLs as the list was a bit crap - I have put it in a test project now, to make sure it filters the verified URLs through, but I dunno why it's still reverifying/verifying all the time with no results.

  • ronron
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    @JudderMan - We all agree, it's about the verified. A higher LPM helps solve that problem - to an extent. Then it comes down to understanding the engines, which ones work well, etc. to squeeze a bunch more verified out of this whole thing.

    First thing, use the SER Tool from KayKay to take that gigantic list of yours, split it up, and use the token in SER instead of the actual keyword field. Keep the file either on your PC or in Dropbox. I keep it in Dropbox, and it seems to pull faster LPM (not a scientific analysis, lol). I would never keep a file that big in any project, let alone every project. Try to keep SER as lean as you can.

    One setting that can have a big influence is "Continuously try to post to a site even if failed before" - make sure this is checked. Filters like OBL are completely worthless for contextual tiers, so make sure that is unchecked. The problem may also be "Also re-verify existing links" which should not be checked (my opinion). I set contextual tiers to Automatic 1440, but I set junk tiers to Automatic 5000 to avoid system drag doing verification routines all the time. 

    In fact, until just this week, I had verification disabled for all junk tiers because it was pointless - because those crap links don't have tiers underneath them (they shouldn't). So there isn't a lot of reason to bog down SER verifying those junk links on a regular basis. I only set it to 5000 so I could take advantage of these newer, excellent indexing services. Otherwise, I would disable it. I think verification on junk tiers is completely unnecessary (btw, I did a fairly deep analysis on the indexing of junk tiers, and it turned out that 75% are already indexed (because that's how SER is finding them). So I'm just throwing them in the indexer to mainly help the non-indexed 25%. If it weren't for these new services, I wouldn't even bother.

    If this doesn't help, then you will need to take snapshots and post them here. If you do, the only thing I would look at is your Options page in the project, and the Options tab for global settings. That's where the problem likely lies.

    If I had to think of the top things to work on to improve LPM and Verified, it would be:
    1. Settings in the project and global Option tabs
    2. Choosing productive engines
    3. Understanding what Captcha is needed for various engines
    4. Having enough Keywords
    5. Having enough Proxies
    6. Having enough Emails
    This is exactly where I would be spending my time.
  • @ron, awesome, thanks for that. I like the pulling keywords from a file (I like the idea of keeping it 'lean'...that's what optimisation is all about), and continuously posting even if failed. I never thought about doing that as I thought it would drag down the system from trying the impossible.

    My campaigns are weird at the moment. Only URL shorteners are being submitted/verified. No other engine. Obviously I have a variety of engines across the 400+ projects. 

    I do need more proxies and to stop using proxy hub, they have gone down hill lately. Like 10> seconds and get banned a lot (they are private, so my usage is obviously too much for them). I'm gonna buy an email creator and keep on top of them more. I think I leave too much of a gap between testing. I test them all through a test project, then bulk import the good ones. 

    Thanks again, all your posts (I've been through a lot of them) are excellent.
  • goonergooner
    @ron - "Continuously try to post to a site even if failed before" is a very nice tip. LPM has gone up a fair bit over the 12+ hours i have running projects with that setting.

    The percentage verified has decreased by about 30% but overall more verified links, so great tip! Thanks.
  • @Ron, I was getting like 80-120 lpm on just 5 projects t1. I updated to version 7.22, and now I am getting like 0.22 lpm. Same settings as before… Sometimes Active Satus on projects goes Brown...
  • Actually when i put the mouse over the T1 project, I get this text saying "Activity: No more targets to post". Weird thing is that on the log it says that the project is in Verificatin Mode and it's verifying submitted links… Could this be a bug maybe?
  • @baxelu Definitely you're not alone. Sounds like a bug - . Pinging @Sven .
  • Also somehow I also noticed my JUNK tiers are not making much links. I mean there's like 70 or so submitted lol where there's a sea of targets to post to, as they're just 3-4 days old property...
  • I still don't quite get the no engine matches message. Even running verified lists, fresh ones, 100 private proxies, catchall emails etc. I get no engine matches even though I check which engines I want, so SER should only really submit to those URLs within each engine, correct? Why no engine matches then?
  • SvenSven
    usually because that particular site/server is replying with an error message. This happens a lot on servers who are overloaded with messages like "bandwith limit reached" or alike.
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